Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Fat Tuesday at Lauren's Place

People decided to dress up for Fat Tuesday for Lauren Weyland's comedy show last night. That's me toward the right, in pasties and a purple feathered mask, half hidden by selfie-taker and comedian Bubblepop Unplugged. I'd originally dressed in a much more conservative outfit - a purple and green tank top and skirt. When they asked me to get more risque, I obliged. Which means, sadly, that if you want me to take off some clothes, just ask. 

When lag made it difficult to find my sequined bikini bottoms, I dashed behind the bar at the club (really) to hide from cameras (or at least make it slightly more challenging for people to cam over and see my bits) until they rezzed. Thank heaven I hadn't trashed my old Mardi Gras outfits - I came close to it today while sorting inventory.  

We decided that since we all looked so festive, we'd get a group picture before the show. That's when Bubblepop decided to get in on the action. (It's just like the Oscars, don't you think?)

At first I thought that Bubblepop's giant phone made him look hilarious... but I stopped laughing when I realized that that that must be how I look holding my gigantic Galaxy Note 2 phone in RL. 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Oh, Sileny

This is what the SL community has come to. Just two days into gatcha trading insanity, I found my friend, Sileny Noel, hovering over the gutter at a yard sale. 

I was nice: I poked her and asked if she was ok. Happily, she was both OK and too disoriented to protest when I told her I needed to get a picture. Apparently, she had ended up in that position somehow and decided to just go with it. That is why I like her - she's making SLemonade out of SLemons.

I couldn't think of any other first aid I could render except for checking for her wallet. For insurance information! Of course, if you've seen my gatcha trading list, you wouldn't blame me for looking for cash, too. 

Really? You can't see anything I'm wearing any way. Ok. Fine. Hair - D!va, Mayumi3 (Type B); Romper - MIMI NOIRE, Playsuit, mint glade; Shoes - *CASHMERE*, Cassidy Heel, mud

Thursday, February 27, 2014

In RL, I Would Have Cried

As you can tell by by my clever disguise, I had been planning on doing a post about robbing that bank right behind me in order to fund my Second Life shopping. Of course, this is a role play sim and I would only be role playing the robbery. Then, I will actually mug my typist for cold hard cash.

However, something derailed my SLife of crime. SLociety can breathe a sigh of relief that this happened while I was posing for pre-robbery photos:

[19:41] Random person: hi
[19:41] Tymmerie Thorne-Darwin: Hi :-) 
[19:41] Random person: are you pregnant
[19:41] Tymmerie Thorne-Darwin: No. But TY for asking. I think.
[19:41] Random person: oh lol sorry it just that you looked like you had a cute lil baby bump 

Well. I guess I won't be wearing this dress ever again.
Hair - TRUTH, Yelena; Dress - -D A P P A-, Collar Dress, Guadelupe; Shoes- *CASHMERE*, Cassidy Heels, floral; Ring - Ha!, Square ring, blue; Right bracelet - Izzie's, Belt Bracelet, silver buckle; Left Bracelet - Izzie's, Hair Tie Bracelet, blue; Earrings - [ glow ] studio, Single Lady Earrings, Summer; Purse - Ricielli, The Birkin Bag, blue jean; Glasses & mustache - Sour Pickles, El Senior Glasses (BLACK), Cocoa

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Save a Prayer

I'm here at the First Church of Rosedale because I have some things I'd like to have happen, so I thought a prayer or two might yield some results. 

I'm going to be praying for creators stop putting cats on everything. Also, I hope that creators are inspired to make more medium length hair and that their hearts are turned away from the evils of middle parts. 

I'll pray for some skilled creators to make mesh King Cakes because Mardi Gras is coming up soon and I only have one from RC Cluster that is no longer for sale and if Jerremy and I eat the whole thing this year, I won't have one for next.

I also hope to be showered with the blessings of rare items from gatcha machines and for my $Lindens to be fruitful and multiply.

I'm not just praying for stuff for me, either! That would be selfish! I'm also going to pray for all of the cross eyed avatars I see on the blog feeds to be healed from their affliction. Finally, I'll ask for miracles for the poor, broken-ankled avatars in hopes that they are blessed with "boot fixers." 

So here goes: 
Our Philip who art in a meeting with investors, 
Hallowed be thy mesh.
Your Kingdom has a new CEO.
Ebbe's will be done
On islands as it is on Mainland.
Give us this day our weekly stipend
and forgive us the size of our inventories 
as we forgive Linden Lab for losing things from our inventories.
Lead us not into lag, but deliver us from griefers. 

Hair - *Dura-Girl*, 52; Top - Kyoot, Soft Heart Cropped Top, White; Bra - .::PiCHi::., Honeysuckle lace-bra, sun; Skirt - [glow], Pure Skirt, Tahiti; Necklace - ASO!, Flower Necklace, Orange; Bracelet - *.:Nostalgia:.*, Dot Bracelet, Yellow; Earrings - Caroline's Jewelry, Brilliant Diamond Earrings 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Dear Ebbe2sexy4U1962

So, ummm... why does Ebbe get a last name? I call foul. He should be Ebbe2sexy4U1962 Resident. If not, give us back last names, dammmmmmit! Umm. I mean, "please." 

Obviously, if they can accommodate Ebbe Linden and provide a last name, there is still something about SL's technical guts that allows last names. His shiny, new last name is a big, neon reminder that last names are indeed valuable - but that we (the paying customers and future paying customers) are not valued enough by Linden Lab to have access to them. 

So, I made a little something for him. And, I wrote him a letter:
Dear Ebbe2sexy4U1962;
Please let us have last names again. As the new guy, you have a unique opportunity to do something positive and significant right off the bat by restoring something that was unique to our world. 
Back when we all had last names, the clever and fanciful pools of last names helped people come up with a name for an avatar. Now, the process of starting SL is more difficult: since there can't be more than one Bob or BillySue or Ebbe2sexy4U1962, new players have to go through the frustration of trying to think up a name that's not already taken. That's easily solved with surnames.
Surnames help us form an identity and sense of presence in SL*. Account names give us... accounts. 
Bring back last names, please. I promise that you will come out smelling like a Linden. Rose! I meant "rose." 
By the way, I will send you a copy of the name tag I made for you as a welcome gift.
Tymmerie Thorne
P.S. Perhaps current users stuck with the identifier "Resident" could choose from a subset of R surnames to let them in on the fun?
P.P.S Last week, I mentioned that presence (feeling like we are in the same place experiencing the same things at the same time despite being located all over the globe) was SL's killer app. Presence holds us together as a community. Presence keeps us logging in. Remember that, please, Ebbe.
Hair - ^;^CaTwA^;^, Sandy V2; Dress - KOI, Sunny; Bracelet -[HANDverk],Cake Bracelet; Earrings & Necklace - [tea.s], Rainbow Heart

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Does this restaurant make me look fat?

I've been trying to pay more attention to what I eat in RL because I threw caution to the wind over the holidays. Since I don't have handy dandy shape sliders in RL, I need to be careful. So, when I ran across a place called the Reality Check cafe, I decided to see if it could give me ideas for getting back into fighting shape. Apparently, it's a restaurant where you select a meal and then learn how long it would take you to burn off the calories from that meal. 

When I visited, it was a steak restaurant (apparently it varies). Perfect! I love steak. I ordered a lettuce wedge with blue cheese, a rib eye steak and coffee. Then, since I love a good role play, I RP'd asking the waiter to take the invisible bread basket off of the table and bring me some stevia for my coffee - because I decided to RP low-carbing

After my meal, as I exited the restaurant, I was instructed by the Reality Cafe gods to leave and walk directly across the street to the Avatar Fitness Health Club! Gasp! How rude! Talk about a reality check. Why not just have me eat while jogging?

In conclusion, here is what my sternly worded letter to the Reality Cafe people will say: 
To Whom It May Concern; 
No one can eat the huge restaurant portions that they serve in American restaurants. In addition, I hate to cook. This means that I am the queen of leftovers and would have taken at least half of my meal home in a doggie bag. Plus, I didn't have dessert. I believe that Reality Check should have said something like, "High 5! Go home, put on some yogurt pants, and play SL. We'll see you at the gym in a few days. Maybe."
Tymmerie (who sometimes even wears an XS in Standard Sizing, so there)
P.S. My niece calls yoga pants "yogurt pants." Is that adorable or what? 

Friday, February 7, 2014

People Person

Do you ever have those days where you want to be around people, but you are too shy to IM people on your friends list? I'd feel bad if I interrupted someone who was busy doing various perverted and/or depraved things that required their full concentration - something I always assume about my entire friends list just to be on the safe side.  

That was me this week. Therefore, my shy self has been reduced to hanging out at the Mingle game sim (Mingle Start Location) and helping people with tasks so they can complete the game and get the fabulous prizes. Am I nice for doing that or am I just creepy? Wait! Don't answer that.  

I ended up with several J tattoos (For my love, Jerremy.), about a billion Valentine cards, much improved virtual mini-golf skills, and the prizes from when I did the game the first time for myself. When Mingle ends, I'll go back to doing my low-risk socializing by exploring, hanging out at the occasional welcome/help center, and by keeping Plurk open. 

What do you do when you get the urge to be around people? Why is it so hard to IM people? Would a glass of wine help? And, finally, why are the people on my friends list so kinky?
I'm not sad. I'm wondering why I wore such high heels - my feet are killing me!
Hair - =DeLa*=, Amanda; Shirt - .::YoPulga::., White Heart Top; Pants - Maitreya, Flare Jeans (for heels); Shoes - Candydoll, Oxygen, Solid, Red
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