Saturday, April 26, 2008

Where the Goatees Are....

While I am anxious to continue with my Man Behind the Goatee series of interviews, I have realized that the subjects I have lined up right now are all partnered or dating someone seriously. I thought that for the sake of keeping things interesting for my readers, I should feature some single men also.

It is a gentle, non-cheesy interview - I promise. It will include a photo, but shirtlessness is not a requirement. I have lined up a fabulous photographer from Dream Photography to take a classy, professional picture (on my dime). I will ask the same questions I asked Jerremy and you do not have to propose to me afterward (although that is always a nice gesture).

OMG!!!! Maybe I should make up a wish list of bearded men I don't currently know and you all can help me do the six-degrees-of-separation thing to connect to them. People like Wagner James Au or some bearded Linden. Hmmmmmm..... I will have to think of some people to suggest to you for which I'll need help connecting.

Anyhoo...IM or email ( me if you know of someone or are willing to do an interview. I am looking to do these over the next several months.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I can't be the only one, can I?

So, you are in SLove....How many times out of ten do you find yourself logging in nude these days?

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Quick and Dirty Party Post

Yay! People came to our party!! I had so much fun and I want to send out a big thank you to everyone who stopped by and boogied with us!!

Now the main event of the party was supposed to be a grudge match between SLebrity Willow Caldera and myself. The match was
conceived long ago as we challenged each other for the right to ogle Jerremy's nipples. (We really didn't need to try that hard - the man takes off his shirt at every opportunity.) In any case, since that time I have obtained (almost) exclusive access to Jerremy's nipples by virtue of being his fiancée. But we decided to keep the match for fun and challenged each other for a blurb on the other's blog.

The April Blogger party was the setting for the match. Long story short, despite my fervent attempts and almost breaking a nail pounding at my keyboard, Willow won 3 out of the 4 matches and was declared the victor. The baby I wore to gain crowd sympathy was no help at all and has been grounded until his 2nd birthday. Just wait until I find out who his parents are.

Me having some luck in the ring as Jerremy (who came to the party as a bear) acts as referee.

This is a picture of Willow gaining the upper hand and showing no sympathy at all for the tiny baby strapped to my chest. Jerremy is obviously looking around for witnesses to the assault (or to his luck at having a front row seat for watching two half naked women wrestle in chocolate).

So since I have lost the match, I will happily tell you about the marvelously imaginative writing that goes on when Willow puts finger to keyboard (obviously not pen to paper). Willow's blog, Willow the Wisp, is a lovely mix of RL and SL. This is where you get to know all about the girl behind the avatar (complete with adorable pictures!), her adventures in SL and in RL and her love of a good meme. Willow is a terribly talented writer. I love reading each and every word for its elegance and British wit. If you ever hear me talking about boxed lunatics, her blog is where I got the term. Her blog gives you a feel for her many projects, including Twilight magazine and heading up the SLNN Fashion Team. I love that she must never sleep and has time to let her mind spill out onto the pages of this blog!

Below are some additional pictures of the party and here is a link to a video of the party. Enjoy!

Here you can see costume contest winners (Yes! a 3-way tie!) Looker Lumet and Freggeltje Food as beach camping aliens and Eladrienne Laval as an Opossum backpacker. (That is Willow there, off to the side, in grass stains and with twigs in her hair. Read about that costume choice here.)

A crowd shot of the dance floor.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Naked Newbie Problem

OMG it is raining Ruths.

I have no idea what is happening at my house, but I have an issue that needs to be sorted out. Months ago, I set the landing spot for my property to be on my front porch right in front of the doors - so handy for visiting guests! But for the past two weeks though it hasn't been guests appearing there. I have had naked avatar after naked avatar rez there stay for a few seconds or a few minutes then disappear.

What strikes me as super odd is that the naked noobs are several weeks old but all still look like newly born avatars - Ruths. Even the ones with male names. In fact, the most common rez day for them seems to be March 20, 2008.

My fiance' Jerremy put up a scanner that keeps track of all visitors on the property so we can make a note of the names. It is never the same avatar twice and they seem to rain down in bunches. We'll get five in a row and then nothing for an hour or so and then another three in quick succession. My neighbors have even im'd me worried messages about the crowd of naked noobs in front of my house.

My estate owner had no solution. The support chat line service person at Linden Labs had no solution either - he simply suggested that we start filing grievance reports whenever we can catch a name so they can do some deeper investigation. Are we being griefed? Who knows.

There is no pattern to the names and they never respond to im's. Why is there suddenly this strange "worm hole" on my property now? If anyone has an idea or potential solution (knowing that because we live on a private island we are not allowed to restrict access except to specific avatars) please let me know.

Is this the SL equivalent of door-to-door religious missionaries? Are they escaping from somewhere - like my neighbor Satan's basement? Who has time to make 50+ alts (and counting!) for the sole purpose of landing naked at my house? Can someone possibly be having that difficult of a time entertaining themselves? It is the Lindens doing something to inflate the number of new subscribers?

OMG! Are the Lindens griefing me for refusing to stop using SLisms? If it is, all I can say is that the new branding crackdown has gone way too far. :-P

Sunday, April 13, 2008

S'more stuff to blog about!

REMINDER: Blogger Meet Up Party in 1 Week!

It is time to get things ready to attend the next Blogger Meet Up Party exactly 1 week from now:
APRIL 20 from 1-4 PM SLT! If you blog about SL, you are invited!

DJ Kiki DeVinna will be playing the tunes and taking requests as we dance under the stars! If you KNOW there is something you want to hear, IM or email me and we'll get it on the play list now.

THEME!! Since, I will be challenging fellow blogger, Willow Caldera, to a melted chocolate wrestling match, we thought our theme should have something to do with that treat. So our theme is S'More Stuff to Blog About.

Since S'mores are yummy camping treats, camping themed costumes are encouraged! (Note: you may also come dressed as graham crackers or marshmallows.) I expect to see plenty of boy and girl scouts, racoons, trees, hikers, etc. Let your imagination go wild! I will put out tents, sleeping bags and campfires for ambiance.

he Girl Wonderful Land estate, of course! A landmark and SLURL will be sent to members of the SL Blogger Group later this week. Or you can IM me for a TP or SLURL.

$1000L prize for the best costume
$1000L prize for the second best costume
$750L prize for the most creative "Hello my name is..." sticker (If you want one IM or email me to get one before the party.)

All winners will be determined by myself and my co-host Jerremy Darwin!


Kiss the Cook

A picture of me pretending to cook pretend food. (Photo taken at Del Sol Furniture.)

Since my recent engagement to Jerremy, I have been nesting...hard. Now, I am not terribly domestic in RL, but I have found myself quite happy to play Barbie Dream House in SL. And right now, my Barbie Dream House needs a kitchen.
Unfortunately for Jerremy, I do not cook. Not even prim food. I have lived on a steady diet of champagne and rez day cake since I was born. So, my kitchen will just be a big, fat, adorable prim wasting decoration.

That will not stop me though. I have been kitchen shopping and I even tried my hand at building one. So far though, I have had no luck at finding or creating something that appeals to me.

But then one day, I saw standing before me the potentially coolest thing a non-cooking newlywed could ever possibly want - a sex kitchen! "OMG!" I thought, "This is the perfect concept! There is no reason why my husband-to-be should not get pleasure from the food prep surfaces in our home!"

The next day, I dragged Jerremy to the shop where I had seen the kitchen and we proceeded to test it out right there in the store.
Clothed, of course, and only after checking to make sure there were no other shoppers around. We are klassy like that.

Jerremy drove. (Note: This is my term for taking over the controls of whatever sexual furniture you are currently using.) The first animation had us spooning behind the breakfast bar, lying prone as though someone had dropped an heirloom fork and we needed to retrieve it. Not very sexy.

"Hey, Honey, do you smell fumes....."

Next, we found ourselves lying on the counter in the missionary position, which wasn't that bad. It got bad, though, when we flipped to the girl-on-top position. In that position, I was banging my head against the upper cabinet with every thrust. I imagined a love making session that would conclude with the sound of a thud as I passed out, rolled off of the counter and landed in "looking for a dropped fork position" all over again.

"Hi, Honey What's for dinner? Oh! ME!"

The next position had my lying on my back on the counter with one leg around Jerremy and the other over his shoulder. Hawt, right? Sadly, no. For some reason, Jerremy was kneeling in the stainless steel sink. He was probably trembling with fear that he pleased me, lest I flip on the garbage disposal.

"That isn't funny anymore, Tym! Take you hand off the switch!"

Now, when I first heard the phrase sex kitchen, I pictured someone coming up behind me and kissing my neck while I hand washed the dishes. Maybe picking me up and setting me on the counter for a make-out session. Not reverse cowgirl on the floor next to the dishwasher while wishing we had swept first.

So, at the moment, we remain kitchen-less and Jerremy will just have to find another place to kiss me. Maybe I should learn to cook after all.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

If you are truly bored....

Alicia Chenaux has hinted that we need to post to entertain each other while the grid is down. OK - well, here are some possible activities to fill your time waiting.

First, let me remind my fellow bloggers that Jerremy and I are hosting the next Blogger party/meeting on April 20th from 1-4 SLT. The details are in my sidebar. Do you realize that not a single one of you has emailed or IM'd to get a "Hello my name is...." sticker for the party yet? Shame on you. I'll give a prize for what Jerremy and I find to be the most creative use of the 7 spaces available on the name tags. Make sure you IM me with what is/will be on your tag! I would hate to miss a great one because I was distracted dancing. If you are truly bored while waiting for SL to come up, then trying to think up what will go on your name tag might be be a good activity for you. You can use numbers, letters and spaces - just like a license plate.

Since the theme of the party is S'More Stuff to Blog About we'll also have prizes for the top two camping/things you find in the woods/S'more themed costumes. That is three prizes plus chocolate wrestling!!! What more can you ask for in a party?

Next random thought: I have been blogging for a little over 6 months at this point and I thought back over some of my favorite posts in that time. I think that my two of my favorite posts have been Nice Shoe and Above AVerage. If you are truly bored, reading those might entertain you for a while.

Final random thought: Toilets in SL - yes or no? If you are truly bored weigh in in the topic, please.

Hope to see you in SL soon!
<3 Tym

ETA: For those who were looking for it the prim baby post from January (Knocked Up While the Grid is Down) is here!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The people in this picture are up to something...

The happy couples. For some reason, these pose balls made Jerremy and I look very very suspicious of the bride and groom, Nash and Greco, so that is what inspired the title of this post. (BTW - it was a beautiful ceremony and the first SL wedding that I have ever attended.)

My dear newlywed friends are up to something...and that something has always been an asset to our neighborhood. One of the reasons I love living in my sim is the public park called Serenity that is paid for and maintained by couple, Greco McMillan and Nash Hotaling.

I relax with a good book in Serenity park.

Serenity park has always been decked out for holidays or landscaped to romantic perfection. It may feature a giant gingerbread house one month and beautiful fountains and trees the next. Nash and Greco have always kept freebie boxes here for new residents also - one for men and one for women. Nash mentioned that she wished more people would visit Serenity park and or pick up the freebie boxes, so I told her I would let people know about it in my blog.

They recently added a photo studio! Now, new residents (or old) can stop by and pick up a freebie box, relax, cuddle, chat with friends and take some pictures, too! it is a great way for a newbie to get a nice profile pic done.

The photo studio - a free place to take a nice profile picture or glamor shot.

Nash and Greco's generosity in maintaining a public park in our neighborhood inspired Jerremy and I to make our kissing/walking garden public also. The two parks sit adjacent to one another in our sim and you may enjoy them both. Our only request is that you respect the parks, each other and the neighbors who live around the area.

So what are Nash & Greco up to? Making SL a more welcoming place for everyone! :-)


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