Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Fashion Show Announcement....and My Blog is NOT Pr0n

OMG! My blog got tagged by some stupid software as pr0n and blocked at work. So, I removed my raciest photo from the sidebar (not counting Jerremy's shirtless one). Who knew? Don't know if that will fix it, and of course, now I am afraid to even type in the URL for fear of being escorted out of the building by guards while carrying all of my personal effects in a box. So....I can't respond to blog comments at lunch anymore.

BTW, if you haven't noticed, Jerremy is my shiny new boyfriend. This is a SFW picture of him wearing a shirt (a rarity for him, I'll tell you what):

This recent development in my SLove life means I can only look but not touch all of the HAWT male models who will be showing clothes along with the gals at the next Dream, Inc. Fashion Show:

Great designers have been lined up - Designing Nicky Ree, Vindi Vindaloo, S.Y.D. by Sy Designs, Zibware, Fashionity Fantasy and DreKay. I am salivating with curiosity to find out what I will be wearing in the show. Please join us and see the lovely clothes these designers have created just in time for Valentine's Day dressing up and gift giving!

Come see the show and please say hi to me after - I love meeting you all!

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I Know What Boys Like...

I saw a bunch of SL bloggers taking a quick-and-dirty version of the Myers-Briggs personality inventory. I am an ENFP - Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceiver. So basically, this means that I am pathetically desperate for attention and approval**, hate to balance my checking account, and have the attention span of the average three year old. Oh, and I should be a computer programmer when I grow up. *thud*

OK, OK....I took a bit of creative license with the results.

But, in light of the impending holiday of SLove, I decided to also take the "What Do Guys Like About You Quiz" that I found on the site that hosted the personality quiz.

Now, I kind of hated that in one of the questions you are only given the choice of being a selfish shrew or dining-and-dashing. (I mean, Jiminy Christmas - there are other possible solutions in that situation.)

Anyhoo, here is my result:

Guys Like That You're Charming

You're the girl most guys can't get out of their heads
Even if they met you on a bad hair day :-)
You just seem to "click" with everyone you meet
So even if a guy forgets about you for a second... his friends haven't!

I must tell you what a relief it is to discover that boys don't only like me for my adorable avatar caboose.

But, because I also want to be just like The Waitresses, I put together a little survey (in the sidebar to your right) - yes it is the world longest side bar survey - I could not stop myself.) to find out what the men of SL are really looking for in a Valentine.

So, Ok, Gentlemen - help me out. Please take this survey so that I may share the result with the fine ladies of Second Life. You may select more that one answer, but be nice to me and try not to choose more than 5 items. Honor system, OK? Gracias.

Now, for the write-in portion of this survey, you will have to post comments. Please do and don’t hold back. Cupid is waiting anxiously.

Note: I am working on a female version of this survey, also. So, if you have suggestions for possible answers please add them to your comments.

** This means that when a certain SL blog announced that they had 10k page hits in their first 3 weeks, I pouted and stomped around my house like Veruca Salt ==> "But, Daddy, I want 10,000 page views, NOW!!" Just kidding...but jeebus...10k? I am just going to have to post more topless photos of Jerremy (see sidebar).

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Monday, January 28, 2008

Immense Offense

A while ago I submitted a report to the Fashion Police but, as I have noted in this blog before, patience is not my strong suit. (And perhaps it was simply too shocking of a crime.) So, before any other hapless young avatars fall victim to the heinous transgression being committed here, it is my duty to sound a warning.

The misdeed can be seen clearly in the photo below. (And I do not mean what I am wearing!)

Please direct your attention to the poor sap on the left with the black bar over his eyes. (And yes, I realize that the location of the photo calls my judgment into
question. Sigh.)

We've all seen excited newbies running around the grid with FREE appendages before. But, I had never seen anything like this. As he wandered over and propositioned me, I realized that there was a strange, black blob over his kibbles and bits.

Ladies and gentlemen, that blob is not the result of Photoshop. He was wearing that blob like a new suit. I inquired about it. It was a 'enhancer' he explained proudly. An enhancer. Some unscrupulous fellow had sold it to him! /me gasps!

That's right! T
his man is not the perpetrator of the crime here. He is the dupe!

And I am bound and determined to keep you from falling victim to the same!

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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hey! My first byline!

Ace for Betty Doyle in IBM’s “Couture on the Court” Competition

Yes it is true - I have officially taken on model-slash-something status in my Second Life. I will be writing regularly for Second Life News Network and I am working on my role as part of the team for the Live@5 news program on Second Life Cable Network.

Which means I should soon be able to afford a new pair of sneakers. See, when I was admiring all of the adorable tennis outfits entered for the "Couture on the Court" contest, I noticed that some of them were paired with amazingly adorable little sneakers. Hey! I want some!

These are cute but I'd like to find something sleeker:

I am on a hunt now. It is sneaker season.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Run - Don't walk - to Alicia's Blog

If you read Alicia's comments on my last post, "Crack is Whack", you MUST see the new picture posted on Alicia Chenaux's blog ( You will not be sorry. :-P

Let's see the SL Fashion Bloggers cover this.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Crack is Whack

Recently I saw this post over at Linden Lifestyles about the issue of EMS – Exposed Midriff Syndrome. Personally, I don't get it. I love exposing my tummy in SL.

However, all is not well with the fit of my clothing. I suffer from ECS – Exposed Crack Syndrome, which is, arguably, a more nefarious condition.

You see, I have noticed that the majority of my skirts, shorts and pants in SL are cut to show buttock cleavage. I think that even if I bought a Second Life nun’s habit, it might show butt cleavage. I do not know why.

I have taken it upon myself over the last few months to do an extensive observational study of male Avatar’s behinds, but I have not seen any bare derrière. (You are very welcome. Someone had to do it.)

Shocking photo of bear derrière.

This means that nearly every time I wear underwear (ok, ok - which I will admit does not happen very often in SL) it shows over my waist band. Do I have an especially tall avatar? Nope. She is 5’8” – a relative shorty. But, I swear, even if I bought a SL nun’s habit it would be cut to show butt cleavage.

In Real Life, I hated the buttock-showing-low-cut jean trend because it seemed so crass. I don't like my undies to show in RL or SL because I feel like I am trying to dress like a sleazy teenaged Britney Spears wannabe. I have no idea how people’s clothing was not constantly in a heap around their feet.

Is this still the trend? I supposed that there is a slight possibility (which I refuse to entertain seriously) that my Real Life self is so hopelessly out of touch with what is in style now that I will soon find myself wearing stir-up pants and a beehive hairstyle to work.

And even if it does turn out that I had better renew my subscription to Elle before I face taunting by junior HS aged children for the way I dress, I am stubbornly against the low cut trend – even in Second Life.

Having ECS makes me squeamish. I am always braced for people to start throwing items in there (trash, spare Linden coins, gum wrappers, etc.) as though they are trying to make a basket. ECS causes me to walk around the grid in a very anxious state - with my buttocks clenched and eyes darting around looking for projectiles. This is not an attractive look and may be limiting my Second Life dating opportunities.

This is the face of an ECS sufferer.

To be perfectly honest – my avatar has a GREAT ass (as do most avatars, of course). But it isn’t what I want to display all of the time. I have fiddled with my shape as much as I dare to correct this. I even set my rump to a ridiculous 10 in “edit appearance” mode and double checked to see if my avatar’s behind was the trouble. Nope. Still having a crack epidemic. I tried to adjust the waists of modifiable items higher. No luck – since most were already set at 100.

When I can, I try to make higher waist undie layer items to wear in order to bridge the gap. But that strategy doesn’t work if the pant or skirt is on the underpants layer already or has a difficult to match texture, belt or detailed waist band

Sigh….so, if you see me on the grid and the moon is out even though you have set the time of day to noon, please know that I at least thought about fixing it. And then just enjoy the show.

Extreme cuteness. Courtesy of Escapade Zoo & Safari.

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Monday, January 14, 2008

Write Right

I have a crippling lack of keyboarding skills. (I blame my Freshman year typing teacher, Sister Mary Agnes, who let me get away with murder in her class.) However, I really, really make every attempt to spell correctly and double check things whenever I can. I know that I do not catch everything - but I make the effort. In chat, I am totally forgiving of spelling/typing errors since I make a ton myself. And, I do not sit around trying to catch people's errors when I read things - nobody is perfect and I don't expect perfection.

But, Kids? When you are waxing poetic about your new slave/lover on the picks page on your profile, you have time to spell check. You took the time to post a lovely picture and write up a whole sonnet on her. Don't drop the ball now. I realize that not everything can be caught by spell check though. This is why you might want to have someone look over your work for errors. (Hey, how about your new slave?) When you write about her ‘tiers’ flowing down her face and hitting the ground, you probably meant ‘tears’. And when you pledge your ‘sole’ to her you are simply offering her your shoe.

Granted – there was nothing as egregious as an ‘I love ewe’ in the profile I was reading, but…OMG do not get me started on the whole cum/come issue.

Some people may think this is petty, but that is just because they don’t know the hole tail.

*Yes, I know it should be ‘whole tale’ – I am trying to be ironic here.

*Note - I am not including non-native English speakers in this pet peeve. I am impressed as all get out if you can speak more than one language - you are 1,000 times smarter than me. I was referring to native English speakers who do this.

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

68. secondlife how stupid

I read lots and lots of other SL blogs. When I came across the Y-Me blog's reoccurring feature about what search terms led to their site, I became curious about my own. So, in the spirit of 'imitation is the sincerest form of flattery', I pulled up Google Analytics and took a gander at mine. The normal stuff is there – searches for my name, Girl Wonder, searches for people mentioned in my blog, etc. But, there were many that left me scratching my head:

I am afraid that the poor folks who were searching innocently for 'Shaun Cassidy' and the ‘Mister Rogers song’ and landed *here* got a nasty surprise.

And just between you and me, I am dying to know if the 'monkey is watching us masturbating' search person ever found what they were looking for.

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

'Dream' Opportunity for Designers

Quick - grab a pen...I'll wait.!

Dream Models (my agency - YAY!) will be holding a men's and women's fashion show on Saturday, February 9th at 11:00 AM SLT. Dream, Inc. owners, Angel Horner and Katoria Stevensen, are making plans now and will announce the venue closer to the date of the show. Designers are being lined up now, so if you are a designer who is interested in being featured contact Dream Inc.

Make plans to see this show! Wave at me from the audience if you dare!

Aren't you glad you picked up a new calendar now?

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Monday, January 7, 2008

Get the DREAM Inc. 2008 Model Calendar

Both men and women are featured in this sexy calendar.

The DREAM Inc. 2008 model calendar is available now – hot off the presses! Handsome men and lovely women will greet you all year long. (Ahem. You might recognize August…just sayin’.) The calendar is free. You can pick up a copy at the Dream Inc. HQ or if you IM or email me I will send one to you!

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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Knocked Up While the Grid is Down

With the Baby New Year still drooling and spitting up all over us, I started thinking about babies in Second Life. I have stumbled upon some interesting items during my travels around the grid. From maternity clothing to baby furniture to SL pregnancy experience packages and pregnancy shapes, you can find almost everything you need to reproduce in SL.
Several blogs and mainstream media articles have talked about SL pregnancy before – but mostly from the perspective of how to get pregnant, what it was like, even one man’s experience as a pregnant avatar, etc.
But since I don’t have the prim count to spare for a good scripted dog much less a kid, I decided to explore other aspects of the SL pregnancy phenomenon. You see, I have one common goal in SL and RL – and that is to stay un-pregnant. So, this article will help me to; 1) confront prim infants mano-a-mano, and 2) determine just how to how to prevent my SLife from becoming a tragic After School Special -style cautionary tale about SLingle motherhood.

Aiming for Pregcellence
Just how would people treat a SLingle mother in Second Life? To find out, I needed a baby.
By now you may be thinking to yourself, “Where do prim babies come from?” Well, I have to tell you that your father and I have been dreading this moment. [takes a deep breath] When a mommy and daddy avatar love each other very much, they get very, very close to one another…and then one of them logs into OnRez and buys one of the little bastards.
Are you my Daddy?

Having purchased a baby and a little sling to carry him in, I TP’d to the biggest sale I could find on a PG sim in order to locate a crowd.
Many people didn’t notice or didn’t say anything. However, I got a few, “Ummmm…you have a baby,” IM’s (Just as you would let someone know that they have their skirt caught in the back of their pantyhose.) and several, “Oh, how cute!” comments.
One male avatar (whom I had never met – I swear.) was quite interested in Junior – asking where I got him and who the father was. Then, he began insisting that he was the daddy. He even described his penis for me hoping that would trigger my memory. This little encounter ended with me backing up slowly as he came at me with arms outstretched and shouting, “Give me my baby!”
Several people mentioned that they had never seen a baby on the grid, even though they had seen many pregnant avatars. OK - so here is where we pause to wonder what pregnant avatars are doing with their babies once born – are they eating them?

What else have I discovered about prim babies? First of all, they are U.G.L.Y. (Mine wouldn’t be, of course, but all the rest are.)
Second, breast feeding animation. There. I said it. I am done here. Good night.
Third - SL birthing centers… *thud* …Wha…where…where am I? Oh…in the middle of a bog post…..?
Want to see what happens at these birthing centers? I have linked to two examples below. Interestingly, both involve lots of particle effects flying out of a soon-to-be-mother’s hoo ha. None of the new parents seemed the least bit surprised or concerned about this. Now, if particle effects flew out of my kitty, I would; a) be terribly surprised, and b) insist on eye protection for the baby.
The Baby Bazooka. No, not for shooting *at* babies – that would be mean. This uses babies as *ammunition*. Atashi’s Art & Oddities

Prophylactic Tactic

By now, you may be thinking to yourself: “How can I, having lost my Second Life V-Card not five minutes after leaving Orientation Island, keep myself from ending up needing a birthing center accidentally?”
Rest assured - we will get to the bottom of this issue. Frankly, I have been frightened. My Second Life boyfriends and I have been terribly irresponsible, really.
Is there birth control on the grid? Are there little prim Pills? Xcite! Vasectomies? And for Pete’s sake – why didn’t someone tell me? Did I miss that tutorial on Help Island? (Shriek!!! Is this why newbies aren’t issued genitals???? OMG!)
I began a search for birth control - exploring every convenience store, medical clinic and night club bathroom in Second Life. I was able to dig up some condoms. But what if SL condoms are not your cup of tea?
Well then, you may want to visit a Gorean sim and avail yourself of some Slave Wine. Supposedly, it is the perfect birth control – never wearing off and easily deactivated by drinking Breeding Wine when desired. It must work - after all you don’t ever see any, “… preggo slaves waddling around,” as I heard one warrior say.
Unfortunately, the Slave Wine option involves lots of reading, research, submitting to a Master, costume buying, hours of role play, etc. And that kind of activity is what got you into the situation of needing birth control in the first place, isn’t it?
One one hand, wishful thinking...on the other hand, more wishful thinking.
In Conclusion...
After all my research, it would appear that the best way to keep from having babies in Second Life is, apparently, the same thing you would do to avoid having a pet dragon live in your house – don’t buy one.
But be careful. Because, thanks to Onrez and SLexchange, you could get knocked up even when the grid is down.
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Saturday, January 5, 2008

A Place to Ponder Melted Chocolate Wrestling Strategies...

My new periwinkle Comfy Sofa!

Ladies and Gentlemen, a great weekend demands a great couch.

I just upgraded old my self-made-desperate-to-save-on-prims couches with two new ones from The LOUNGE. It was SLove at first site when I spied the lovely lines of the Comfy Sofa. I got to meet owner/designer Chriz Palen, too, who told me he is just starting to build his collection and will have more pieces in the future. Each of these couches is just 17 prims and includes poses. The Comfy Sofa is available in nice neutral beige/cream with taupe throw pillows. This periwinkle shade was a special order, but may be available soon in his shop at La Reina. (Ahem, Ladies...make sure you check out Chriz's Christmas will not be sorry. I promise. Three King's Day isn't until Sunday, so technically, it is still Christmas.)

And, yes I really am lying here trying to think of ways to beat fellow blogger, Willow Caldera, in a chocolate wrestling match to win the favor of a snow cave dwelling, nipple baring, spider free neighbor. I think I can take her, though. She'll never expect my 'chopped nuts & maraschino cherries' maneuver...heh.

....this is my Second Life....and, it is very, very good.:-)

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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

You Oughta Know....

The past month has been an interesting (for lack of better words) time in SL for me. And at various moments, I have had questions run though my head that, for the most part, would not enter my thoughts in RL. Here are just a few of them:

  • Why are there always people with swords in my house?
  • Why is every RL wife/girlfriend of the male avatars I meet in SL frigid?
  • Does sending links to YouTube music videos through IM constitute an actual conversation?
  • Hey! Where did my skybox go?
  • Why do sex animations always make my face look so weird?
  • Why am I still such a terrible walker? (For the love of dog, it didn’t take me this long to learn to walk properly in RL.)
  • Where else besides a Gorean sim can I wear silks and slave rags and not look out of place?
  • Should I become a lesbian in SL?
  • Why do people change the size of their heads to fit their hair rather than change their hair to fit their heads?
  • Why does Nine Inch Nails music make the best soundtrack for my SLife lately?
  • Why does everyone always have Voice Chat enabled, but no one ever uses it?
  • Am I really as terrible a submissive as I suspect that I am?
  • Am I the only person on the grid without an Alt?
  • Why does my sim neighbor keep offering to kidnap me and keep me in a cage? (And why am I not more concerned about this?)
  • Are blonde avatars having more fun?
  • Why do fools fall in love?
Sigh…my head hurts. What questions have popped into your pretty/handsome little heads in Second Life? Seriously, can you help me answer some of these? Because if anyone knows, you oughta.
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