Sunday, August 31, 2008

Newbie Dorms

My husband, Jerremy, and I are thinking....well, at this point since they are already built, heh...
going to open up some free residences for avatars under 60 days old. We thought it would be nice to give back to the community at large and help some noobs out.

It's nice to have a place to call home, especially when you don't have many Lindens or know many people. They will be furnished very simply - with a bed, a couch and a pose stand. Each resident will get 50 prims for their own use.

We think right now that we can have the newbies for 60 days. That should give them enough time to learn the ropes of SL. To get a room they either have to be referred to us by someone we know and trust or have payment information on file.

We'll have some common areas - like a pool area and fire pit - where they can invite friends or mingle and meet their neighbors.

We are desperately trying to come up with a name for them but are having no luck so far. Our next steps are some final touches on some of the building textures and to finish putting the furniture in each room. Then, we can start recruiting! I don't know where to begin with that either.

Would you have lived in a newbie dorm when you were new? We are really excited to get this project off the ground! If you have ideas or advice for us, I'd love to hear it!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Shirking Plurking

OK... so the other day I decided to sign up for Plurk because "...all the other kids were doing it too..." (Yea, yea....I'd probably jump off a cliff, too.)

I was warned: "It is addictive," some said. "You'll check it constantly!!" "You'll want to do it more and more!" "It is killing the blogoshere!" said others.

So I Plurked. And I read others' Plurks. And I built up Karma points and told fellow Plurkers when I was hungry or sleepy or thinking about something.

But, so far....I do not get the appeal. Maybe if I stuck with it for a very long time it would grow on me, but I find it a quite boring at the moment.

So, I will let my karma points fade away to nothingness. I am relieved that it hasn't been appealing for me - 'cause with Second Life, I do not need another addiction.

From Satan to Rainbows

 The "offending" rainbow.

When we moved away from Satan to our new sim, we apparently moved in next door to some sort of leprechauns.
It seems wrong to complain about rainbows. But I will anyway. A resident in a neighboring sim has put up a giant (and I do mean giant) rainbow on his property.
OK, OK there are worse things -- I definitely know this. It is not Satan’s castle, it is not an ad farm, it is not a strip club, etc.
I would not complain at all about a rainbow – they can be quite pretty -- except for the fact that this one glows in the dark. Yes. At night, against the stars there is a giant glow-in-the-dark rainbow outside of our home. We don’t have glow in the dark rainbows here in RL of which I am aware.
Also unfortunately, it tends to show up in photos quite well…..overpowering everything else in the frame.
If only it was more subtle -- like a real rainbow. It makes it nearly impossible to take party photos facing our beach without it showing up in the background (I am standing on our party area/dance floor in the photo above). At least Satan's bats didn't show up in the pictures we took.
I will try to look on the bright side (pun intended) and hope that maybe there is a pot of Linden Dollars at the end of it. Anyone want to come over and help me look?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Avatar is a Leo, Too!

Almost exactly one year ago today I sat in front of my PC for 48 straight hours, having the time of my life.

This frightened the bejesus out of me, as I had always assumed I would only ever feel that way during some sort of illegal drug binge. After I pried myself away from my PC long enough to shower and eat, I went back and it has been an amazing ride ever since.

Happily, my friends and family never had to stage an
intervention. (It would have aired on A&E, of course and started with the words, "Tymmerie, what we have here is a bunch of people who love you like crazy..." )

So, is my Rez Day! 1 Year! And just like my first year in RL, I learned to walk!!!!

I feel like I should write something epic and profound but I have no idea what.
So I will just tell you things that I have learned about Second Life in that span of time:

1. SL is not all about sex!!

2. SL is not all about shopping!!

3. A face light is a must-have beauty accessory. You can take my face light away from me when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.
4. SL isn't actually addictive, it is just that I have just as long of a 'to do' list in SL as RL. But unlike my RL to do list, the SL list never includes cleaning the bathroom or emptying the dishwasher, so I'd rather hang out in the pixel world sometimes.
5. Don't let anyone kid you - you need a high end gaming PC to really enjoy SL.
6. Don't talk to strangers or you will end up married and deliriously happy. :-P

I have such excitement for my second year in SL!!! Stick with me and I will try to entertain you with stories of how it goes! We have so much to do and to share with you -- for example, Jerremy and I are thinking of opening some dorms for newbies, an art gallery and of course being condo landlords. I will also try to convince Jerremy to do more guest blogs!

Thank you, Dear Readers for sticking by me and reading my ramblings! I will try to keep you entertained throughout my second year!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Shhhh, I'm not Tymmerie....

Hi, I'm Jerremy. First DON'T PANIC!

Tymmerie will be returning for the next blog. I have not tied her up and taken over her blog.... Well, I
have not taken over her blog at least ;-) I just wanted to tell all her friends, loyal readers and random web surfers that I am throwing a Rez Day party for her. It will be August 20th from 7 to 10 pm SLT at our place in Ghambt. Wow, a whole year! And she even has the same avatar that she started with!! I think some people switch avs every month or so....

But please, lets keep this party a secret from Tymmerie, OK?.... Oh, K-rap!!!... what's that on the right... How did she find out!! She must have coaxed the information out of me during some...
vulnerable moment...

Now, normally Wednesday night we attend the great Hump Day parties over at the Viper Pit. What, you have not been? You need to check out Alicia Chenaux's blog and learn more. These usually have some kind of theme and costumes are encouraged. Unless you are a nude male. For some reason they are always allowed (with or without lobsters...).

(Photo of Keeme Brown by Crap Mariner.)

Anyway, as many of Tymmerie's friends attend this party I decided to invite the whole group to the Rez Day party. Also, I would have had a nasty fight with Alicia and her co-host CeN over guests to the two parties. Each offering TP's to
each others guests. Sending naked noobs and griefers to each others parties. It could get ugly quick... It's much better if we all just play along nicely together.

And, as this is still a Hump Day party in addition to the Girl Wonder's Rez Day Bash... We will have a theme! I have chosen the theme of .... "Tymmerie's Blog". Ok, I know it is a weird theme :-P But I know how much she loves to do that blog. I really think it helped to keep her interest in Second Life early on and provide focus to this strange and sometime chaotic life we live in. I also first learned about her from that blog :-)

Now some of you may already have a costume in mind. There are so many good blog entries to choose from. Others may be wondering how hell you dress up as a blog. Well I suppose one could wear a sandwich board with images of the blog on it. For those who feel a little more creative, read through her blog and find your favorite. Or at least one that you could make a costume for. And for those that can't read, well just look at the pretty pictures :-)

In case you need some ideas... Go as Princess Leia, wear X-Mas Antlers or ahh...err... dress as a Chia Pet.

Ok, how about ...

If all else fails, wear a skirt on your back...

And what's a party without some naked newbies showing up?

Personally, I may keep it simple and go as the Shiny New Boyfriend. Although I should consider something from my favorite blog - which just happened to be all about ME. Ok, no, I am not that big a narcissist. That just happens to be the blog that I proposed to Tymmerie through a comment :-) Then again I really like the blog after it too... and then there are some from August....

I hope that you all can make it! If you can't then send her a Happy Rez Day IM that day (just be sure to be wearing your costume as you do it ;-)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Married SLife

Now that I have experienced just over 2 weeks of married life I am sure some of you are wondering if our marriage is still holding up. Well, I am happy to report that it is! And I even have proof!!! I interviewed my hubby about the state of our marriage so far and here is what he had to say about it:

Me: So, Honey Buns, what do you think of married SLife?

Well I hate to say it, Snuggle Bunny, but it is not much different than my life before getting married. Sure we have been making SLove in some more unusual places during our month long honeymoon. Sure there is the fact that you are wearing the wedding band I made for you, publicly declaring that you are mine completely and for all time. Ok, ok. I guess there are SOME things that are different ;-) And they all do make me happy!
One change that always bring a smile to my face......I get to say "My wife" when referring to you :-)

Me: OMG I love that too!!! My husband husband that....I love it! Hee!!!
What has been the biggest challenge of your marriage so far?

J: Oh, I suspect one of these days, when the newlywed phase wears off, we will have an argument over something. My guess is it will relate to my supposed "substance abuse" problem. (Dear readers, according to my wife, I am hooked on prims. I try to tell her I can give them up anytime.)

What has surprised you most about leaving bachelorhood behind?

J: Snookems, there really is nothing I miss about being single. I decided a while ago who I wanted in my life. How happy I would be sharing the world with her. I only see things as being better :-) Perhaps it is surprising then that there is nothing I miss?

I don't miss anything either, Huggy Bear. So, do I snore?

J: I have only noticed that you snore after really strenuous activity earlier in the day. So, that would be every night since we started the honeymoon ;-)

Would you marry me all over again? Even though I snore?

OMG yes, anywhere, anytime!

Do you have advice for other couples who are thinking of partnering or getting married?

Be true, be honest. Really think about what you are doing. People have different interpretations of what partnering means. What does it mean to you? What does it mean to the other person? For many, SL is not a game. You should make sure you are on the same page. As far as marriage, don't stress out too much over the wedding itself. Something can and will go wrong. The important thing is that the two of you are declaring your love for each other. All the rest is window dressing.


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Jerremy's Shadowbox

As promised, here are pictures of Jerremy's exotic vacation shadowbox design!

This is the cover of the brochure Jerremy made to describe his entry for the contest.

This is Jerremy at the controls of the Nautilus VII URV.

Here, we are seated at the bar looking back at the pop up television screen.

I watch on the computer screen as Jerremy swims outside the URV.

Jerremy eats a lobster on the auto rez food tray while researching jellyfish on his computer.

We sneak in a nap after a day of adventure on the Nautilus VII!

SLupdate time...

I am doing an update of my blog rolls to keep things fresh around here! If you have linked to me, please let me know so that I can pay the favor back and add you to my list -- I know I am missing some people!


Oh! P.S. Later today I should have some photos to post of Jerremy's amazing shadowbox design, so check back! Until then, here is a picture of mine:

I call it "A Bubble Bath on the Moon." I bought most of the items in the design, but I did build my own letters for the SPA sign! I am proud of how that turned out.

ETA: Second Spaces has updated their blog with pictures of all the winners and contestants. I will still post more picture's of Jerremy's later.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Design Contest Day!! YAY!!

Today is the day of the Second Spaces design contest that Jerremy and I entered!

All of the exhibits will be up for viewing at a party from 1-3 pm SLT at the contest grounds. There will be a live DJ, home decor freebies and prize giveaways. The sponsors will have displays set up, too, so you can do a little shopping if you'd like! You will also be able to meet the contestants and ask them questions about their shadowboxes.

Judges will select the winners and announce them near the end of the party.

Jerremy and I have been working on our shadow boxes during our honeymoon and I think our work has paid off! I really like my shadowbox and I love what Jerremy has done with his! Our shadow boxes are right across from each other so come take a look and say hi!

Waiting to be revealed!!!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

5 Things...

CeNedra started a meme where you list 5 things you don't know about me in RL and in SL. I love that idea! So here are my answers:

5 things you don't know about me in RL:
  • I am only 5' 1/2" tall - so my relatively short 5' 8" avatar seems quite lanky to me!
  • I hate to cook.
  • I love Cocoa Pebbles cereal.
  • I don't have any kids of my own, but I love, love love being an aunt.
  • I am quite possibly the world's worst typist.
5 things you don't know about me in SL:
  • I am a Premium Member - not for the land buying but for the extra customer service! I am a computer challenged person and need my hand held with technology.
  • I really do log in naked every single day. And I spend the first few minutes of every log in in a blind panic trying to dress.
  • I navigate with my mouse not my keyboard - I still have not gotten the hang of using arrow keys to walk around.
  • I wish I could go back and change the spelling of my first name to 'Timory' so people would have an easier time pronouncing and spelling it.
  • I am actually realizing that I have a shy side and I wish I was more approachable. I'd like to be closer to my female friends and I want to expand my circle of friends. That is a goal for me!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

SLick & Tired

Testing out the stretcher at the emergency entrance of SL's Mercy General Hospital.

The lovely
Vint Falken recently posted a blog about Second Life diseases. Yes! It is true -- you can get sick in SL! But where do you go to get the care you need to recover from such ailments? And how can you keep from getting sick in the first place?? Have no worries because I have some tips for you!!!

Tymmerie's Tips for Getting and Keeping Your Avatar Healthy in SL

Tip 1. Don't get sick. There is a surprising lack of qualified health care professionals in SL. I mean, there are a lot of amateurs, but no real professionals. Worse, you may end up in a facility that will leave you worse off than before, i.e. with a sex change you didn't ask for or being shaved in funny places when all you have is the SLamnesia (when you play SL so much you forget you have a RL). So, your best bet is to not get sick at all.

Tip 2. Walk it off. The worst that can happen to your avatar in SL is that you'll end up Ruthed or missing textures. So, if you get a SLillness or SLinjury, remember that re-logging or rebaking is the equivalent of walking off an injury in RL.

Inside an operating room at Mercy General - happy to not be a patient!

Tip 3. Find a good health care facility. This might be the trickiest part. There are several fetish hospitals, multiple maternity hospitals, and a few completely understaffed hospitals in Second Life -- you don't want to pick the wrong one. Your best bet? If you are truly sick, get yourself to Gorean sim where I know for a fact that they have physicians. They may enslave you, but they will give you youth serum, it is kind of a trade off.

Tip 4. Everyone thinks they are a medical professional. Let them. You could end up having a pretty good time...if you know what I mean. (Use protection though -- you don't want to get a SLexually Transmitted Disease.)

Ahem....the doctor will see you now. Posing as a practitioner at Second Health Hospital

Tip 5. Distract yourself from the pain. Are you in SLagony? How can you ease the pain? Divert your attention by dressing up as a medical professional and tending to patients on your own. (See Tip 4 above.) The costume shopping alone will be entertaining enough to make you feel better!

Yikes! A doctor at Mercy General showed me where you go when things don't quite work out -- the morgue!

I know those aren't great tips, but that is the best I can do as a pretend doctor -- other than to wish you good luck. So, good luck out there! *cough*

August = My Month!!!

August has always been my favorite month because it is my RL birthday month (2nd). I have extra reason to love it since coming to SL because it is also my Rez Day month (20th)! But in addition, I was reminded by my friend and modeling agent Katoria Stevenson that it is now my month on the Dream Models 2008 calendar!!! Woo hoo!!


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