Sunday, June 8, 2008

SLim Fast

Have you put on a few extra prims?
Are you, like me, sitting in front of your computer wishing that your typing burned far more calories than it does? Are you risking a head injury while balanced precariously on one of those fit balls that is supposed to work your "core muscles" while you sit at your desk? Or are you busy shaking crumbs out of your keyboard since you just ate dinner in front of your pc... yet again (omg - just me???). Well, if you think it is hard to stay in shape in front of our pc's imagine what it is like living *in* them.

Between TPing (which barley expends any effort) and flying (which, unless you have a flying animation that flaps your arms, also uses very little activity), the average avatar has to look for ways to sneak in exercise or actively work out.

What's for SLupper?
And don't even get me started on the food most avatars consume. Has your SLife been filled with week upon week of meal skipping, broken only by the occasional glass of champagne and slice of rez day cake?

Did you know that not eating slows your metabolism? Now you do. Anyhoo, gawd forbid that happens to me - so I always keep a steady supply of liquor, espresso drinks, cotton candy and popcorn around. And I am always first in line when the rez day cake gets passed around.

Unfortunately, this food is no terribly conducive to fitting into my SL wedding dress.

So I decided that I'd better do something, at least virtually, to shape up my shape. Luckily, Second Life has a surprising number of places where your avatar can get physical. Try Bourbon’s Island Fitness Center. You can even buy exercise equipment for your home at Chase Island Exercise & Fitness or SLeek Gym Equipment. At SLeek you can even get a little water bottle and towel issued to you - so cute.

If you want to be a little more creative with your physical activity, may I suggest...dancing! (Ha! My regular readers thought I was going to say sex! But I didn't! You do not get much exercise when tied down to a ....wait!!! OMG!! Just me? Again?) While some of that dancing could take place on a stripper pole, ballroom, salsa and even night club dancing will work up a virtual glow.

Or just jog around the grid. CTRL-R might provide you with the perfect workout. Well, there is just one problem - unless you are on a treadmill, you are going to run out of land or run into a red barrier of some sort. I have not tried jogging on the mainland, but I would assume that Linden roads would make great running paths. Someone try this and tell me ...because, as it turns out, I hate running in RL and in SL.

Sweat SLuits
What to wear? Leg warmers are de rigor. Sweat bands are optional.

My best workout fashion advice? You will look super hawt working out in stilettos and no bra - something you would not dare to do in RL, but can do until the cows come home in SL. However, men look silly in stilettos, so at the very least they should go pick up a free pair of Nike Air Shocks at Muism.

Measuring ReSLts
Now, eventually you are going to want to check your progress. In RL, they say the best gauge of how much weight you are losing is how your clothes fit. The problem is that in SL all my clothes always fit perfectly - no matter where my slider bars are. So, I am going to have to use a scale. I found one at the Linden Lifestyles’ blog HQ. And no, a lady never reveals her weight. And let's just say that Jerremy should have no problems carrying anyone or anything over a the threshold because he is a 7 foot-something hunk of a man who can lift whole buildings with just a wave of his hand.

Personally, I get a lot of exercise riding my hipppety hop around town. So much so that I have sex just to rest up for a while (See above.).

What ever you choose, select something you enjoy and be consistent about it. You'll feel great when someone complements you on having the slider bars of an 18 year old.


  1. Absolutely hilarious -- well done!

  2. So funny! The thought of SLexercise cracks me up!

  3. hah! Tym you crack me up. And you look so cute in your workout clothes. :-)

  4. Exercise in SL? Nooooo! It's bad enough I have to exercise in RL, but in SL too? Aieeeee!

  5. lol Tymmerie - I missed your silly news posts. Well done! You forgot yoga though!

    Oh and no, not just you. >.>

  6. That's a great write-up! "the slider bars of an 18 year old" I love it!!!

  7. Ok honey, it me or the hippty hop! I thought I had popped and buried that thing when we moved from the old place. I should have guessed why you had just been laying there the last few times, barely breaking a sweat. Ok, sure, you were tied down and pretty much had to lay there... I suppose I am to blame. Here I was getting all the physical exercise, only worried about about my own physique. Knowing that it was just a matter of time before the men's calendar "Shirtless in SL" came calling. So, I will just have to step things up with you and our...private exercise routine ;-) Not only shall you be given free range of movement, but I shall personally make sure your body is thoroughly worked out. I assure you that you will not look at a hippy hop the same way again!



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