Thursday, July 31, 2008

Honeymoon Update & Pictures!!

Not those kinds of honeymoon pictures, you dirty minded people.

But I do have some pictures to share and I thought that I would give you an update on how our honeymoon is going so far!

How does fan-frickin'-tastic sound? We are having a blast. We decided to try a different location each night!!! Woo Hoo!!! So Jerremy found a little place with all of these themed rooms. It is like we are in a totally different place every time.

You will be shocked to know that boinking is not the only thing we are doing while on our honeymoon. In fact, one of the things we decided to do was to enter a design contest being held by Second Spaces. Jerremy and I both entered and we are helping each other with our entries. We are having so much fun with this project. is almost as much fun as having sex. Basically, we have to design shadow boxes depicting exotic vacations. We set up a little work shop and are toiling away when we are not at the honeymoon suite!

We also hit the Disco-themed Hump Day Party at the Pit and hosted by Alicia Chenaux. This you can have pictures of:

Jerremy in his tight disco pants and fro and me in my Studio 54 dress and feathered hair dance the night away!!

Our stylin' platform shoes (Jerremy's have fish in the

Jerremy and I tried to do a romantic tour of a park before the party, but we were dressed in our disco costumes. Unfortunately, with his giant fish shoes and my bright blue glitter eye shadow, it was very hard to take each other seriously. I have no idea how people had sex in the 70's. :-P

Trying to get romantic...disco style.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Just a few wedding pics!

Hi! I thought I would share just a few of the pictures from our wedding yesterday! It was a wonderful day! Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate with us!!!

This first is picture is of the wedding ring Jerremy made for me -- complete with inscription!!! I think Jerremy did such a wonderful job on it!! I love it (and him) so much!!! I made his ring, too, but with a much simpler design. (Photo by Jerremy Darwin.)

These are some of our guests sitting in the wedding stadium that Jerremy built for our nuptials! We are thinking of renting out the stadium now for others to use for events like weddings and live music. (Photo by Nash Hotaling.)

This is us saying our vows with officiant, Rick Wake, in the background. (Photo by Nash Hotaling.)

This is our first kiss as husband and wife!!! Right at sunset!!!! (Photo by Nash Hotaling.)

This was taken during our first dance together! (Photo by Nash Hotaling.)

This is me with my husband in our honeymoon suite! I love the naughty expressions on our faces!! (Photo by Jerremy Darwin.)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Wedding To Do SList....

I mentioned once before that I am entering into a mixed marriage – prim stingy vs. prim spendy. But Jerremy is also much more romantic than I am. Here is how we sketched out the wedding to do lists. Can you tell which ideas are whose?


Design ceremony area

  • Clear a small area in the garden to hold the ceremony, using simple one-prim benches for seating.
  • Build a 100-seat stadium complete with circular wedding area in the center surrounded by a water feature. Scatter pose balls – singles' and couples' - throughout the stadium for seating.

Write vows

  • Custom write vows that say in a few simple sentences why I love Jerremy and what I am going to promise to him as his wife.
  • Custom write vows, make sure they include several jokes, poetry and an anecdote of how we courted each other.

Select cake

  • Find an all white cake with a simple heart shaped topper.
  • Find a 9 tier, 226 prim wedding cake covered with flowers, ribbons, and pearls. Oh, and a fountain. Make sure it is taller than the bride.

Decorate reception area

  • Set a small candle in our wedding color on each table to decorate the reception area.
  • Purchase 100 prim bouquets to set on each table in the reception area. Surround dance floor with lighted trees and balloon bouquets.

Decide on details of ceremony

  • Look forward to a simple romantic kiss as we are announced as husband and wife.
  • Arrange for a fireworks display to go off as we have our first kiss.

Design rings

  • Fashion a simple platinum wedding band for Jerremy – its simplicity representing the purity of our love.
  • Design a custom 75 prim pavĂ© diamond wedding ring for Tymmerie -- complete with a huge center diamond and bling -- its brilliance representing the purity of our love.

Do you think he realizes what he is getting into? :-P

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hump Day Country Style, Y'All

These are some pictures Jerremy took at Last night's Hump Day party at the Viper Pit Ranch!

You can see CeNedra and Dyami dancing in the foreground here and the tippable cow in the background by the fence. The decor was perfect!

Line dancing Second Life-style!

I wore freckles in keeping with my wholesome farmer's daughter costume.

Our DJ, Alicia, gets her groove on!

Jerremy and I before we left for the party, practicing our two-step! Like CeNedra, I got to "save a horse" later that night!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

When Jerremy met Tymmie...

Alicia Chenaux has some really good questions on her blog today. I was going to answer them in her comments but I knew I would write a book so I am answering her questions here and pretending she gave us a new meme!

Here are here questions:

1) If you are in a relationship in SL, where did you meet?
I was putzing around my house one day and got a random IM from a guy looking at a piece of property near mine that was for sale. He wanted to know if the neighborhood was a good one.

I went outside to talk to him and saw a fresh from Orientation Island "Guy Next Door" noobie. We started talking and I realized that I loved his personality. We must have talked for an hour at least. I think offered friendship in case he needed anything and I gave him a note card of tips for noobies (Honey - if you read this, is my memory right?). I was blown away by how sweet and funny he was. We became fast friends....then eventually lovers and, well, I am marrying him in 2 weeks.

2) Do you think if you'd met the same person in a different location in SL that you'd have gotten together? Yes. You only have to talk to Jerremy for a few minutes to be won over by his charm.

3) If you're a woman, do you regularly get hit on when you're in world? Not really. TBH, I get hit on more by other women than by men. It is a rare occurrence for a guy to hit on me. Unless those women are guys in RL, I

4) Do you think being bloggers has affected your relationships? Yes. People like their privacy and they were always afraid that I was going to write about them and our relationship. That is, until I met Jerremy - he likes it for some odd reason.

Oh, also, our meeting wasn't as random as I thought at first. Jerremy had read my blog and thought I would be a fun person to meet. He pieced together some clues on my blog and found my house. (*cough*stalker*cough*) He made up the story about wanting to buy the land near me as a way to start talking to me when he found me home one day. So, yes, if I hadn't been a blogger I might not know Jerremy!

So, now everyone go to Alicia's blog and answer the questions in her comments!!!

Friday, July 11, 2008


Please help me by answering my new poll (at the top of this page). I do not know what SL protocol is for this and I can really use your input!

Is there anything else I need to know about SLetiquette for a SL wedding? Advice please!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

A SLection of Bridesmaids' Dresses

If you are a Second Life bride-to-be and you drink a lot or you simply want to assure that you are the most stunning woman at your wedding, you might be tempted into making some questionable selections for what your bridal party should wear.

Just as in RL, in SL there are lovely bridesmaids' dresses and simply awful bridesmaids' dresses.

Designers do their best to present lovely and appropriate items, but that does not stop some some brides from pushing the limits of taste.
Between unflattering colors and inappropriate styles, there are many land mines to avoid.

During my own wedding preparations, I have stumbled upon a plethora of bridesmaids' dresses. I think I have seen it all! Or have I? I am so curious to see your ideas of bad wedding fashion SL style!

Have you been in a SL wedding and been asked to wear a really bad dress? Have you seen a really awful dress out there?

Please share! Send me information or pictures in-world or email them to, so that we can all enjoy the seeing the dresses. Don't worry - I will keep you anonymous and I will not reveal the names of any designers.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

SLindependence Day

It is almost time for the 4th of July Independence Day holiday here in the States. It is a holiday that combines danger and food. That is the best kind of holiday, IMHO.
Here are some essential element for celebrating the day in SL and RL:
Red, White and Blue and/or starred and striped clothing
This is our national uniform of the day – so pile it on! Glitter and rhinestones are almost mandatory in certain posh neighborhoods. You should have something appropriate in your 18k inventory. Just look the other way when your brother-in-law shows up to the family barbecue for the 14th year in a row in his tattered ‘These colors don’t run!’ t-shirt’.

If you did not grow up with your own backyard pool or “wealthy” relatives who one of some sort, you did what we did – which was to run through sprinklers all day long. OMG...there is no better way to stay cool. Even as an adult isn’t it the most fun ever to run through a sprinkler? Freezing cold water on hot skin! (And we wonder where some of us got our fetishes…)

I got this great lawn sprinkler at Hobby Market Garden.....wheeeee!!
If you grew up in a home with more than one child you know the trauma of having your mom break a Popsicle™ in half and making you share it with a sibling. You are a grown-up now - you can have a whole Popsicle all to yourself now. Go on, you deserve it!

These from Kick the Can - Kid's Stuff are adorable because they melt and drip as you eat them, exposing the stick until you are done!

Blenders of tropical drinks and ice cold beer will relax you into thinking that it is a good idea to set off small explosives near your own homes.
Yes. Parents actually used to let children hold long thin metal spokes that burned hotter than the surface of the sun....and then encouraged them to run around the yard at night. (Oops. At least my parents did – see ‘Alcohol’ above.)
My RL Mom’s Famous Potato Salad
The holiday would not be complete without my Mom's famous potato salad - complete with two secret ingredients! Start with chopped boiled potatoes, pickles, hard boiled eggs, chopped celery, chopped sweet onions and mustard. I can’t tell you the two secret ingredients - you’ll have to marry into the family to get them. Trust my brother-in-law when he says it is worth it. The Darwins are in for a treat, I’m just sayin’.
That is what your older relatives (most likely, anyone who lived though WWII) may call hot dogs. Try desperately not to laugh when they say this so that you do not have to explain what is so funny. They really do taste best when they are a little bit burned. That means low maintenance cooking in my book and makes them an ideal food! Kitchen Korner or Naughty Nibbles should have some, along with hamburgers and all the fixings!

Fireworks Show
Drive to a fair ground or public park. Know that you will wait hours for a 20 minute show and then take another couple of hours to get out of the parking lot.
Find a good viewing spot and mark your territory with blankets. Spread out on grass or on the roof or hood of a car, blankets make the coziest places to watch the fireworks show. Screw lawn chairs - let grandma sit in a lawn chair while she enjoys her weenie.

Those are the essentials of the day for my holiday! Remember to appreciate your freedoms! Enjoy the day and enjoy the fireworks shows you see in-world or out! Happy 4th of July!
© 2008 All Rights Reserved. 


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