Thursday, April 30, 2009

SLwine Flu - An Ounce of Prevention

They say the best way to keep from getting sick in general and lessening the risk of SLwine Flu in particular is to wash your hands thoroughly and often. So, I am thinking about doing a whirlwind tour of restrooms in Second Life so that you will know the best places to wash up.

This is the ridiculously cramped women's washroom near the Hotel Dare.
Oddly, the co-ed shower area was gigantic. Hmmmmm.....

(I'll put in a SLURL when I get in world later.)

I'm considering doing this bathroom/hand washing travel guide, despite the fact that the last time I was a SLwine, I was not only adorable - I had a darn good time!:

What? Me worry?
This is my Piggy Tiny self rocking out at the recent wedding anniversary party for my friends Night Singh and Margo Sciarri (the lovely bird and Wooley Mammoth in the upper corner).

Now, I've heard that some of the public bathrooms in SL can be pretty seedy, so wish me luck!

If you know of any restrooms that I should be sure to include, IM me or leave me a comment. (OH!! Or better yet - send me pictures of your avatar washing their hands! Email them to me or pass them to me in-world along with your avatar name and a SLURL! I'll post them here!)

Stay well, Everyone!


  1. SLwine Flu is now in Austin, TX....SOOWEEE

  2. Yes, SLwine Flu is something to be concerned about right now certainly, but lemme tell ya ... the one that REALLY scares me is that AVIAN SLwine Flu ...

    ... 'cause I mean ... when pigs start to FLY ... man, we're REALLY in for it!


  3. oh shoot - I got lost somewhere.

    Is SLwine Flu the sickness of drinking wine while cavorting around SL?

    Or is it SLwhine Flu, the illness of constantly whining about stuff.

    If so, I'm probably spreading both around.

    I will send you a picture of me sneezing in a crowd.


  4. Lizzie! Stay well!! ummm...or get better? Not sure there. :-)

    Mr. Thor - I DIED laughing at Avian SLwine flu. (Dear God, please let Merrick have to write for my blog for the next Blogger Switch event. Amen.)

    Emerald - Dear God, Please heal Emerald so she will stop sneezing on my blog. She's done it twice today - not that I am tattling. (Just between you and me I think she got Lizzie sick, too.)Amen.

  5. Fortunately, the latest health scare does mean that whenever I land in crowded laggy sim, a quick change into my miniature pig avatar tends to scare enough people away to reduce lag to walking levels.



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