Thursday, February 28, 2008

This feels really weird....

It feels very odd to ask for votes for a modeling contest (because that turns it into a popularity contest) but they aren't as concerned about model quality as they are about getting traffic into their store, so whatever. And I did ask and it is within the rules to ask for votes, so here goes (/me takes a deep breath):

If you are so inclined, you may vote for me over at the Wet Dreams/Silk Dreams Model Contest at Bermuda (123, 100, 27). Just click on the photo of the entry you wish to vote for. The entries are labeled with our names, but just in case, this is the photo I entered:

The voting is open now and the contest will end on Saturday, March 8 at 7 pm SLT. Thanks in advance for any votes you toss my way. (Gawd, and does my pic seem innocent and amateurish compared to the other entries.)

Thanks!! /me waves furiously!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Seamen all over the dance floor....

I could not resist - sorry. Anyhoo, these are some pictures that Jerremy and I took at the blogger party. I just love a good theme party. (Guess who had their viewer set to noon while their romantic boyfriend had his set to sunset?)

Timothy Lilliehook, Zenobia Fimicoloud and Tiessa Montgolfier, a lovely mermaid.

My sexy pirate and his parrot.

Speaking of theme parties, I was brain storming to think of possible themes for my blogger party this April and I thought that since there will be chocolate wrestling and campfires and I can set out some tents for lounging, the theme would be something like "S'More Stuff to Blog About" and people can dress in camping/stuff-you-find-in-the-woods style...or as marshmallows and graham crackers. Feel free to use that theme for your next rez day party ("Spend S'More Time in SL") or wedding ("I'll Love You S'More"). We will start a new trend in party throwing!

In other news, I did a sad, sad thing with my new poll. I thought I was being cheeky with the wording of the only answer that you can choose if you don't want me to do interviews (all the of rest are yes votes for interviews of some sort or another) but I made it too snotty and negative and now every time some innocent blog reader chooses that answer, I feel like they hate me!! OMG I need professional help. Could I possibly be any more sensitive? I hurt my own feelings!! Someone hold me.

© 2008 All Rights Reserved.

Monday, February 25, 2008

NEW Poll up!! Vote on a new feature for this blog!

Ladies and Gentlemen - please take a few moments and give me your thoughts on a new feature I am considering for this blog. The poll is on the sidebar under my new picture.

My new picture was actually taken by Looker Lumet at a past blogger party - I just love the mood and mix of colors he captured. I was going crazy with a bubble wand that day.

Speaking of taking pictures, I may be announcing a photo contest for all of you very soon. So get your cameras ready while I get the details together.

Speaking of past blogger parties, I had so much fun at the blogger party/meeting yesterday! KONA Radio rocks and GoSpeed Racer is not only drop dead gorgeous, but is a an excellent host, too. (I think I finally have a girl crush!) I just loved everyone's interpretation of the nautical theme! There were mermaids, men in old fashioned bathing costumes, a handsome pirate (Jerremy!), sailors, a fish in a bowl of water, etc. And I am terribly proud of everyone for not constantly making seamen/semen jokes and references. (I seemed to be the biggest offender in that regard actually. Oops.) I have some pictures to post, but that will have to wait until I get home from work today - so watch this space!!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Catching up...

Checking out the brain power at Paradise Pets.

I have fallen behind! Blogger Alicia Chenaux has given the rest of us slacker bloggers two more lists of questions. I did fill them out, but I never posted them - so here they are!

Meme List #1: The SLeople in my Neighborhood

1. Do you remember the first person who helped you in SL, and are you still in contact with that person? No. And I probably should be in order to at least thank him since he helped me find information on non- newbie skins and hair and shapes. But I met him in a terrible, awful place that decent, law abiding citizens should not go and he wanted to do things to me that people who want to run for a government office someday should never do, so it is probably for the best.

2. Do you stick around in SL for business, or for the people?
75% for the people and 25% for business. I really have had fun meeting so many different people from all over the world, but I have also been able to stretch my wings doing some things that I haven't for a long time - like writing for pleasure or being super creative (building).

3. Who is the most positive influence in your SL? I would have to say my friend f00 Barbosa and my current boyfriend, Jerremy.

f00 and his friend Phat (the frog) wear slinky tails and play soccer on my patio back when I first moved to Wonderful Land.

f00 and I met and dated exclusively for a while, and now we are great friends. He taught me to build and line up textures perfectly. He held my hand when I took my first baby steps into land ownership. He encouraged me when I started my blog by reading it and giving me the type of positive feedback that I still cherish from him. He was my first reader! He taught me about the potential that SL has for creativity and for relationships. He has an adorable, very sweet girlfriend now, and I am overjoyed to observe him being so happy.
If I ever get hitched in SL, f00 is going to be my Maid of Honor. I am just sayin'.

Jerremy and I rock out to a little Nine Inch Nails.

Jerremy started out as my friend and has looked out for me and supported me though some tough times. He is such a catalyst for my creativity and for doing business in SL. He gives me ideas and we play off of one another when brain storming like nobody's business. He is teaching me about being a SL landlord. He is really, really supportive of my writing and modeling and tells me every day how proud he is of me. And he is teaching me some RL stuff too - like the joy of jumping into things with both feet. I am terribly excited about what the future holds for me and Jerremy. I want to shout from the roof tops of Second Life that I LOVE JERREMY DARWIN!

I can honestly say that my SLife would not be as full or as happy without Jerremy and f00 in it.

4. Is there someone who makes you roll your eyes and groan when they IM you or if you run into them somewhere?
No. Honestly. I have been so lucky in meeting rather wonderful people in SL.

5. Is there someone in your SL that makes you smile whenever you notice their name on your friends list, even if they're not online? Many! I have a good memory to think about for nearly everyone on my friends list. I tend to meet people in strange ways - so that helps, too.

6. Do you let people map you? Do others let you map them? I only let my boyfriends map me and that was a big step for me. I guess I don't really get mapping. I have never searched for anyone using the map. If I want to find out where someone is or what they are doing, I IM them. I can map my boyfriend, but I have never even bothered to try it.

7. If we found out tomorrow that SL was closing, do you think you'd still remain in contact with your friends?
Absolutley! I have emails and Google Talk accounts. We'd open up our own grid somewhere!

Meme List #2: My SLinspiration

1. What inspires you?
Is saying 'everything' cheating? Because it does. You can get the seed of a creative idea from anywhere. However, I can't be creative in a vauccum (I don't know who can, so maybe I am just stating the obvious) I have to have a need, purpose or goal in order to be truly creative. I don't think I could do much abstract, like what a traditional artist does. It is the goal that prods the weak little hamsters in my head to start running on their wheels.

2. What blocks your creativity?
Things I *HAVE* to do, obligations, not getting enough sleep or not eating well, people who ask me for things and won't tell me why or what they need to accomplish with my help (which happens much more often than you would think.). Also if I have an idea, I need to start working on it right then...I hate delays or having go do something else when I am inspired. It makes me panic that I will lose an idea and the flow of energy I get when I am being creative.

3. Do you do anything special to get your creative juices flowing? YES!! These are my tricks: think about the issue for a short time (5 minutes, 30 minutes, whatever) and then go do something else - read a book, watch tv, go for a walk, clean the house, do an errand, go to sleep. I call this "leaving an idea in the oven to cook". Your brain does all the work while you are distracted. Then, go back to what you were thinking about and all of these fresh things come out. Jot them down. And then put everything back in the "oven". Repeat until you can stick a toothpick into the idea and it comes out clean.

4. What time of day do you feel most inspired?
All day in general, but evening is an especially good time for me. Which is odd since I am such a morning person.

5. How do you like to express your creative energy?
I write or plan things out. My desks at home and work are covered with lists and sketches of ideas.

Once again thanks go to Alicia for prodding me to share!! As always, it you have read this and want to answer on your own blog please do and let me l know so that I can come read your answers. If you do not have a blog, use my comments section to answer them!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Winners, SLosers and Intruders

Blogger, Timothy Lilliehook makes himself comfortable in the headquarters office of Girl Wonder Industries.

Let's start this post with winners! Our Best SL-sim poll is closed and here are the top three SL-isms as chosen by you!!! Starting with the 3rd most popular, as submitted by fashionista Gillian Waldman: SLove! Yes! Who doesn't SLove SLove? The next highest votes getter is the unique SLip service, submitted by journalist, big word thrower arounder, my SLNN boss and future wrestling opponent, Willow Caldera! SLip service - a term which I use at every opportunity and you should also! And the top vote getter, submitted by Cenedra: SLoser! Cenedra has proven by winning that she is definitely not a SLoser! (Psssssssstt!!! Cenedra - I need your last name in order to give you the prize!)

And now moving on to the word of the day yesterday: SLintruder. Neko blogger Timothy Lilliehook sent me a picture labeled 'Intruder' that he took of himself sitting comfortably on my office couch about to hack into one of my PCs. Kidding. He was just sitting around eating stale Valentine's candy and sipping a latte. I got a good laugh over it and it made me think three things; 1. I am very naive, 2. I share too much information about myself, and 3. I should throw that candy out or someone is going to get sick. It is a good thing Timothy is a nice intruder with a sense of humor (and a strong stomach).

You see, I have my business office in my picks. Timothy was able to play Cat Burglar and visit it with ease. I would slove to have my Girl Wonderful Land estate home on my pics - if only to show off pictures of it. But what if door to door religious missionaries got hold of the address?!?! EEEK!!! Does anyone know how to put a pick somewhere that does not have a SLocation associated with it? You see, what if I decide to wax poetic about my SLignificant other Jerremy's delectable caboose on my picks? I have to associate it with a location? Where? A chair store? Men's underwear shop? What? Doesn't make sense to me. Thanks, Lindens. Can I remove the slurl from the pick? Nope - you cannot edit that field. SLammit.

In other news - I will soon be campaigning for your votes for the "Double Entendre" shop swim wear contest. I know - but I asked and they said it was OK to ask for votes on my blog. It isn't Miss Universe or anything, but whatever. (Miss Universe didn't think I was lady-like enough. [sniff]) Here is the thing though - I tried to take a photo wearing one of their suits in order to enter their contest and guess what? It would not cover my kitty!!! My kitty was out and about, running around the neighborhood with just a thin line drawn over it! Seriously - clothes need crotches. Without the need for covered crotches, why would anyone wear clothes at all? Even crotchless panties have some sort of crotch...which is ironic, but proves my point just the same.
So, why do I want to win their contest, you ask? Because when I win they will *try* to take pictures of me that do not feature my kitty and perhaps they will realize that a thin line doesn't cut it and start designing suit bottoms with crotches. And frankly, I just want to be a winner!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

I have a new article up at SL News Network (SLNN)!!

My article, entitled "Brought to You by the Letter T" has been posted on the SLNN site. I interviewed designers Talyn Barrett (Analise silks) and Abby Coalcliff (Devilish Cupcake & Analise). I hope you enjoy it!

I am already working on my next article in this 'Day in the Life' interview series. Are there designers about whom you are especially interesting in reading? Let me know!!

P.S. Please share with me your biggest fashion issues/problems for a new column the SLNN Style Team will produce. You may email me or leave a comment. I will keep you anonymous unless you tell me it is ok to use your name. Thank you!!! <3

Random Post, New PC, Old Typing Skillzzzz

Happy Thursday! We should have the results of the best SL-ism by this time tomorrow - you *still* have time to get your vote in!!

Guess what? I got a new computer! YAY me! The difference is like night and day really. I can almost walk properly! Bottom line: you can run SL on a less-than-gaming level pc, but you will not be having the same experience as someone with a high level gaming pc that they are selling a kidney to pay for. And not just because they weigh 5 ounces less than you. When I first got hired by Dream Models, I practiced walking every day - to no avail. My then-boyfriend f00 even tried to give me tips and help me. We set up a little practice runway. He could strut it like nobody's business (which raised some concern at the time....). Well, being a programmer, he had a very high end pc. He could never understand why walking in a straight line eluded me. I now know why: the good folks over at Playskool ® who manufactured my old PC did not give me that ability. But now??? OMG - amazing. How amazing? Well, organ selling amazing, of course. Unfortunately for me, the new pc doesn't improve my typing. I can only type badly faster, now.

OK - I also have to show you two model units I decorated for my boyfriend who will offer prospective tenants a few furnished flats in his new apartment building. My job was to come up with a couple of furniture arrangements that they might choose from.

Living room #1 weighs in at 32 prims.

I decorated the two main areas - a bedroom and a living room - for a total of 50 prims per apartment. The tenants will have space and additional prims to form other areas, like a dining room, or add their own furniture and decorations if they wish to. I may ask (read: beg) to decorate one more unit or design a few more rooms that tenants can see pictures of and choose a style. It always amazes me that a room will look completely undone until you add a 1 prim rug or put a picture on a wall, and suddenly everything just comes together. (Hmmm...and now that I am looking at it, I may add a couple of pictures to the wall in living room 2.)

Living room #2 is 29 prims.

I was truly embarrassed when I spread everything I had on my lawn to see what I could use to decorate. I probably have several houses worth of furniture and accessories because if I see something cute that I might use someday, I tend to buy it. I also had a few freebie furniture pieces that I kept because they were so pretty. But the free pieces do not balance out what I have spent. I do realize that I have a serious problem. :-/

And that problem is that I only own one house.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Just one....

Hey! The February SL Blogger party is next weekend and I hope to see as many of my fellow bloggers there as possible! I will be there with bells on!

I remember my first blogger party - I was ridiculously nervous. There was a choice of themes that we had to vote on beforehand - robots or 1920's gangster. The robot theme won, but I look cuter in flapper dresses than metal boxes, so I dressed 1920's anyway. I am certain that no one besides the darling Looker Lumet even knew I was at the party because I was so stupidly shy at it. I talked to Looker and to a plant. I am no longer friends with the plant, but I still adore Looker!

Since then though, I have grown into volunteering to host one! Yup - I am host for the April soirée! It is tentatively set for Sunday, April 20 from Noon until 3 PM SLT. (I will have more information for you as we get closer to the date.) I am hosting the party at my home - the Girl Wonderful Land estate - since I have lots of space with which to play. (
And speaking of space, my former BF and sim neighbor , f00 keeps complaining - in jest I hope - that I have no landscaping and I am ruining the look of neighborhood. But I love open space - it has so much potential. And I have all those prims not wasted on things like trees and flowers. :-P )

Anyhoo, I thought I would stick a big dance floor in the yard, have a DJ on the upper level patio, get a dance ball, set up a bar and host the April party! There are also fire pits and a beach for those who want to sit around and relax. And you can visit the kissing garden that my SLignificant other, Jerremy, built for us.

And I am going to have "Hello my name is..." name tags for everyone and maybe we'll vote on the best one and have a prize of some sort. If you are coming and want a name tag beforehand so you can really get creative, IM me and I will send one to you. Remember that your name actually floats above your head at all times, so you can go wild with the 7 letters you have to work with on these tags.

If you blog about Second Life and have not joined the SL Blogger group, IM Zoe Connolly in-world so that you can sign up. You'll hear about the parties and other things and get to know a group of really fun people. (I have sent out lifelines to the group more than once about technical issues with my blog and have received great support and help.)

And, if all of this persuades just one non-blogger to start a Second Life blog, then this post was worth it.

I made two versions of this t-shirt - one with the writing on the front and one with the writing on the back - using the SL Profiles t-shirt creator gadget and Photoshop. It is ridiculously fun.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Alicia's Assignment

Working in my new business office, the HQ for Girl Wonder Industries.

I think I may be in the minority, but I really do like meme's. I like them first because they let me share a bit of myself with you, and second make me think in ways I normally do not. Third they let me learn about you when you answer them yourselves.

So, when Alicia Chenaux taunted (just kidding!) fellow bloggers for not posting often enough (She is currently blogging at a rate of 2.47 posts per day), I put her in charge of giving us a meme. A meme to me as a blogger is the mental equivalent of rebaking your textures. So, Alicia gave us the Friday Five. Below is my attempt at answering them.

1. If you could do one thing in SL, what would you do? I am already doing such kewl things in SL - modeling for an amazing agency (Dream) and getting to write for SLNN/SLCN. But if I could take on more, I would love to run a little in-world consulting business where I guide RL companies in their use of SL - starting with getting everyone who needs to be in-world up to speed. I'd help those people and their companies to learn the SL-culture. I'd work with their RL superiors and investors, etc. in order to set expectations, explain strategies, goals, etc. I'd eventually have some in-world employees to help out. Hmmm. Those are the seeds of a business plan...I'd better get busy.

Hey!! News! I set up a business office!!! (That is me in my office in the pics at the top of this post.) It is at the Cybertopia Shopping Centre. I call it the Girl Wonder Industries HQ. It is where I will conduct interviews for my blog and SLNN/SLCN, get some writing done, take blog pictures, host business meetings, etc. Jerremy is going to have an office upstairs from me. He owns Darwin Properties - a SL rental company. So, now we can commute to work and then go home at the end of the day (almost as adorable as putting your avatar into pajamas and then into bed before logging off for the night).

2. If you could be anyone else in SL for a day, who would it be and why? I actually really like being me. And except for trading Babyhoney Bailey (Miss SL Universe, 12 Avatars) places every time she wins fabulous prizes in a beauty pageant, I would stay me. As dizzy as I am, as terrible a walker as I am, paying as much in tier fees as I do, I would stay me.

3. If you could change one thing in SL, what would it be? Nope. Can't choose just one. Sorry. Nine is my final offer.
1) You would be able to get hundred of avatars, all dressed to the nines, in one place at a time without a single bit of lag. This would be great for parties, clubs, sales, fashion shows, Primtionary games, concerts, orgies, etc.

2) All prim allowances would be tripled.
3) There would be twice as many ways to manipulate prims. This would make it easier to make any shape you wish. Like, say, a roof for a bay window.

4) Inventories would be a gazillion times easier to manage, clean organize, back-up, etc.

5) System skirts would not balloon out and make your bottom look humongous. They would be sleek and fits your av's curves perfectly. Why is someone working on Windlight and not this issue?

6) There would be some way to move your avatar like a puppet - you could put hands, head and legs where you wanted easily. But this would require all SL users to grow extra sets of arms in RL, I think. But still, totally worth it.

7) You would have twice as many attachment points on your avatar. No more choosing between antlers and earrings at Christmas time. And while we are at it, you would also be able to wear two items on each clothing layer.

8) There would be a much broader and cuter range of facial emotes available for your avatar.

9) Pose balls would be able to automatically detect where the features of your avatar are in relation to avatars on corresponding pose balls and adjust automatically. No more french kissing someone's eyeball.

4. If you could hop on a naughty poseball with one person of the same sex, who would it be? WOW....I still do not have any girl crushes (I guess I am really picky as pretend lesbians go.). But I did recently pose for a SexGen ad for girl-girl beds and hot tubs, and I got paid to make out with a very sexy woman named Becca. So maybe it is just a case of been there, done that?

5. If you could hop on a naughty poseball with one person of the opposite sex, who would it be? Just my Darling Jerremy, who is my Official SL BF® (Gawd, I need to send in the warranty card. Don't let me forget.) He did the official asking and then he pinned me. After I made him let me back up, I said sure and we went out to share a soda.

Oh! Guess what he did for V-Day? He filled our garden with rose petals and bouquets of roses!! It was gorgeous. And then he showed me the new pose ball sets he got for us. And right now you perverts can get your minds out of the gutter, because the pose balls are for walking!!!! I just sit on one and it lets us walk holding hands, with him carrying me piggyback or with our arms around each other ...and I do not have to do anything!!!! He runs the animation! It solves my walking problem!! At least when I am with him and we are doing things that require standing. And walking.

Well. I have used up my allotment of exclamation points for the day, so I must wrap this post up. I am certain Alicia did not expect anyone to write an entire novel for her Friday 5 questions.

Now, please go answer these questions on your own blogs or in Alicia's comments. Or in my comments. I do not care if you have a blog or not - I would still love to read your answers to these queries. Think of it as a chance to rebake your mind.

Friday, February 15, 2008

What happens when I post in between conference calls...

If you had a bad V-Day and/or you think it is a stoopid made-up-by-the-card-companies-holiday, click here on Garrett Larkham's blog and you'll feel much better.

I also have a poll on the sidebar to help select the best SL-ism. Please be nice and fill it out once only. We are using the honor system again.

Also, are there any builders out there who can think of a good way (besides a flat roof) to top a three panel bay window that looks like this from the top: \___/ ? I cannot get anything to line up or look nice. (Although my BF, Jerremy, did a darned good job of doing it.) I just want to see if I am overlooking an easier solution. And the easier solution is *not* not using a bay window.

Also, someone needs to come up with a good blogger meme again.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Fun Vintage Valentines for Friends and Lovers!

I had to tell you about these cute Valentine's Day cards put together by fellow Dream Model, Marlee Theas! You get a set of 15 different adorable vintage Valentine Cards for $50L and you can buy them at Dream Studios! Get enough to pass out to friends or to decorate for a Valentine's party!

Cupid's Creative Interpretation of Poll Results and Nekkid Login's

Ha! I wanted to dress the part...

At last I am ready to reveal the results of my first annual “What the Men/Women of Second Life Are Looking for in a Valentine” poll. Thank you to everyone who took it. Thanks especially to everyone who took it a second time with their alt. I thought it was interesting that more than twice as many people took the women's poll as took the men's poll. I am guessing that all of the men - in an attempt to skew the results to make themselves look better - logged in with female alts to answer the women's questions, thus making the women appear to be rabid poll takers.

OK, Kids - now for the good stuff!! I am so impressed with you - looks are not the most important thing for you. Both men and women selected the quality of personality (Charm and wit to match my own.) most often. This answer was selected by a whopping 75% of respondents in both polls. Awwwww!! Cute!!

Men also prefer meeting a Valentine who is a RL woman (70% - Does not have testicles.) while women could care less as long as you are willing to forsake all others and be a one woman man (62%).

For the men, having a cute avatar and being willing to pull your pixels off the couch once in a while (Likes to explore new places in SL.) tied, with 67% of respondents selecting those answers!

Women, it seems, would rather that you be ready and willing to explore the grid (58%) than have an attractive avatar (50%). And that I think is because we sometimes see you as projects. We will make you more attractive. Whether you want to be or not.

Now, I did notice that very few women chose goatees as something they look for in a Valentine. This puzzled me, until it hit me that you all would have probably picked goatees if not for the 5 answer limitation. So, I will just assume that if I had allowed six choices rather than five you would have all picked it ...because who doesn't like nice facial hiar? Therefore....let's see.. carry the 1....WOW!!!! With 100% of all poll takers (probably) selecting it, goatees are by far the most popular characteristic women seek in a SL Valentine.

I would have liked to wrap this up with some advice, but I am certainly not one to give advice on love. OH!! Except this: If you do find SLove, learn to make an emergency outfit folder pronto!! Because, quite often, SLove means logging in naked.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

FREE Anti-Valentine Necklace That You Will Fall in <3 With

Hey! Guess what? Someone who made my SLex "Hot Avatar on Avatar SLex" meme list from back in December sent me a necklace that will be available for FREE (ok...well technically $1L) in his shop. Elexor Matador has made a terribly cute trinket for those of you who are in a less than romantic mood but still want to look hawt. Get it at EMJ in Southern Paradise.
(Ahem. I love my BF, Jerremy, and I truly believe in love. I'm just sayin'.)
ETA: For those of you sitting at the edge of your seats to find out: the results of the What Men & Women Want in a Valentine Poll will be out shortly!! I promise!!! I just have to do some highly SLientific analysis of the results!!

Friday, February 8, 2008

I should just be SLappy that I have a job... is Friday and I need a break from writing "The World's Most Boring Document That No One Will Ever Read Anyway, But What the Hey, If They Want to Pay Me to Write the Stupid Thing, I Will". There will be a subtitle, too, but I haven't made that up yet. How does "Jeebus Are you Still Reading This? Who Are You Trying to Impress?" sound? refresh my mind, I thought I would ask you about your SL-isms. For example, yesterday I referred to the use of Rohypnol (AKA the Date Rape Drug or "Roofies"), calling them SLoofies. For some reason this delighted me to no end and I started to think of all the ways I use the letters SL to enhance my SLife (<== See? Did you catch that right there???)

Note that this also reminds me of one of my favorite segments on the children's show The Electric Company where one floating head would say a sound ("Sh-") and another floating head would finish the word (" -it!" .....I am kidding! The dirty words were how we, as terribly jaded children, perverted an innocent reading game for our own amusement.)

So, let's play our own version of The SLelectric Company....I'll start and you finish in the comments section. Don't hold back!! OK. Here we go! "SL..."

Thursday, February 7, 2008

I swear - there is dating advice in here somewhere...

/me looks at her watch. There is one more day for the women to take my sidebar poll. And for the men to pervert the results with their feminine alts. So, while we wait for the results, I have another question. This time it is for everyone - men & women.

How do you define role play?

Let me explain why I am asking. Do you guys remember back when I was a Gorean slave girl? Oh. Well, no worries, because if I didn’t currently own 10,582 silks, I wouldn't remember all that much either. BF-at-the-time/Master and I were together officially for all of two-weeks, during which time we broke up and then got back together every 18 hours or so.

Why did we break up? Largely because he wanted to own roughly 100 slave girls at a time, including me. He also wanted to have SLex with many, many other women and call it Gorean role play - even if it took place in his condo in a modern beach front community on the Mainland, while wearing regular street clothes, with Rihanna and/or Justin Timberlake music playing in the background.

Now, when I first became a slave girl, I was prepared to look the other way when it came to any SLex that was necessary for the official role play activity – that is: activity that took place while attired in Gorean costumes, as part of a story line of some sort and which took place on a Gorean sim. (I know, I know... /me looks down in shame.)

Han Solo and R2D2 make me feel better about things. (OK, OK, I admit that R2D2 only happened because I couldn't figure out how to do a cut on the page. C3PO is a better match with my jewelry, but he wouldn't cover my nipples well enough. I *hate* mixing metals.)

Well, when he decided to bring a slave home for recreational activities in his scripted bathtub, I LOL'd and broke up with him. He got very angry in response. He told me that I didn't understand the difference between role play and cheating. So, I decided to let him have a taste of his own medicine: I told him that I wanted to be an ‘unrestricted’ slave - meaning that I would get to role play with other men in the same way he was role playing with women.

He hit the roof – asking me why I wanted to cheat on him and telling me that he couldn't bear imagining me with other men. *cough*doublestandard*cough* So, I asked him why it was OK for him to role play but not for me. He just told me again that I didn't understand what role play was.

I was thinking about this the other day when I looked up his profile so that I could tell him about the new Gorean Free Men's collection at Analise. (We remain friends, but I took him off my friends list. Doing that helped the last break-up stick.) And checking to see if he had corrected his misspellings.

So, Dear Readers, tell me please: how do you define role play (any - not just Gorean)? When does it cross the line from role play to cheating? Please leave me comments with your thoughts.

By the way, I am not worried about him reading this because he never read my blog – not even when he was trying to get into my "attachments", if you know what I mean. Now do you see why the relationship didn't work out? Who doesn't know that if you want to boink a blogger, the first step is to read their blog??

ETA: To clarify I DO NOT think that everyone who read this blog is doing so because they want to boink me (although that is a nice thought). I just think that, for example, if you wanted to date a chef, you might want to eat at their restaurant - if only to show that you are interested in things they do, who they are, and, yes, maybe flatter them a little, you know? :-P

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Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Women's Turn to Work the Poll

OK, Ladies, here is your turn on the SL Valentine poll! There are 20 answers. Pick up to 5 characteristics you look for in a SLover/Boyfriend in Second Life. Like the men, you are on the honor system about this. No messing up my highly scientific and accurate survey. Please leave comments with any qualities that I did not include in this questionnaire.

I'll talk about the results for both of the men's and women's polls once the women's poll is done. I did tweak this poll a bit - adding in a music question per
Garrett Larkham. You will note that I did not use the goatee question on the men's quiz. I just assumed men would prefer women without them. And since no one wrote in "I am looking for a woman with a well groomed beard," I guess I was correct. :-P

Now, I have been leaning against this tree for a while now trying to get this picture. Perhaps someone will help me check for ticks?

BTW, thank you Wrath Paine for inspiring the poll-pole pun and sending some extra poll taking men my way.

ETA: OMG...after reading a comment from Bettye Foggarty I realized that I made an accidental cultural reference to a Country & Western song about checking people for ticks. I had never heard the song before,
since C&W isn't a genre to which I usually listen. But, after doing a quick Google search for "ticks" and "lyrics", I found the song and, really, it isn't half bad. :-P

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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Kissing garden and the poll winds down...

I encourage any men who stumble across this blog while looking for things like, oh, threesomes with monkeys in second life to take the sidebar poll. There are only 12 more hours to take it! Once that poll is done, I will put up the poll for the women.

Now, here is where I really need your help - I need your ideas for questions to ask the women. So, please leave a comment about what you would like me to ask the women of SL about what they are looking for in a guy.

Also, since I am all about mixing topics on my blog posts these days,
I had to show you the lovely garden that Jerremy built for us to enjoy. I love it and he chose the colors of the flowers to match my favorite color - periwinkle.

I thought I had an even better picture of it, though, with a great perspective of the entire garden and which that did not include a vomit inducing, lovely-dovey couple sitting in it (yeah, that is me and Jerremy).
Unfortunately, at the moment I am having this weird technical issue with the pictures I take in SL. I get this black vertical line down the center of every high resolution shot I take. It is extremely frustrating. I put in a ticket at Linden Labs so hopefully they can fix it.

As a reward for taking my poll, if you happen to fly over our sim with your honey bunny, feel free to stop in and use a pose ball for a few kisses.

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