Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Poll!!

I put a poll question right up ..there at the the top of this page. The poll is about wearing logo'd items like a tee-shirt or pair of sunglasses or using an item like a purse or totebag. We do this all of the time in RL - from Nike logos on jackets, Chanel logos on sunglasses, to logo covered Coach bags and Tommy Hilfiger's name all over your underwear in huge letters -- all of that makes us walking advertisements for the firms.

I would really appreciate it if you would give me your opinion on this topic. It would be even better if you would tell me why you would (or do) wear them in SL or why you would not. Which brands would you wear? Are there brands you wish you could wear? In your opinion, why is RL similar or different from SL in this respect?

If you own a business, I would love to hear why you do or do not offer logo'd items. 

I am posting this pole on my marketing blog also -- but you only need to vote and/or comment on one of them. I will combine the results and discuss them on my marketing blog, Pixel Promo.

Thank you in advance for your help!!


  1. I don't wear logo's in SL or RL. Why should I pay good money for something, and then give that huge corporation free advertising as well?

    The only exceptions to this rule would be to promote the efforts of a friend, or someone who's very talented, but unknown.

    Oh, and League. I'm a League hoar, and her little red tags are almost unnoticeable.

  2. I don't generally care if my clothes have a logo on them or not in RL. On the other hand I like "Logo Shirts" with brands I like. IE Dr. Pepper or Nintendo.

    So I guess it depends on what you mean by logos. Frankly I never saw the point of a clothing logo shirt for a clothing company. I never cared for that sort of self promotion.

  3. In RL I generally don't wear items with logos, or if I do, the logos are small, or blend well into the overall design (or else I just cannot get an item without a logo... like on a pair of sports shoes). In SL I'd be the same... the logo has to either blend well in the overall design or not be too noticeable. The point of wearing an item is to look good in it, not to show off the brand, so if the brand gets in the way it defeats the purpose.

  4. "Would" I? I have for years now. I love my Blaze golf shirts...

  5. I *am* a "brand" in SL, and I use and wear my own products.

    Bear in mind that SL products can be branded without being visibly so, as the item names reveal the origins. I would not wear anything ostentatiously advertising some brand or other.

  6. I don't wear logoed item in RL generally, although if its something like small stitching in the corner I wouldn't mind. It's the LV Bags, or knockoffs, that really drive me insane.

    I do own some Devilish Cupcake stuff with the brand on it, but it's a cool name and a great design so I don't mind at all.

  7. I don't mind a very small logo tag - a little one on back pockets of jeans for instance, that adds a touch of realism. Anything larger or more obvious will not be used by me in either world - "designer" or not.



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