Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fashionista for a Day: My LOTD

I thought it was high time that this blog feature a LOTD (Look Of The Day). I have always wanted to try my hand at this, so I decided to make a LOTD post from yesterday's outfit.

I actually do looks of the day every day - when I get dressed in the morning. But this time, I captured it on camera while doing super duper, high fashion model poses. (At least I *think* they are super duper, high fashion model poses - that is what it said on the vendor.)

I selected the LOTD ensemble that I am featuring in order to wear to a party. It is best described as a festive Spring look.

Now, although I have several photos here, I forgot to take one from the back so that you can see how high fashion I am when leaving a party, inauguration ball or going back inside after getting the morning paper. However, it will be adequate to just say that this outfit looks pretty similar coming and going.

Now, I will describe the outfit: there is not much to describe here that you cannot see for yourself. You might notice how the white headband softens the head to toe pink, keeping it from overwhelming the look. The headband also helps to draw attention to the face which I hear is a very good, fashiony thing. Oh, also there are two skirts included with this dress. I selected the short one in order to show off the only pair of glitch pants included with the outfit. As you can see in the photo below, the outfit covers the crotch completely - which is the least you can ask of any LOTD, IMHO.

OMG - I almost forgot to talk about the hair. What I like best about this hair is that my head is the perfect size for it so I did not have to adjust it at all. You probably do not have the perfect sized head though, so good luck with that.

Oops, I forgot where I bought all of this stuff so I don't have any SLURLs to share...but if you IM me I will just give you the outfit.*

*I kid. It is no transfer.

**Written with apologies to all of the true fashionistas out there. Please don't hate me.


  1. lolotd!

    i especially like the matching pink bows on the shoes

    and the contrasty tulle

    and the armbands/bracelets

    and the one sleeve

    and and and .....

    must add pepto bismol to my grocery list

  2. You probably do not have the perfect sized head though, so good luck with that.

    You killed me with that line! LOL!!

    If only all fashion bloggers would admit that they tweak their shapes to be PERFECT for certain things. It would save us all so much trouble!

  3. ROFLMAO... girl, you crack me up hahaha... I'm so guilty of not always posting slurls... I think I should link to the slurls blog instead... But then again, personally I kinda hate slurls, and I usually just use search.

    @Alicia: I tweak my shape all the time, and make no secret of it.I'm not really good with adjusting prims. But that tweaking is minor. If I would really have to distort my shape to make something fit just because fitting the prims is too hard on a piece, I loose appetite to blog it at all.

  4. I am late to this post but LOL I love it.

  5. I'm also late, but it's really hilarious.

    The size of the head cracked me up, too.

    Keep up the good work, Girl Wonder.

  6. Thank you, you guys! I am so glad that you enjoyed this! It was really fun to write!



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