Friday, August 28, 2015

North by North West... Again

NOTE: It has been a crazy week so I'm sharing a past post from August 2013 that I liked. If you don't know about my prim son (his father is my SL husband, Jerremy) here's a bit of how it all began. When I wrote this Prince George and Kanye West's kids had just been born. - Luv. Tymmerie

Two celebrity couples have debuted their babies in the last few months. I don't understand the excitement over seeing a picture of a rich baby. I think all babies look basically the same until they are 7 or 8 years old. And even then, you can only tell them apart by their hairstyles. 

When our prim son, Blocky, was born we took lots of pictures of him but did we try to sell them for money? No. Did we start a bidding war between BOSL and Avenue magazines to put his photo on their covers? No. Did we go on our horrible Mother-in-Law's horrible new talk show to show a picture of the baby? No. Normal people do not do those types of things. 

I've never posted these pictures on my blog, but just to show that normal folks have perfectly lovely babies, too, I'm sharing some of the first pictures of Blocky. The one at the top of this post was taken after he was first rezzed. 

And this is how he looked a few minutes later: 

See? Not so different from your own prim children. And just as cute as that future king kid. 

Crib - ::PopArt::, Karan crib; Prim cube - LL building tools, default texture; Infant Blocky - Jerremy Darwin with adjustments by Tymmerie Thorne, Baby booties - Tymmerie Thorne; Pacifier - Tymmerie Thorne; Expression of surprise - first wet diaper.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Straight Outta Laughs

I snapped the photo above during the comedy show at Lauren's (the club is on a sim called Cookie) last week. I made it with this site. I have no idea why I can't resist doing photo memes is so fun for me, but there you go. 

This is my set from last night (Tuesday, Aug. 25th): 

Personally, I think I went a little, too long. I'll have to remember that for next time. I'll put up more videos as they get posted. You can watch past videos of comics here. Enjoy! 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Questionable Product Packaging

Can you spot the shopping bag in the photo above? Nope - that's my boob. Try again. If you guessed the giant fairy that I am standing next to, you guessed correctly. 

I picked up this shopping bag at the Aloha Fair last month. I am trying not to think about where she was hiding the gift inside - a bikini and sunglasses. 

I admire the creativity of not using a plain plywood cube as a package, but this is 14 prims, gave off particles, and is taller than my avatar. Also, she startled me into thinking someone had TPd into my workshop and was watching me try on clothing.

While I'm at it, I might as well share some packaging pet peeves and loves.

Packaging Pet Peeves:

  • Wants to animate me.
  • Asks me to join a group.
  • Takes up more than 10 prims.
  • Is transparent on one side (because I always end up standing on the wrong side so I can't see it, keep re-rezzing it thinking there was an SL glitch, and end up with 533 copies of it rezzed before I realize what's happening).  
  • Looks like it wants to make a move on my husband.

Packaging Loves: 

  • Identifies what is inside.
  • Includes a snapshot of the product.
  • I don't have to rez it to unpack it. (HUDs are a nice trend.)

I'm not going to identify the store using this packaging because I don't want to look a gift fairy in the mouth. Nor do I wish to embarrass the box herself; that's why I put a black box over her eyes. I don't want her sparkle fairy friends to recognize her and make fun of her. At least she is doing honest work: she could have used her skills to become a drug mule.  

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Trump-tacular Show

The video above is my set from the comedy show at Lauren's Place last Tuesday. The commercial that I talk about in the set (for Hispanic Democrats for Trump) ran during last week's Republican debates. The commercial only played in the Denver and New York markets - but it was so clever and funny that I wanted to spread the word about it. You can see it here. 

This next set is by JWheels Carver/Jamie Jordan. I'm posting his first (even though he did the last set) because he has a new website that you need to visit - because he is even funnier there if you can imagine.

Of course, Wy Nott had a great set, too: 

More comics performed - Catboy Qanhua, Roger990, and PhotographerC Bender - and I will post their sets when they are ready. Thank you to Geo Meeks for recording our performances and posting these videos! I'll post more when the rest of the videos are ready. 

ENJOY!!! And remember that you can see the live show every Tuesday at 5 pm SLT at Lauren's Place.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Bling County 2015 #1

You may have to click on the comic strip to enlarge it.

Jerremy Darwin, my wonderful SL husband, was the brain behind this one! (I think he enjoyed making this, so expect more soon.) And in case you didn't know Bloom County is back and as wonderful as ever!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Desperate But Not SLerious

I was asked to be in a wedding! My friend, the lovely and talented SL comic PhotographerC Bender, asked me to be a groomsman when he weds beautiful, funny, sweet ZoeyNewton later this month! I'm extra excited because I get to go to the bachelor party, too! (If I find out that I can also go to the bathroom standing up, I will be beside myself.)  

Since being asked, I've been looking around SL to see what kind of female tuxedos are out there. Occasionally that's meant wandering into men's stores in the hopes that they'll have matching women's suits. I'm finding all sorts of interesting formal wear. But the best thing I've found so far is the the place where SL Adam Ant will shop for clothing when RL Adam Ant decides to join Second Life.  

I've also found the place where Siegfried & Roy could shop if they joined. You will probably be shocked to learn it's the same shop where the Adam Ant stuff is. Know what? Men actually do have a lot of clothing choices in SL. They just need to embrace their inner stage performers. 

So far, I've bought myself several formal wear outfits just because. I'm all set for hosting anything in SL. ANYTHING. Circuses, comedy shows, debutante balls, award ceremonies, etc. IM me and ask me to host something! I'm very serious about this.  

But, I'm not desperate.


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