Friday, October 31, 2008

Thanks & Happy Halloween!

I want to thank everyone who came to our Halloween party last night! We had a great time hosting you and we hope that you had fun! There are pictures from the party posted to Flicker (the link is in my sidebar)!

Now, we are getting ready for a celebration of Jerremy's Rez Day and for our Thanksgiving festivities (which will be at a European friendly time)! We will send out invites and give you information on these parties as soon as we have the details nailed down!

Have a Happy Halloween, everyone!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

This is My Happy Place

Some of you may wonder why I rarely write about the latest controversies – i.e., the new Open Space sim pricing policies, the Freebie Culture, dolphin safe tuna, etc. Well, I’ll tell you what…..Second Life and this blog are my respite from the stresses of Real Life and I do not want to think about stressful things while I am here.

This is my happy place. I wish to keep it as fun as possible. Some people may call that selfish, but I do not care (and that, my friends, is as controversial as I will ever get on this blog).

Since by nature I like to keep things light, if I attempted to write about something contentious, I would have to try very hard not to write a limerick or something equally amusing (at least to myself) about it. For example, it was impossible to not write these:

Some people bought Open Space Sims

Thinking they’d live there with prims.

But the land must be devoid

Or Lindens get annoyed

And they’ll increase the price at mere whims.

Or even:

People like to acquire things for free,

Like hair or a dress or a tree.

Freebies are nice things to get,

But some people think they’re a threat.

What will happen to our economy?

Do you see how inappropriate I can be sometimes? These are serious topics.

We are all just lucky that I could not figure out how to make those into dirty limericks.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

In the meme-time...

I have been tagged by Laleeta Xue for the latest meme making the rounds! Here are the rules about this meme:

  1. Link to the person that tagged you.
  2. Post the rules on your blog.
  3. Share 6 non-important/habits/quirks about yourself.
  4. Tag 6 random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs.
  5. Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.
  6. Let your tagger know when your entry is up.
OK...Here are six..count 'em six unimportant quirks about moi!!
  1. I love goatees on men. This you probably already know about me. :-P
  2. I hate the carbonation in soda pop. I always make pop flat before I drink it. (I burp lots less, too!) Carbonation is one reason I have never liked beer.
  3. I keep my toe nails really, really short. It grosses me out to have (or to see) "long" toe nails. Sadly, this quirk made me lose my mind one day and I clipped a past boyfriend's toe nails for him. (I know....I know....sigh.)
  4. I live alone, so unless I am at a friend's home or a restaurant, I eat all of my meals in front of the computer...even at work. I could probably make a meal out of the crumbs in my keyboard.
  5. It always take me months to change all of my clocks for Daylight Saving Time. Sometimes I have to check two clocks or my PC to see what time it really is.
  6. I always undress my avatar in the same order...attachments, shoes (unless they are sexy and I plan to keep them on, if you know what I mean), socks, jacket, shirt, then last of all pants/undies.

And now, I shall tag...all six of my readers!!! MWAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! As readers, you do not have to tag anyone (unless you want to). Just leave your meme answers in my comments! Enjoy! I love learning about you!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween SLelebration

I SLove celebrating Halloween in Second Life! Everyone gets so into it and we have incredible costumes available to us. This will be my second Halloween in SL. Last year, I went as a very sexy, semi-topless Snow White. The dwarfs (and everyone at Bound & Determined...heh) loved it. This year, as a married woman, I feel like I should keep it more innocent. We'll see...LOL.

In RL, I have been scarred by living in Colorado (at the base of the Rocky Mountains and at an elevation of over 5280 feet/1609 meters) and I always expect that it will snow on Halloween -- meaning it will be a cold and wet celebration.

Luckily, we have none of that pesky "weather" in SL, but I'd still like to share with you what my Halloween will be like.
I have written a little list of things you need to celebrate Halloween in SL…with some Colorado flair.

  • Costume – Get yourself the sexiest/most elaborate/cleverest costume ever. Know you look great in it. Be proud of it!

  • Giant winter coat to wear over costume – It will turn out to be so cold/snowy that you have to wear a giant winter coat, hiding your costume’s fabulous-ness almost completely. Be sad.

  • Big bag of candy for the kiddies – Buy a giant bag of assorted candy for the children who will ring your bell. Pick out all of your favorites and save them for yourself. Leave the kids with all the yucky Butter Fingers and candy corn.

  • Friends/Spouses/Siblings with whom to fight over which of you gets to answer the door -- Even as adults this is a privilege and honor. You must secure this position. Use violence if you have to.
  • Jack-O’ Lantern with freezer burn – The temperature has been swinging wildly from 80 degrees (27 C) down to 32 degrees F (0 C) twice per day every day for the entire month of October. Because of this, your Jack O’ Lantern looks like heck….but that is OK because that means he looks extra scary.
  • Halloween luminarias – yes, just like the Christmas kind, only in orange and black with Halloween motifs. It is a nice tradition, adapted for Halloween…and now it’s even come to Second Life.

  • Thorough inspection of your kids’ candy. Tell them it is for their safety when actually it is to get at your favorites. Tell them Butter Fingers and candy corn are the safest candies.

  • Fantastic Party -- You need a place to go to show off that sexy/elaborate/clever costume somewhere other than a seedy night club. So, find or host a nice little the one Jerremy & I are throwing! You are invited to come to our house on Thursday, Oct. 30 from 7-10 PM SLT for Halloween festivities! There will be music by DJ Kiki DeVinna, dancing, food and lots of fun!

These are just some of the elements that you need in order to celebrate Halloween like I always have. In any case, have fun and be safe however you celebrate the holiday!! I’d love to hear about your SL Halloween “necessities” also, so please leave me some comments!! And, see you at the party!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Nightmare on Ghambt Street

In honor of Halloween, I thought that I would share some of what I think are the scariest things in Second Life:

  • Lag – I see gray people! Which is better than seeing balls of mist. Which is better than seeing Ruths. Which is better than not being able to log in at all.

  • Getting profiled by WTFug or the Fashion Police -- This is a near constant worry of mine because of my penchant for wearing the first thing I can grab out of my inventory (even if it is a chair or a prim baby) plus a pair of tennis shoes all of the time.

  • Bling/Body oil/Bling + Body Oil -- Shiny doesn’t always equal sexy. Sometimes it just means tacky and/or unwashed. (Hmmmmm...since I don’t wear bling or body oil, maybe the Fashion Police will just let me off with a warning.)

  • Griefers -- There’s nothing like a bored asshole to brighten your day.

  • Not being able to log in at your home location -- Depending on what (or who) you were doing at your last log out, this could be quite embarrassing.

  • People with statements akin to “I am proud of being a bitch/S.O.B.” in their profiles. Run away! Run away!!

  • Mandatory client upgrades -- Scarier still? Bugs in mandatory client upgrades.

  • Minors on the adult grid. Nooooooooo!!!!!

  • Voice – Yes, sometimes voice can be scary. If you have ever spent any time at Welcome Island or Help Island (as I have done recently to get the word out about our newbie dorm, Starting Point) and you had the misjudgment to turn voice on, you know there are minors (see above) and idiots on the grid. Very scary.

  • Prim addiction -- It creeps up on you. Slowly. When you are not looking. Then, POUNCE!! It has you in its evil clutches!!!! Mwahahahahaha!!!

  • Ever increasing tier fees necessary to support your prim addiction. Eeeeeeeeeeek!!!

  • Out of control, unsorted inventory. ZOMG!

WOW!! I hope this list doesn’t give you nightmares. But just in case it does, you can always sleep with the sun set at midday.

© 2008 All Rights Reserved.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I decorated at Starting Point!

I decorated for Halloween at Starting Point, although no one has noticed yet, I think. I put up luminarias and jack-o-lanterns and hay bales and left candy all over. We had better watch for ants, I guess.

I just love, love, love decorating for holidays! I had decorated my home already so it was nice to have another place to make festive and burn off some of my excitement.

Just wait until Thanksgiving and Christmas! OMG!! I am going to go crazy!

Know what else I did that I am not so happy about? I messed up the HTML on my blog so that I can no longer control the fonts. OMG I have to fix that without messing up the custom things I have done -- like widen the body of the blog. Cross your fingers for me. Until then, please be patient with some semi-ugly blog layouts.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Man Behind the Goatee: Noelyci Ingmann

Welcome to my ongoing series - The Man Behind the Goatee! This edition introduces Noelyci Ingmann, the blogger, builder and designer behind Ingmann Design Group (, a Second Life company that creates buildings and sims.

We met at my home for our interview.

Me: Welcome to Absolutely Wonderful Estate!

Noelyci IngmannI: Thank ya, thank ya!

Me: Please, make yourself comfortable!

NI: [moves from couch to couch to position to position, trying to get comfortable] There we go... now it looks like we're talking, lol

Me: OK! Let's start! Do you have a goatee in RL, too?

NI: I have had a goatee at various times in my life, but I now have a full beard, not full in the nasty unkempt sense, nicely trimmed and all, but I don't shape it into a goatee. Mostly because it still keeps me looking too young, I am blessed/cursed with a baby face so the facial hair makes me look my age instead of 16. [chuckles]

Me: Do you have a significant other?

NI: I have had a partner in SL, but I don't currently.

Me: Oh ok..... What is your favorite kind of outfit to see a woman in SL wear (not counting lingerie or being nude)?

NI: Do I get to say bikinis then? Just kidding. I'm more of the artistic type, being a designer I don't mind exactly what style as long as it's done well. I love shopping with my girl friends and I've been known to surf SLX for hours looking at fashion and saying, "Oooo, that's so her." As far as my personal likes I tend towards gowns or flirty stuff on significant others, I've been blessed with the friendship of women who have significantly ore style then I do that have expanded my tastes though.... Pheobe Petrov over at Fashionality for instance is a good friend and has a girl next door style that is incredibly sexy in a way that isn't overtly vampy. That look has grown on me a lot.

Me: What about hair styles? Do you have favorite hairstyles you like to see on women?

NI: I'm gonna sound like a broken record. I like well done prim work because of my building background. I prefer feminine styles instead of unisex. My favorites tend to be reminiscent of 50's pinups. For some odd reason I tend to identify avatars to their hair color, not sure if that's male, human, or just me...Oh, and I have a thing for redheads. [winks]

Me: LOL! If you could go back and give your newly born self one piece of information or advice what would it be?

NI: Take more time learning, I spent the first year not really learning, just exploring, which is good in some ways because I got to see the culture. I'm not one who regrets that much, but I wish I'd spent more time investing in some of the relationships that fell by the wayside, more time learning to build.... more investment sooner I guess.

Me: What is the funniest/oddest/most embarrassing place you have ever rezzed into/logged on in?

NI: Noelyci Ingmann removes all names to protect the guilty.

Me: LOL!

NI: I was helping one of my first customers with a castle they had bought. And.... yeah, we finished, it was late, I logged out and when I logged in the next day they had bought an 'animated' bed and were trying it with someone....I think she had some explaining to do.

Me: Rofl!!!!!! OK next question....What is an item of clothing/accessory/household item you wish you had in SL but don't?

NI: I've been thinking of making it and probably will eventually but the JDRF (Juvenile Diaetes Research Foundation) is having their fund drive right now and I'd like to make an insulin pump to raise awareness and wear it since I have one in real life.

Me: Oh wow!!

NI: It's a great cause.

Me: Are they having the fund drive in SL?

NI: I'm donating all my profit from September to them, but I don't think they have anything official going here, next year maybe I'll try and make that happen.

Note: Since this interview Noelyci actually went ahead with his idea and built an insulin pump for Second Life avatars! You can get one at Noelyci’s store (see blog post here: ) He also has a section on his web site featuring "Virtual Insulin Pump Hotties" -- if you care to submit your own photo!

Me: So, what is the most prim wasteful thing you own?

NI: Wanna see? LOL

Me: Sure! …Unless it is naughty.

NI: I've had lots of prim heavy things, but rarely keep them out, I have a reputation for being a low prim builder that still looks good so [my sim] Natalis doesn't have anything super primmy. These wings are what come to mind, it's from my early avi, in 2005 and they are the max prims and I wore them EVERYWHERE! [The wings appear on his back.]

Me: LOL! Wow!

NI: Aren't they awful in a cool way?

ME: Tymmerie Thorne: yes!!! LOL!!

NI Noelyci Ingmann: I walked around like this for over a year. [hangs his head in shame] Noelyci Ingmann: Each feather is a prim, for heavens sake

Me: Tymmerie Thorne: So how many prims are there total?

NI: 224

Me: Wow!!! You must have caused some lag!

NI: I got these before flexi prims were even available, lol

Me: :-) So you are a builder and designer -- do you have a favorite build?

NI: I do. I started Ingmann Design Group and I do a lot of the prefabs/customs that we do. I also have been blessed with several creative designers who prefer to do the creative part of it and use IDG to sell their designs. We have a ton of fun. I get to work with and support my friends and see what they do... it's my biggest pleasure in SL. My favorite personal build as a whole is Natalis, which is my store/island/home. I love how organic it turned out and my home there is incredibly peaceful to me, which is kind of a surprise. My favorite build that I sell is my Codex Observatory, which was posted as a great build by Akela Talamasca at Second Life Insider, which unfortunately is now defunct. There's something about each build that is mind numbingly frustrating, and very cool, all at the same time. I think that comes from creating anything.... never being personally satisfied, but knowing it's ready anyway.

Me: So, Noelyci, If your favorite movie got made into a sim what would be your favorite area/feature?

NI: Well, my favorite movie is a character piece - Usual Suspects - so it'd be hard to do a place for that movie, but the whole idea of the flick, where you can watch it twice in a row and see two different movies... I like the idea of doing something like that. Codebastard Redgrave's sim is kind of like that, where it's one thing in the middle of it and another from the air, that's an amazing piece of art.

Me: Wow - you've been here since '05! What has been the most surprising thing about SLife?

NI: It shouldn't be, but to a tech geek like me the surprise is how truly social it is. I have true friends here and the relationships aren't just 'virtual'. The longer I stay the more I 'get' that aspect of things. When I started I would never have thought about doing an interview with you, just wasn't my makeup, nor what I thought SL 'was'. So it's really changed for me, from being the nerdy geek sitting in his room in the dark playing a 'game' to being a communication medium and a place for friends. It's kinda funny, because I've gotten more confident in RL due to it.

Me: Very nice!!!

NI: Part of that may just be going from your 20's to your 30's [shrugs]

Me: That was my last question! Thank you very much for doing this interview!!

NI: You're welcome! It was fun!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


I was inspired by Dyami Jameson and Alicia Chenaux to write down some of my thoughts today. What has been on my mind lately?

1) We have a bathroom in our SL house -- a huge one with a beautiful tub and shower and His & Hers towels -- but we hardly ever use it. We need to bathe more, I think.

2) The learning curve for SL is extreme for some people. Like crazy extreme -- you are wearing a box on your head one day and the next day you are writing scripts and are deeply involved in a Star Wars/Gor RP.

3) Star Wars / Gor RP? (Seriously it exists! I saw a sign in a silk store!)

4) I am a prim whore when it comes to food. I think it is adorable and will spare no prim to make a Second Life buffet table look as cute as a button.

5) I had almost forgotten what lag was until I went to Burning Life! (Selling that kidney to buy my new PC was totally worth it!)

6) I love crowds in SL and I think that why I have learned to like Plurk -- it is like finding crowds of avatars to play with without the sex clubs or the lag.

7) How sad is it that I do not feel "cool" enough to go to the Seven Ultra Lounge?

8) My friend Margo has a terrible problem with the new SL client. It makes glitch pants (that are supposed to be short for wearing under short dresses and skirts) look long so they cover her entire leg. This is the oddest thing for the new client to do. Do any of you have the same issue?

ETA: One of my blog readers, Fiona Whiteberry, sent me a possible fix for this issue! Go to the Advanced menu > Rendering> Features then uncheck Palletized Texture. Then, rebake your avatar textures by pressing Control-Alt-R. Fiona that said if it doesn't work the first time, try again and it should do it. You may have to repeat these steps if it happens again.

9) Why do some designers insist on redoing their stores all of the time? There was one store that was an absolute favorite of mine and I thought the layout was perfect. They changed it and it makes it impossible to find things, the layout makes their merchandise look less appealing and I rarely, if ever, shop there anymore.

10) What is the kindest way to tell someone that they really, really need to adjust their hair?

Friday, October 10, 2008

SL Pet Peeves Meme!

Thank you Alicia for giving us another blog topic!!! Sometimes I just need the inspiration!!

She has asked bloggers to write about their three biggest pet peeves in Second Life, so away we go!

Pet Peeve #1 - Strangers coming into your house to do the nasty on your bed and/or other sex furniture and pose balls. Yuck. There is no way to sterilize a pose ball or wash prim sheets. This peeve is probably behind 99% of the bans lines in SL.

Pet Peeve #2 - Having a bazillion poses in my inventory and not really knowing how to store them or put them in a place I can use them easily and quickly. I have bought umpteen pose stands and modeling huds with the hope that I can get them all in there but I get so confused. I even have a Deluxe Huddles Hud that I can't seem to use properly for this. (Hmmmm...maybe my pet peeve here is actually my stoopidity with scripts and technical things.)

Pet Peeve #3 (This is a real life pet peeve, too.) When designers use exotic names for colors for things that give no clue as to what the actual color of an item is. This gets expecially bad when I am in a hurry and need a specific item from a fat pack. Yes, I can rename everything, but still. (Hmmmmm....maybe this pet peeve is actually that I am too lazy to rename things.)

So, there are my annoyances. What are yours?

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Quick and dirty update on Starting Point and other things...

We have added 5 more rooms to the Starting Point dormitory so we can house more new residents. That is right, folks -- we can house 15 people now!

And we have upped the prim limits for residents! Now they have 75 prims with which they may personalize their rooms! Woo hoo!

Jerremy also put in some boat/jet ski/inner-tube givers so that our residents (and anyone who wants to stop by to visit, really) can explore the sim and to give them something more to do.

We have a SLCN television in our lounge area and if any of you have tips on how to get it to stream/play better I would love to hear them. I have the most current version of Quicktime installed and still the stream goes in fits and starts.

We have 7 residents now...maybe 9 by the end of the weekend! That is exciting! I do wish they were on at the same time more often though so they could meet each other. Second Life can be a bit of an empty place sometimes. Running into another avatar if you are not in a nightclub or shop can be a rare thing. Everyone in SL - not just residents - is welcome to visit and explore, hang out in the lounge, sit by the campfire or lay in the hammock, etc. at Starting Point.

I know this is a boring post. I have been trying to get my mojo back. I have just been in a weird mood - not a bad mood, more like a flat mood lately. It has not let me write anything creative or fun in a while. I am sorry about that. But I do have a new "Man Behind the Goatee" interview coming up that I think you'll enjoy, so keep your eyes open for that!


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