Wednesday, December 31, 2008

1 Resolution and 1 Prediction

As we usher in the New Year, I felt it was appropriate to share my resolution and my prediction for 2009. Yes - just one of each. I am setting the bar low - I am tired today.

I usually don't make New Year's resolutions...but this one is important so here it is:

I resolve to always wear my headphones or turn on my speakers while in SL.

I walked around for a full day recently making annoying heel clicking noises without realizing it. I became my own pet peeve.

This resolution will be so much easier to accomplish than resolving to exercise more or stop cussing so damned much.

And, OK, here is my prediction for 2009:

At some point in 2009, someone will come out with prim heads...with hair and prim eyelashes already adjusted to fit.

Imagine all the advantages of prim heads - no blinking while you are trying to take your avatar's picture, your updo hair would come with makeup appropriate for an updo, no need for bald hair bases, etc.
(But unfortunately, just like prim naughty parts, feet and, omg, glove-style manicures, no one - not even the designers - will be able to tint them to match their skin.)

I am fairly certain this one will come true because I just planted the idea for it. Someone reading this blog is going to run with it.

I can hardly wait to revisit these as we welcome 2010, at which time I will be able to say both "I did it!" and "I told you so!"

Have a very safe and happy 2009!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Men do the "What's in My Bag Challenge"!

My darling husband, Jerremy, has decided to join the fun and do the "What's in My Bag" challenge, too. It is posted to his blog!

Yay! I am so happy that some of the men are doing the challenge also! I will post the links as soon as I find them!

Merrick Thor was up for the challenge! (His wife, Elora, also did the challenge as a guest blogger.)
Peter Stindberg is also playing!!
OH!! And Candy Lemon's husband, Van, also did the challenge (along with Candy, of course).
Dyami Jameson returned from his Holiday vacation and did the challenge, too!

Let's see who is next!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Blogger "What's in Your Bag" challenge

I decided to cave in and do the challenge that was started by the Shopping Cart Disco bloggers.

I do not have my digital camera (read: my digital camera from work) with me so you will just have to use your imagination.

When I spill out the contents of my fanny pack this is what you will find:

  • 1 lonely tampon - Notice how all of the other bloggers removed theirs from the pictures (same with any condoms)?
  • 2 packs of gum - I am very minty fresh at all times.
  • The cell phone that I never turn on - I get lots of peace and quiet this way. Of course, if someone is going to mug me or something , it will take me several minutes to find it and then turn it on in order to call for help. By that time, someone will have stolen both the cell phone and my fanny pack.
  • 482 receipts - I have them just in case I need to return one of last weeks Starbuck's mochas.
  • 76 pennies - I think they mate and have babies in there.
  • 4 lottery tickets that I have yet to check - Yes, that is right, I *could* be a multi-millionaire. But then again, I might not be. Therefore, hope keeps me from checking them.
  • A lipstick - It is a discontinued color, so I am afraid to actually use it and waste it on people at work and stuff.
  • Hand sanitizer - Can you imagine how many filthy, disease ridden people have touched that special pen that lets you type in your debit card's PIN number? Don't even get me started on door knobs.
  • Hand lotion - Because if you use hand sanitizer constantly your hands could become quite chapped.
  • My wallet - For some reason, about half the time I use it, I forget to put my debit card back in there. So, I think that I have lost it - I am continually reporting it stolen/missing to my bank. Then, an hour later, I sheepishly call back to let them know I found it again. The bank people hate me.
  • 4 pens - Only one of them works though, so it is like a shell game whenever I need to write something. Excitement is my middle name.
And, that is all I can fit in there. :-P

Now, I wonder if the male bloggers will take up the challenge and empty their....wallets/pockets/man bags. ArminasX? Prad? Dyami? Merrick? Looker? Creag? Hawksrock? Catero? ... Wrath? I'll be waiting.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Lesser of Evils?

I have always detested the *click* *click* *click* sound of some high heels and would secretly curse the women stomping around Second Life while spreading such noise pollution.

That was until today. There I was, innocently waiting for the Lucky Santa at a silk shop to change to a letter 'T', when I discovered a brand new annoyance. You have not lived until you have stood next to a girl from Gor whose every move elicits the sounds of chains shaking. For Pete's sake - she didn't even have any chains on - she just made the stoopid sound.

I never imagined that I would welcome the sound of clicking heels.

But it made me think, too. What are the lesser of evils in Second Life? Are giant face lights a worse offense than bling? Do I roll my eyes more when someone has a ridiculous AO or when they tp into the room in a cloud of hearts and other poofy things? Does a person talking about herself in the third person more off-putting than someone typing in text speak? What is funnier on an avatar: a watermelon ass; a teeny, tiny head; or arms that are too short? (BTW, the correct answer to that is 'tiny head'.)

Ah....we SLive in a wonderous place and it is such a luxury to have the kind of annoyances we have in order to live here. So, shake your chains, slave girl - I'm gonna go turn up my face light.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Two Questions

So there is this shop. And this shop has a blog. And the shop uses the same avatar model for all of their posts. Unfortunately, the avatar is terribly unattractive. To the point of making me cringe when I see their posts on the fashion feed. And even worse, I cannot bring myself to ever shop with them because I am so turned off by the pictures on their blog.

In fact, the shop I am talking about released an outfit recently that was sort of something I might wear. I cautiously placed my hand on my monitor over the avatar's face. Hmmm...sort of cute...I could see myself in that. But then I moved my hand...and let out a little scream.

IMHO, it really detracts from the clothing.
Designers owe it to themselves to display their products in the best possible light -- on models who make us aspire to look as good as they do in the outfits. Now, maybe the designer happens to think this avatar is lovely. To each his own, eye of the beholder and all that jazz. But I just don't get it. I don't even sort of get it. In a world where everyone can be beautiful just by tweaking their shape or buying a new skin, I do not understand why the designer does not use a more attractive avatar for their ads. Calling this avatar plain would be a high compliment.

So my first question to you is: Am I going to be on the express train to hell for being this shallow? And my second question is: Who wants to sit next to me?

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger!!

OMG Pretty soon even people who are not noobies are going to be clamoring to live at Starting Point!

We are almost finished the remodeling of the lounge and pool areas of Starting Point. I am still shopping for a nice poolside bar and we are building a hot tub. A PG hot tub - we won't have any naughtiness in the public areas, thank you very much. And we have a grotto - just like at the Playboy Mansion! :-P It's a little area you can swim to and find cuddle pose balls. Again - strictly PG. We can't have our new residents acting like a certain newlywed couple we know.

We moved the lounge area to right in front of the building so it is more central. And of course I could not resist decorating it for Christmas. I even splurged on prims and set out some hot chocolate
and cookies for everyone to enjoy. (Wow does prim food use up a lot of prims! I had to breathe into a paper bag for days before I was comfortable keeping them out. So, dammit someone had better stop by and eat it!! OK...I am fine again.)

I also thought it was a good time to remind you of some of the other areas that everyone - not just Starting Point residents - can enjoy. The common areas of Starting Point are open to the public -- that includes the grounds as well as the lounge and pool areas. You are welcome as long as you treat the residents, sim neighbors and each other with respect.

You can rez a free inner tube, sail boat or jet ski so that you can explore the area around the sim. Below is a picture of me standing at the place where you can get the equipment - just touch the sign with the picture of the watercraft you want and it will appear in your inventory. Drag it from your inventory onto the water and enjoy! The water surrounding Starting Point is Linden water and connects to the open sea so you can have some fun cruising around and exploring.

You can also do some camping here -- no not sitting-around-waiting-to-be-paid style of camping but real campfire and tents camping. This is a fun area to hang out and talk with friends. If you have a very *special* friend, you'll enjoy the two person tent here. (But agin this is very PG...gawd forbid one of you gets pregnant or gets someone pregnant at Starting Point. I would have to insist that you name the prim baby after me.)

This is a picture that should give you an idea of where these areas are in relation to the main Starting Point building:

You can also see Moodle arena in this picture. We plan to show video tutorials and host live entertainment here. We may even host a movie night soon. I am working on finding some popcorn, while Jerremy works on finding a movie to play.

And guess what else? Tons of stuff!! We put in a game room...

...and a kitchenette, too.
I am not sure what else to add to the kitchenette - perhaps some posters to the wall, maybe a vending machine. I do want to be conservative with the prims. Any ideas would be very welcome.

Our newest effort has been a new ice skating pond. We have the cutest free ice skates for people to use. I have to tell you, I searched high and low for good skates. These rock. If you do nothing else, stop by for the skates.

Anyhoo, that is what is up at Starting Point. We are currently full...yup...we have a short waiting list even. And we are thinking of having an RA live here and help us out in exchange for a place to live. We just built a large room for an RA and Jerremy and I are working out the details now.

OK fine this wasn't the most exciting blog post. :-P But please stop by, have some fun and say hi to our residents!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


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