Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I can operate a camera. Really.

Jerremy and I visited artist Bryn Oh's Immersiva sim yesterday evening. Jerremy is so much fun when exploring - I should rent him out for tours or something. He is up for anything - even exploring extremely abstract art sims. One of our favorite things to do is to try to cam around, find hidden spaces and, if possible, go where we are not really supposed to be. Actually, Bryn Oh must have planned for this behavior because we found a couple of purposefully hidden rooms and tunnels, including a small room with a mother-embryo sculpture and a jellyfish room.

At one point, we were flying around in a fly disabled part of the sim and landed on top of a 'tower'. Jerremy stood on top and the way he was standing reminded me of a Sears catalog ad. It was the perfect pose for a picture! Especially with the beautiful sky and sea behind him. However, either he could not stop blinking or I had the world's worst timing. The four pictures above are only some of the closed eye pics I ended up taking. I have never taken that many closed eyes photos in a row before. I think he may be allergic to art.

I found it odd that every item on the sim (I click on everything.) was named 'object.' I laughed and commented to Jerremy that Bryn Oh's inventory must be a mess. Jerremy pointed to the sim and said that we were looking at her inventory.

Good times.

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  1. Ok, those pictures... They remind me of that show My Name Is Earl and every picture Earl has, his eyes are closed or almost closed. So funny!

  2. psssttt.....Bryn is a woman. And, also, too, the best photographers take a million shots because they get closed eyes too.

    Oh and, its great to see you blogging daily. It puts a smile on my face to read your blog Tym

  3. Alicia - I am going to have to apologize to Jerremy for posting those, LOL.

    Chestnut - thank you so much! And thanks for catching that about Byron - I will correct my pronouns now!

  4. Funny pics! I see Chestnut already mentioned that she's Bryn not Byron. She's got amazing vision, and always has a well-crafted story that surrounds her builds. Look for pages of text, cam on them, and you can read it.

  5. Yawn....really honey..these Art sims...yawn...are...yawn..Great!



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