Monday, November 12, 2007

♪ Won't You Be My Neighbor? ♪♪

Click here to hear Mr. Rogers sing the song.

When I first entered Second Life, I was quite content with the fact that my Avatar didn’t really need a home. Fewer Lindens spent on rent meant more Lindens available to buy clothes. She could wander across the grid and everything she owned would always be with her. She could adhere
perfectly to my RL dad’s motto of ‘It is better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.’ Sadly, this motto means that my father wears a fanny pack that is bigger then most women’s purses. (I know, I know - I tell him! Don’t you think I tell him?)

Modeling my RL dad’s version of an inventory folder. (No, I can't believe I found one in SL either, but there you go....)
Since the weather in SL is perpetually nice and I could always manage to find a place to open boxes and change clothing without too much of a fuss, I thought I was set. Occasionally, I would go as far as to find a nice tree on my favorite shopping island and pretend that my Avatar would go to sleep under it when I logged off.
But one day, as I was changing clothing behind a shop, I realized that I was being watched. A male Avatar was eating from a box of popcorn and watching me as I sorted through new lingerie purchases. Crunch, crunch, crunch…, watch, watch. He wouldn’t give me privacy, but he was happy to share his popcorn with me. (See photo below for a panda reenactment of this event.) was sort of like this.....Escapade Zoo & Safari.

So, I decided that a little place of my own with curtains and doors would be a good thing. Plus – I’d need furniture, so right there I had a very convenient excuse for more shopping. I started to get excited about putting up pictures, a Christmas tree, having friends over for a game of Pictionary, etc. Also, I had a growing need for a place to backup my inventory and store things. Finding a home became my next goal.
I gathered as many Lindens as I could in my young SLife and went apartment hunting. I found a cute two room place with a patio. The only downside? It was so incredibly high up above the ground that if you accidentally stepped off of the patio (Did I mention that I have some walking challenges?) you would automatically plummet 500+ meters to the ground. (Hmmm… I guess that would be more of a disadvantage in RL, wouldn't it?)

A photo of me enjoying my patio.
I moved in right away and it was fan-frickin-tastic. I set up a bedroom and clothes changing area. I bought a low prim fireplace and hung pictures on the walls. I set out so many poses that my living room looked like the ball pit at Chuck E. Cheese. Home Sweet Home.

Please come in and make yourself comfortable!
After a couple of months, my Second Life boyfriend told me about a piece of land that had just gone up for sale near his home. The land was pretty, it had a healthy prim allotment and the tier fees were the same as my rent. So, I bit.
The next step was building a custom home on it. No freebie house for me. Not only have I developed some building skilllllzzzzzz, but I have some definite ideas of what I want in a house.
What do I want in a home? I want a wealthy, naked man cooking me dinner. But as far as features go, I wanted a media room, a GIANT bath room, lots of windows, French doors, fireplaces, room for a small office and teleporters instead of stairs. Oh, and a yard for my scripted dog, Oscar.

Skillzzzz are nothing if you don't have the right outfit to go with them.
So, after several complete rebuilds, a nail gun injury (Sorry, Babe!), hundreds of Lindens worth of textures and scripted doors, and a bit of perspiration, I am officially a Second Life homeowner.
Yes, my fellow Wonderful Land residents – there went the neighborhood!

Tah dah! My house!

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  1. Awww! TY so much! I love that people actually read my ramblings! :-D

  2. enjoying the patio...omg you crack me up!

    my dad has one of those photographer jackets with 8 million pockets, sort of a sideline geek version of the bumbag (I can't call it a fannypack, I'm English). he won't stop wearing that, either - and he wears it with combat trousers, it's like pocket hell.

  3. Oh, that's right! Fanny is a very naughty word in Britain!

    I love your description of pocket hell! LOL

    I have a question - in the UK, have you heard of the children's television show Mister Roger's Neighborhood - the theme song of which I used as a title for the blog item?

    Maybe I should add a link to the song being sung...hmmmmmmm

  4. Sadly no...but then I am quite old, my formative years were spent watching She-Ra and Bananaman in the 80s.

    For god's sake don't have the song start automatically, websites that sing at me make me jump 3 feet in the air! May I suggest imeem for subtle, yet prominent, song posting goodness.

  5. I added it as a nice purposeful surprise music. You have to WANT Mr. Rogers to get Mr Rogers. :-D

  6. always enjoy your posts. in the short time you've been describing your adventure, your song sounds a familiar refrain. you are a welcome addition to this crazy world.

  7. Aaaawww it's precious! I'd be his neighbour.

    I agree with Encore, it's lovely recapturing the wonder with you - and you have a marvellous way with words.

  8. [blushes] Thank you so much for all your kind words!

  9. Wow Tym! I can see the offers will be flooding in for you to model for DIY stores soon. Totally hot with a power drill, girl!

    (*giggles* at fannypack too. We call them bumbags in Britain!)

  10. LOL! I will keep my eyes open for Home Depot to come to SL, Katoria!

  11. Absolutely adorable, you made me smile on a particularly bad morning.
    Thank you :)

  12. Awwwww! That makes my WEEK, Saiyge! :-D



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