Sunday, October 18, 2009

I can be a real witch sometimes!

Hi! Well, good news! Jerremy and I found a great bloody lab coat for him to wear to our Halloween party (October 28, 8:00 PM SLT)  and I finished our invitations! So, I did what I mentioned I needed to do last Monday. Yay me!

Actually, the invitations are Rat-vitations. I'll show them off in this blog since I like how they came out. I am terribly proud of myself that when you click on them they give you a neatly organized folder of party info. I only barely try to work with scripts. They send shivers up my spine. I nearly organized a parade when I figured out how to make a note card giver. Jerremy gave me a script he made so we can upgrade the signs at Starting Point. Right now I have one sign that dispenses each separate piece of info - application, recreation, general info, etc. I am hoping that the gods of LSL will smile down on me and allow me to make one sign that brings up a menu so people can select what they want. The lobby at SP is crazy with signs, at the moment.

I am standing here in front of the place we will hold our party - Sickened Life Labs. Jerremy and I keep wavering on whether the inside will have a very scary feel or a sort of tongue in cheek humor. All I know for sure right now is that the inside of that castle is a mess of monsters, body parts and prim noobs.

Jerremy have been casually working on a background story for our party. I told you before that we seem to overdo everything. This party is one of those things. So far, we have that the lab is actually an old castle that had been foreclosed on and Jerremy bought for a steal. He converted it into a laboratory. When we met (and there is a whole back-story there too), we formed Thorne-Darwin Research, Inc. (a biotech firm) and the avatar research division (Sickened Life Labs) is headquartered there. I'll share more after the invitations go out this coming week.

I am standing here because I wanted a picture of a costume I am going to wear to my friend Haley's party today. I am trying to be a very glamorous witch.

Watch this space for more party information since you will be invited, too!


  1. You two just had to come up with an elaborate back story for the party location - lol. Your conversations must be a LOT of fun when you are tossing ideas around.

  2. They are, Cas! Jerremy is so fun and we really feed off of each others' ideas.

  3. I love that my wife is a real witch! And I love that she goes along with my crazy ideas.



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