Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Above AVerage

Checking myself out in my adorable compact mirror while applying Watermelon Lip Gloss (from G.L.A.M.)

Almost every day that I log into SL, I get asked if I look like my Avatar. Well… I promise that I started out with the best of intentions. I really attempted to make her look like me…albeit with a better dry cleaner and more sleep. But, I have to admit…she turned out a little too well.

In RL, I have been told that I have a look that is similar to two well known actresses. So, I guess if [Actress A] and [Actress B] had a baby, it might look a little like me.
For the benefit of all who ask, however, I talked to my Mom. She is familiar with what I look like and might be able to provide some additional insight:
Me: Hello, Mom.
Mom: Hello. [pauses} What is this for?
Me: I am interviewing you for my blog.
Mom: What is a blog?
Me: It is where I write things and post them to the internet.
Mom: Hmmmmm. And people read them?
Me: Probably not. Just me and, soon, my therapist. Oh, and possibly someday, some sort of defense or divorce attorney, too. So, anyway, Mom….please describe what I look like for the readers.
Mom: You look like me.
Me: Well, yes, but they can’t see you.
Mom: Well, but you do.
Me: Let’s try this: [I pull out a picture of my Avatar]…do I look like this at all?
Mom: Oh, cute. Did you draw her?
Me: Sort of…kind of…not really. But, she is my electronic persona on the web. So, do I look even remotely like her?
Mom: Oh no. No, no, no...
Me: Ummmmm…ok…you don’t have to be quite so certain. ..
Mom: You should cut your hair like that though….
Me: ... !
Mom: And see her eye liner? You never wear enough and….
Me: Moooooommmmmmm….please….so do you think I look like [Actress A] or [Actress B]?
Mom: I don’t know who those people are.
Me: Well…remember that woman from the movie La Bamba? [Actress A] was in that.
Mom: Oh, La Bamba was a good movie…
Me: So, do I look like her?
Mom: No. [pauses} Did she play the sister-in-law lady?
Me: Yes….
Mom: Oh. No, I don’t remember her.
Me: Ok. Let’s forget La Bamba. How would you describe me if I was kidnapped and you didn’t have a photo of me to give to the police?
Mom: I would tell them that you look like me. Are you staying for dinner?
Me: [sigh] Probably. What are you guys having?
So what have we learned here? That I should not ask stupid questions of my Mom. And you should stop asking stupid questions, too. :-P
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  1. LMAO, great!!! Love your way of blogging! Keep doing that, and I keep returning over and over again.

  2. HAHAHA!! Your Mom Rocks! Great blog...very fun to read!

  3. LOOOL!! First time I come to read your blog after that post about RL companies in SL in Secondstyle, and I´m enjoying it a lot! Lol at your Mom´s answers, they remind me of my own mom hehe!




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