Friday, November 28, 2008

A little meme about my little routine...

I saw Laleeta Xue has gotten restless with us not blogging enough so she has asked us to write out what our routine is when we start our days in Second life. This seems like an easy enough meme for post-Turkey Day so I will play! Great idea Laleeta. when I first log in, I am naked. This is because I log out right after spending time with my husband, saying good night to him and giving him good night kisses. No time to dress. However, the first thing I do when I get in-world is not dress, but go through any IM's or notices. So, I stand there in my foyer nude while I read things. Heaven forbid anyone wants to TP me somewhere or come visit. However, I have to do things in this order because it drives me crazy to have unread notices and unanswered IM's blocking up screen space on my PC. I need to get these out of the way.

Next, I TP upstairs to our bedroom and get onto my posing stand. We used to have two posing stands in the bedroom. (His and hers, isn't that cute?) I set one up for my husband when he first built the house, but he never used it. He doesn't even use a stand when he needs to adjust something - which amazes me.

Then, I try to think of what I'll be doing that day and get dressed appropriately. Lots of times I will just put on a golf shirt and jeans or a yoga outfit and sneakers. It takes way too much effort to dress up all of the time - I could never be a "fashionista" - all I would do all day long is dress and undress. I am not sure how they have time for anything else. However, I do try to mix it up once in a while so that people don't see me wearing the same thing all of the time.

Once I have my clothes picked out, I will decide if it is time to change my hairstyle. I do not like to get into a rut and wear the same one every day. Even though you often see me on my blog in the same hairstyles, that is because those are the ones that photograph best.

Next, I TP over to Starting Point and check things out. I check to see if there are any objects left around, if any residents are home so that I can say hi, and (now that I know how to do it) I check to make sure no one is over on their prim count. If they are I send a quick IM to them to let them know.

Then, I go sit in the lounge area of Starting Point for while. I use this time to check to see if any friends are logged in and I will occasionally send them a "wave". I do this because I am always afraid to be interrupting them. With a wave, they know I am thinking of them and if they feel like a conversation they can start IMing. But if they are busy, they don't feel obligated to start a conversation. I also use this time to sort and clean my inventory. (Before we had Starting Point I used to sit out by our pool at home and do this.)

The reason I do this while sitting at Starting Point is that sometimes people find us in search and just drop by wanting information on living there or they don't know what Starting Point is and want to know. One such visitor actually thought that Starting Point was the place where the "game" of SL started and was there so that he could start playing! We recently put up signs that give out information cards and residency applications, so that helps when we cannot be there in person.

One thing that is funny about Starting Point is that it was built on the remains of an old sex club. So occasionally, people with old landmarks show up looking for more fun than Starting Point is going to offer them, if you know what I mean.

So once I have said hi to some friends and straightened my inventory some, I am ready to start my day.

There. How much more boring could that possibly be?

I am soooooo interested in hearing what your log in routines are! So please leave me a comment or post them on your blog!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Jive Turkey

Do you know what I think is one of the best things about the Thanksgiving Day holiday in the U.S.? Why, all of the LEFTOVERS! You get to enjoy the delicious food over and over again!

In fact, I love holiday leftovers so much that I want you to be able to experience them in blog form! And that is why I am linking this post to
last year's Thanksgiving post!

Are you buying that?

OK, OK...that isn't quite the truth.
I wish I could have had something new for you to read for the holiday, but Real Life has really, really gotten in the way. Stoopid RL.

But, I promise that I have some new stuff in the works for you to read very soon.

So, without further ado, please re-enjoy Cold Turkey. (It just needs a little mayonnaise.)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Plurk Perverts = Plerverts?

The internet is for lovers!

I am playing this little game with a social networking site called Plurk.

If you are not familiar with it, it is a micro-blogging web site that lets you put up messages throughout the day about what you are doing, random thoughts, etc. It allows you to tell you friends everything from what you are eating for lunch to when you need to pee (I wish I was kidding.) in real time.

It is actually a fun way of communicating with your SL friends and meeting Second Lifers that you might not have met in-world.

So, anyhoo, a unique feature of Plurk is that you earn “Karma points” for your activity on the site. For example, you get points for posting, for commenting on other’s posts, for adding information to your profile, etc. As you earn points you get perks, like extra emoticons to use. The “goal” is to hit Nirvana – 81 points…at which point I have no idea what happens. I don’t even think you get more emoticons.

One of the milestones is getting 69 karma points because deep inside we are all just a bunch of 12 year-olds.

But I must only be 11 1/2, because I thought of a way to spice up Plurk. The pre-adolescent inside of my brain only cares about the dirty jokes - not Nirvana. So I am trying my best to hover at 69 karma points until my husband builds up enough that we are both in the 69’s together!

Isn’t that romantic?? OK maybe not. Maybe it is just juvenile…but it is fun. I make sure not too Plurk too much or Plurk too little. I watch my karma carefully – trying to stay in the sweet spot of 69, while I wait for my husband.

And when he gets here, I have no idea how we’ll celebrate [looks away innocently]. :-P

Saturday, November 22, 2008

More Party People - by Jerremy!

Yay! Jerremy just sent me some pictures from the party that he was able to take. I think he had fun despite the number of crashes he endured last night!

Here is Jerremy's cake ...mmmmmm! Chocolate! One of Jerremy's favorite foods!

He even had a microphone to go with his costume!

He was able to get a picture of me facing the camera. You can see my rock t-shirt!

Party People

Jerremy's party turned out to be great fun! DJ GoSpeed Racer did a fantastic job of mixing some very danceable classic rock tunes! She was even able to find ABBA's most rockin' tune so that we could honor HALEY Salomon's request to hear the band!

I tried to take some good pictures but it was difficult with lag and with everyone moving around so much, LOL!! There are some more pictures on Alicia Chenaux's blog, Casandra Shilova's blog, Quaintly's blog, and Starting Point resident Mab MacMoragh's Flickr page, too.

This is a picture of the party area. Jerremy made those giant records to decorate the dance floor!

Rez Day Guest of Honor, Jerremy Darwin, came as a Glam Rock God!

I swear, I could not get one single photo taken where I was facing my own camera! I had the kewlest t-shirt on that said "We Will Rock You" in hot pink lettering.

Party guy Dyami Jameson came as a miniature punk rocker.

At one point we had 30 people at the party! It was a really fun crowd, too! Lot's of Plurkers came!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Rez Day Reminder!!

Hi, Everyone! Jerremy is all of one year old now!!! He is walking and talking up a storm!! So cute!! :-P

I wanted to remind you that TONIGHT is Jerremy's Rez Day party! We would LOVE to have you there!

We have decorated our little hearts out for our Rock & Roll theme! We have cake, an open bar and light snacks for you to enjoy! (I told you that I am obsessed by prim food.....I was not kidding. I went a bit crazy - chips, dips, nuts, cheese, crackers, pretzels, and

The FABULOUS GoSpeed Racer will be our DJ tonight!!! She'll be playing a mix of classic rock songs for us to dance to!

Although dressing in the Rock & Roll theme is optional, I am excited to see what some of you will be wearing! I am guessing that lots of wild hair, band t-shirts, leather, torn jeans, 70's glam rock, etc. will be on display.

The festivities start at 7 pm SLT at our estate, Absolutely Wonderful.

Since I have now used up almost my entire allotment of exclamation points for the WEEK (I have one left) I will just end by telling you how excited we are to host you for this party! IM me with any questions.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

In the beginning there was my avatar… naked, cartoonish and confused…

That was how my first blog was worded. Well, the trouble is the blog never really started. And no, this is not Girl Wonder, Tymmerie.

It is her pesky blog stealing husband again! Seems I only pop on here for someone's rezday. Well, this time it is for mine. :-)

I had thought to do a guest blog on her site today, but don't want to subject all of her readers unwillingly to read my ramblings. So, I decided to actually post something on my very own blog.
- Jerremy Darwin

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Three Questions

No - it doesn't ever get this bad...I just liked this t-shirt. :-P

At times, when things are quiet, I sit innocently sorting inventory at the SL Welcome Area or at Help Island while I wait and see if anyone will click on my profile and ask me about Starting Point. (Yes, I realize that is a very passive way of finding new residents, but if I do anything more aggressive I just get weirdos asking about it - and we don't take weirdos.) I must stop this behavior immediately, however.

Although I have met several very nice people who have gone on to become wonderful Starting Point residents using this method, I must stop recruiting from what are the two most depressing places in all of Second Life - for my own sanity.

One of the many reasons (yeah -- I am not even going to talk about the griefing) that the Welcome Area and Help Island can be so draining is that you get asked the same three questions over and over:

Question 1: Can we have the sex now?
I have been asked "to make the sex" or "where can I find sex?" more times than I care to remember just this morning. I usually respond by asking if they even know how to have sex in SL. Of course, they do not know how to, get frustrated with me and move on to the next target. Easy peasy.

Question 2: How do I get some money?
I am also at a loss when I am asked by someone very, very new how to make money in SL. Getting a job takes some savvy with SL itself - whether it is for a hostessing job or customer service. Escorting is not an option since they do not know how to "make the sex". And sending them camping seems like a mean thing to do to a new resident.

Question 3: What is there to do here?
Again, I am at a loss. This is because there is so darned much to do here! I could easily overwhelm a new resident with the possibilities. There is skydiving, going to the circus, touring museums, taking photos, shopping, dancing, horse back riding, building, and a bazillion other things including, yes, having the sex!

There is one bonus question, but it is one you'll end up asking yourself:
Why does Linden Labs let so many children onto the adult grid?
It is clear to me that there is an insane number of 14,15 and 16 year-olds signing up for SL accounts and ending up in the Welcome Area. You can tell who they are because they use the following "words": ur, wot, y, u, r, etc. They are also fond of using this sentence: "i dont no y u got2 b that way!" when they get a response they do not like. And, they never capitalize the word "I" for Pete's sake!!! Should I get all Mommy on them and threaten to take away their prims?

Please don't get me wrong -- I really enjoy helping new residents. I SLove sharing tips and helping them find things they need. But, I must find a happier place to meet new Starting Pointers....especially since some of our first residents are getting ready to leave the nest. (They have grown up so quickly! sniff)

Perhaps I will try the circus.

(P.S. Thank you to Dyami Jameson for bringing the SL circus to my attention!)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I Robbed the Cradle!

Save the date!!!!

We are holding Jerremy's first Rez Day party at our home in Ghambt on
Friday, November 21 from 7-9 pm SLT!

The theme for the party is "Rock & Roll" -- so if you want to, come dressed in your rock and roll best - anything from concert/band t-shirts to glam rock attire - however you interpret rock and roll! (NOTE: Dressing in the theme is optional -- we just want you there!)

GoSpeed Racer from KONA radio will be DJing! Join us for fun and dancing to a wonderful set of rock music! There will be lots of classic rock and roll and some more contemporary stuff as well!

I will send out more information and the SLURL as we get closer to the date! Help us celebrate this special occasion for an amazing guy!!!!

Should I Stay or Should I Go? or What Groups I Can't Live Without and Why

[Dear Readers - I have re-posted my article submission for the SL Blogger Mix'N'Match event here for those of you who may have missed it on the Fashion Avengers blog. I hope you enjoy it.]

As you may be aware, we in Second Life are limited to joining no more than 25 groups at one time. This can make for some difficult choices, because it seems as though every store, every friend who is a DJ or artist, every land or rental organization, etc. has a group to join.

I don't have it as bad as some do. Some push the limits – always belonging to the full 25 groups and having to decide which to drop when new ones come along. I am only in 22 groups. Yes! That means that I have three precious slots open. Envy me! Mwahahahaha!!

When I got the writing assignment to tell you about which groups I cannot live without and why, I studied my groups. And I polled others about their groups. And what I realized is that the groups we choose to belong to can be analyzed according to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs (Think back…Psychology 101 in college? That 8 am class you skipped all the time?) This is how I thought I would determine which groups I cannot live without!

If you will recall (Well, your roommate would recall – he/she never skipped classes.), according to Maslow, our fundamental needs are for the physiological requirements of life – eating, drinking, sleep, etc. I realize that our avatars have no need for food or drinks, but Maslow's theory might explain why I am so damned fascinated by prim foods and beverages. Of course, no one has groups for food, so we shall just move on to the next level.

The second level of the hierarchy represents our need for safety and security – as in shelter, employment, access to resources, etc. In SL, part of this need is met through our land/property/rental groups -- and big, fat ban lines. Without shelter we'd be changing clothing in sandboxes and sorting our inventory in the middle of Route 7. (Shout out to blogger Nika Dreamscape!) We'd also have no place to display our giant rabbit, grand piano or 458 animation sex bed. Note: By the way, my land group title is 'Mrs. Jerremy Darwin', so it fulfills another need for me, as we shall examine shortly.

If you happen to be gainfully employed in SL, your need for security is also met through your work related groups. I have several groups connected to my employment – I have a group for my job as a model (Dream Models), for my job as a SL News Network writer (SLNN Style Team) and for my "job" as a blogger (SL Bloggers).

Our needs for love and belonging come next. This includes everything from friendships to sexual intimacy. Having these needs explains why you are a member of both your buddy's DJ fan group and the Big Booty Beach Club VIPs. I am a member of the SL Blogger group (another group that fulfills more than one need), a friend's furniture store, DJ fan groups, friends' business groups, etc. My land group figures in here, too, because my SL husband gets very happy when he sees me wearing my 'Mrs. Jerremy Darwin' group tag, thus fulfilling my need for virtual boinking.

I have also lobbied to belong to the Darwin Clan group, since I am a Darwin by marriage. But so far, they have not let me in. Harrumph.

My last meeting with the Darwin Clan did not go very well. They still won't invite me into the group.

You may have noticed that I have not talked much about store groups yet. That is because I had such a hard time figuring out where they belong. I guess they should be in between Safety needs and Love/Belonging needs. If you have ever logged in naked at an infohub you will understand how clothing is a security need. (What? Just me? Drat!) And who doesn't feel the love when you get a group gift? I don't join a lot of store groups anymore thanks to Subscribe O'Matic machines that allow us to be part of a "store fan club" without using up a group space. (This results in my having a space or three open for prim food groups if only someone would start some. I'm just sayin'.)

The next higher level of needs is for self-esteem and confidence. This particular need is why you see every other avatar in SL proclaiming to be a SexyAvatar Agency Model or SL's Hottest Hottie or a member of some other make believe group with a made up group tag. These people make me sad. My own strutting around in my Dream Model's tag is a completely different situation, of course.

Finally, we have the need for self-actualization. This is the pinnacle of our development as human and pixel beings. This level represents our needs for self-growth, artsy-fartsy things, creativity, morality and more. Unfortunately, Linden Labs does not give us enough group slots to be self-actualized. They hate us.

I am kidding!! Linden Labs has only a mild dislike for us.

Groups at the self-actualization level include building groups, groups for participation in creative activities (like my membership in the Primtionary Players Group), learning or academic groups, religious/spiritual groups, etc.

I hope that you now understand how each of your groups meets your needs. Our groups are a very important part of our SLives.

In conclusion, I would have to say that I cannot live without any of my groups. So there. :-P

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Romance and Love in Second Life

Today is SL Blogger Mix'N'Match Day!! This means that I have the pleasure of hosting guest blogger Prad Prathivi of Metaversally Speaking! Please enjoy the post he has written for us!

Now I'm not the mushy type at all, mainly because of the alphamale curse which means I take directly after an ape. That said, I also have a metrosexual tendency which I cook, clean and sing lullabies to my puppy while she sleeps...except she stares at me inquisitively, her eyes pleading at me to stop. I need a better audience.

I am a romantic at heart though, and although I will never admit it, I do have a soft spot for Valentine's Day. Oh, nuts.

Apparently single guys with puppies are at the top end of the bachelor market, which plays well into my favour. I'm told it shows you can commit, even though it's blatantly the puppy who owns me. Additionally, being able to do household chores is a big plus for romanticism . Never hire a butler if you ever make it rich – as soon as Jeeves starts doing the dishes without being asked, your girlfriend will be humping his leg.

However, things like these won't help you in Second Life. In SL, it's very much a world where your mind comes into play, as physical appearances are less important. Yes, an avatar shows your unique identity, but there's only so many Abyss and Naughty skins the male population of Second Life can fit into without hitting some repetitiveness.

Drawing a partner involves you to rely on all your personal skills – a good sense of humour, an intelligent mind and being kind and generous are all good qualities. Being someone who is bitter, twisted, cynical and slightly demented, you can see my problem here.

But there is someone out there for everyone, even in the virtual sense. I could throw a cliché that love notes and flowers are the way to be romantic, but then what a lot of guys don't realise is that it's not how often you give such romantic gestures, but all the times that you don't give them.

Plus it's harder for us guys.. while we pull romantic gestures such as "Hi honey! I built that extension to the house you wanted!", or "I booked us a private getaway to a romantic sim this weekend", we settle for a simple "I'll leave you alone while you watch your football game".

So a little romance advice – set the bar low, guys. That way you impress that special someone when you pull out a romantic gesture.. it's why Donald Trump can't stay married for long. When you buy your wife a helicopter, an army of servants and a ski resort, you're setting the bar a little too high and gearing up for disappointment.

But then, sometimes you meet a girl who makes you feel like the happiest, luckiest guy, and you just have to leave a rose on her couch. So really, in conclusion, I have little idea what I'm talking about when it comes to romance. But I didn't need to write 500 words to tell you that.

This entry was written by Prad Prathivi at Metaversally Speaking (

Dearest Readers,
Did you like it? Thank you so much, Prad!

You can view the article that
I wrote ('Should I Stay or Should I Go? or Which Groups I Cannot Live Without and Why?') over at SL Fashion Avengers. This topic was suggested by blogger Chestnut Rau.

The article for which I selected the topic ('Toilets in SL? Yes or No?') is available on The News from Bard Haven blog and was written by Eliza Wrigglesworth from the Free Finds for Men

Love, Tymmerie

Monday, November 10, 2008

Crazy Mixed-Up Blogs

Hi. I need to talk to you about something. You might want to sit down for this.

I have not been faithful to this blog. Please do not take this personally. It isn't because I don't love my blog.

You see, I have been writing an article for another person.

This blogger...along with a big group of bloggers, many of whom you already know, are into....ummm....swapping.

Now, before you get upset, let me explain. Prad Prathivi has been writing an article for this blog about Love & Romance in Second Life. Meanwhile, I have been writing an article for the SL Fashion Avengers blog about which groups I cannot live without and why.

I think you'll like Prad. He is funny and smart and...well, what's done is done.

Wait....don't say anything yet -- there is more. I selected a topic - "Toilets in SL? Yes or no?" - that will be written by Eliza Wrigglesworth from the Free Finds for Men blog and appear on The News from Bard Haven.

Please isn't's me. I wanted to participate in the 1st SL Bloggers Mix'N'Match event organized by Vint Falken and ArminasX Saiman.

Trust me -- this will all make sense on Wednesday, November 12th when all of the participating bloggers post the articles.

I am telling you all of this because I want you to be ready. I don't want there to be any surprises when you see Prad on my blog.
It's going to be OK. Well, really it will be better than OK. We might even discover some terrific blogs that we never knew were out there.

I just know we can get through this. Together.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

OMG! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG - my nightmare just happened. I logged in and my home location was not available, so I was routed to a infohub somewhere. Unfortunately, I had logged out without a stitch of clothing on last night.

And, yes, of course the infohub happened to be in a PG sim. That is just my luck.

I logged back out before anyone could say anything...and I am praying that I was just a cloud of mist to most people. But who knows? They may have gotten an eyeful.

The nekkid part is Jerremy's fault, BTW. The things that guy talks me into, I swear. :-P

Monday, November 3, 2008

Skew You

OMG…guess what I just realized.

Fellow bloggers, I am sooooo screwing up your blog statistics. And, it isn’t on purpose. I swear. This mostly applies if you have a good blog roll.

For those who don’t know, most bloggers use some sort of program to count visitors to their blogs. Most of these programs will also tell you the average length of time someone visits your site.

Here is my issue. You see, my blog roll is already very, very long, but I love reading blogs. So, I go to your web site and prowl through yours to find blogs I do not have on mine. Heck – I count on you having certain blogs listed so that I can read them regularly. Then I “park” on your page (after having read your latest blog post, of course) and spend time reading though others’ blogs. So if it looks like the time of the average visit to your blog has gone up a ton…omg that is probably me! EEEEEK!

I really should just bite the bullet and add people to my blog roll. But that does not solve the problem of how I will find new blogs. And it would mean an insanely long blog roll. Blog roll management is a big issue for me apparently…sigh.

So to conclude, I am really not that slow of a reader and I am so sorry! I didn’t mean to skew you!


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