Friday, May 22, 2015

Common Woes

Jiminy Christmas, how difficult is it to get a common out of this damn gacha machine?? I don't even really want these shoes anymore at this point. I will probably just rage wear the pair I want if I ever even wear them at all. 

I will trade 4 pairs of the Shiny Shabby event Eclipse oxfords for one pair: I'll give you a black common oxford shoe, a vinaccia common, a brown common oxford, and an oxford plateau brown RARE from Eclipse in exchange for one pair of white (or is it gray?) common oxford shoes. In fact, I'll give you several of the black commons; you can pass them out to your friends and start a shoe gang. 

While I  wait to hear back from someone who wants to trade, I will just lie here and think about how ridiculous my SLife has become. 

*ARGRACE*, Riley hair; *COCO*, Boyfriend Jeans, Dark Blue; ASO! Leather Bracelet-coin, white/silver; Maitreya Gold, Antheia Sandals; Maxi Gossamer, rings, Hand Made Heart, silver; Tee*fy, Elyse Wrapped Tucked Tank, white; ~Pepper~, Multi Necklace, white.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Torture for Treasure

I sat for almost 3 hours to be in the audience for the Gacha Show this past weekend. Why do I torture myself? For the same reason anyone in SL does things like this: the promise of a gift. This was extra special since it was a gift from Apple Fall. Luckily, the gift turned out to be this charming daybed, upon which I can rest my weary self. It is lovely - but seems small to me. Unfortunately, it is no mod, so it has to stay this size. It is the perfect size if you are reenacting the scene from Snow White where Snow tries out the Seven Dwarves' tiny beds. The adorable touch on this bed? The book has an autograph from Apple Fall himself. I may tuck this away and save it for a time I need to trade for a gacha item. 

After all that sitting and dedication, I crashed 5 minutes before the show started. But, the metaverse gods had mercy on me and allowed me to log back in just in time to see the show. I had a question for Apple Fall but I didn't get picked to ask it - to which I say BOOO because my question would have been the best question: "Which gachas do you get excited for, Apple Fall?" See? Brilliant. 

Next month, they might have the creator from Junk on the Gacha Show - the host said that was an idea she had. I'll definitely torture myself to go to that show, too.

(Yummy) Diamond Stud earrings; *.:Nostalgia:.* Dot Bracelet Yellow; *COCO*, Pleated Mini Skirt, Grey; 2:00 PM. Gwiyomi Shoes, Neo; coldLogic top, paul, custard; *ARGRACE* TSUMUGI hair

Monday, May 18, 2015

SLife Hack - Inventory Management

Have you ever wondered what happens to all of the inventory items we delete every day in SL? Well, it goes to one of the many waste processing centers on the grid - like this one at Green Valley Disposal Solutions. Raw prims are extracted from the waste and reSLycled. What's left is placed into placed into SLandfills. Those SLandfills eventually form land masses that are sold as homesteads and islands. 

And now, it is even easier to get rid of old inventory items you no longer need and want. Have you noticed the new 'older than' filter in the inventory window? It's in the Official Viewer and I hear it is also in Firestorm. By the way, here is a link to a past post I did on inventory management with some tips for organizing what you have.

With the new filter, you can selectively display the oldest things in your inventory for easy reviewing and deleting!

Here is how:
  1. Open your inventory window. 
  2. Click on the settings icon at the bottom. 
  3. Select 'show filters.' 
  4. Check the 'older than' box toward the bottom. 
  5. Decide on a cutoff date for deleting things. If you only want to see things older than a year enter 365 in the box for number of days. Older than 2 years? Enter 730. (You get the gist - you can do math.)  
  6. Hit enter. 
  7. Go nuts deleting stuff! 
  8. When you are finished, select 'reset filters' so that your whole inventory is displayed again.  
Note: No matter how new or old they are, all facelights must be deleted. Do it. 

I recently used the filter to get rid of items older than 1460 days (4 years). I was amazed with how much I was able to delete. I culled like crazy, and then I decided to drop off my trash at the processing center myself. That's how I ended up at Green Valley Disposal Solutions (GVDS). GVDS is a role play sim where, apparently, you can be part of a company town that handles waste. If you've ever thought how nice it would be to be ravished by a garbage truck driver, this is the place for you.  

In conclusion, enjoy your freshly cleaned inventory! And your ravishing!

Eaters Coma - HAIR 49; Maitreya Gold Antheia Sandal; Maxi Gossamer, Bracelet, Boho Bliss Tassel-Tastic; Maxi Gossamer, Necklace, True Hearts - Short; tram scallop dress, denim-navy

Saturday, May 16, 2015

SLife in a Bowl

I had to visit the art exhibit, Life in a Bowl, because it looked like fun and because everyone else was doing it. FOMO! 

It was quite nice. I really tried to figure out what it all meant - especially the dead fish on the shore. Is it about the futility of trying to protect your privacy in our social media obsessed world? Is it a statement about how trying to escape convention and conformity leads to death? What does it all mean??

Jerremy and I tried to get into the tanks with the fish, but we couldn't. Grrrr. The only thing the exhibit lacked? Sea Monkeys. Every aquarium needs Sea Monkeys

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Sail vs Sale

To Whom it May Concern at Pearl Dreams Marina and Cybersculpts Shop; 

I am writing to apologize for taking your lovely yacht for a joy ride. It was an accident.

We visited after finding a one prim mesh stereo on the Marketplace and wanting to see what else that store had for sale in-world. Upon teleporting there, we mistook your marina for a boat shop. Our misguided attempts to view the yacht resulted in taking an unplanned test drive. 

I can assure you that Jerremy was quite surprised when the boat started up. We weren't even dressed properly for a day on the water. Speaking of which, we noticed that quite a few of your neighbors have ban lines that caught the yacht and stopped it from sailing properly. This dampened our enjoyment of the ride. You might want to think of moving to a more boat friendly community. 

I tried to help Jerremy navigate back to the marina from the passenger seat, but the sitting pose there was quite lewd for someone wearing a dress. That would have deterred us from buying your boat if it actually had been for sale. 

We would also like to express our condolences on the loss of your dolphin. He seemed quite friendly. It is so sad when animals don't learn proper boat safety.

In conclusion, I have every hope that the asset server will return your boat promptly and safely. 

Tymmerie Thorne
Non-stealer of yachts

Monday, May 11, 2015

I'n Not Going To Break It

You guys! I had so much fun exploring the Amplituhedron exhibit at LEA. It's beautiful and blingy! Amplituhedron is by Misprint Thursday and she is a doll! She has put out some gifts for us all over her exhibit including the accessories to have fun with a spoof Kim. K.'s "break the internet magazine cover photograph." 

I'm going to put it out there right now that I do not admire Kim K. in any way shape or form... but with the pose and champagne right there and how could I resist? I also thought about trying to parody the picture where she is naked in a trash bag - but for some reason no one in SL has made a trash bag that I can wear around my legs... yet.

After I got home, I realized that the gift I was most excited about - a pack of mesh gems (correction: I was mistaken. The gems are not mesh, but they are cute!) - was empty. When I IMd Misprint, she said that she had fixed the box and asked me if I had picked up the champagne pose accessory. I told her that I had and that I was trying to figure out what dress to wear so that I could take a picture. At first she suggested a black dress...but then, she said "No dress!" I don't know what kind of girl Misprint thinks I am but I now know what kind of artist she is - braver than me!  

I would love to see your pictures using the items at Amplituhedron! Maybe some of you will wear "no dress."

In conclusion, art exhibits in SL are extra fun because, unlike in RL, you can stand on the exhibits to take selfies and you don't have to worry about breaking them and getting arrested. You might still have to worry about breaking the internet though.

"LoQ Hairs" Sake; bellballs essentials- Diamon Firwork Earring, Silver Finish; CGG Torch Song Mesh Gown, Black Wrapped

Friday, May 8, 2015


I get so bummed when I discover that a place I liked is gone from Second Life.

And no, I'm not talking about Blah-blah-something Bliss. (Who says I even liked that place anyway?) I'm talking about a favorite store of mine.

A few days ago, I got an IM from someone telling me that she had seen me out shopping and liked my sweater. (It's the one I am wearing in the photo for this post.) She wanted to know where I bought it. It's from LavandaChic and when I went to see if I could find landmark for her, my SLife turned sad. I couldn't find the store in search, and when I clicked to teleport to the place with the closest spelling, I found myself flailing and falling from the sky. The creators profile (and that of her partner) was no help either - picks landed me in abandoned parcels. The creator doesn't have a store on the marketplace, either.

I guess I've stumbled upon the magic formula for looking unique in SL (other than not wearing a mesh head*):

1. Buy something cute.
2. Wait a million years. (about 1 year in SL time)
3. If the creator ever leaves SL, wear the cute thing.
4. Prance around all over the grid so you'll be seen by others.

Optional Step 5 if you are mean (which I am not): Tell people that they can't buy the same cute thing you did! Ever! Tell them they are out of luck! Then, laugh tauntingly.   

I'll admit that's playing the long game, but it's one way to be different. 

*I'm kidding. Maybe.

LavandaChic* Cardigan off Shoulder with Top; 2:00 PM. Gwiyomi Shoes; (fashionably dead) Scallop Shorts; TRUTH HAIR Yelena


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