Monday, February 9, 2009

Sucked In

Yes…you have seen this monkey a couple of times before…and I can assure you that you will see him again. I am going to get my money’s worth out of him.

Recently, while doing some regular shopping, I stumbled upon an odd item. It was a giant pair of shiny red lips. I paused…staring at them suspiciously. I had seen this item before - on the fashion feed. I knew what it was all about…the Kiss Valentine hunt. My heart began to race and my hands grew clammy.

I had been down this dark road before, but naively, I thought I could handle it. I decided that I’d get the lips just to see what was inside. I took the item into my inventory, hands shaking. A feeling of warmth came over me. That was all it took. Just one hit and I had a monkey on my back. And this monkey had 244 friends.

I quickly became obsessed with getting the rest of the lips. I needed the whole set as much as I need to eat M&M’s so that there is always an even number of colors.

And of course, I could not do one Valentine hunt without the other. Like a small child who wants one cookie for each hand, I started the Greatest Love hunt.

I struggled to keep my inventory organized and small. I dared not open the boxes of “prizes” lest my inventory balloon wildly. No. I would need to do that as cautiously as a bomb disposal crew – carefully opening each package, ruthlessly assessing each item and then immediately filing it or throwing it away.

I know the hunger that drives me. I didn’t do hunts at all until fairly recently when I learned about a hunt which had a prize of…little, tiny decorative chairs!!! Microscopic! Adorable! You see, I collect miniature chairs in RL, and by not going on that hunt I missed out on possibly the greatest hunt prize ever awarded. Ever! Weep. I vowed not to miss out on the next time someone gives out little, tiny decorative chairs. (It could happen. I’m just sayin’.)

Tragically, the darkness won’t end when the hunts do. How long will I last before I need another hit? How long will it be before I am hiding my own clothing and furniture around our sim just to get a fix? How long until Jerremy comes home to find all of his office furniture gone?

This sucks.


  1. LOL! I got sucked into the lips hunt too and finished up yesterday. I didn't care for most of the clothing [or at least, what I've seen of it so far] but some of the objects are just CUTE. There's so many couples poses and stuff to sit on and hold. I love it!

    I've heard that the Greatest Love hunt gifts are better than the lips I'm hopeful!

  2. Been there and done that...I use to do every sing Bewitched hunt and I don't even really care for their hair except for a few styles. Finally, I have broken my addiction to their hunts!

  3. Honey, I think it is time for an intervention. I thought that darn monkey was just an oversized shoulder pet. I also was wondering why you would not take it off during...intimate moments.. This explains all the open packages I see strewn all over the house. And when I came home yesterday I could swear I smelled the stench of burning prim clothes out back... Is it my fault somehow? Has my prim addiction somehow infected you in this peculiar way?? I still love you...but you need help!! (I am ok, I can stop with the prims any day...)

  4. must.......... resist......... must...... look........ away........ from.......... the.......... monkey.............



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