Friday, October 30, 2009

Scenes from a Party

This is my costume. ZOMG I had so much fun putting it together. 

As promised, I have some pictures from the party Wednesday to share with you! It was such a blast - the music was awesome (Thank you, Alicia Chenaux!) and the crowd was great. I loved everyone's costumes. Here is a link to my pictures on Flickr: party pictures.

I thought I'd also share a few here though! ZOMG I do need to tell you one thing that happened - near the beginning of the party, two newbies showed up. They were still extremely noobish looking even though they were a few days old, which I thought was very odd. They also had very similar names -- this concerned me since two griefers with nearly identical names to each other had griefed Starting Point before.

They started asking for money and sex and talking in all caps. Jerremy and I started IMing each other furiously, wondering what we should do. We were concerned that they may be griefers, but didn't want to boot anyone just because they were new. When the girl noob hopped on a dance ball, we decided to just keep an eye on them. They seemed to calm down some -- only making an occasional sex or money request.

I decided to IM Alicia to ask her to play a song, but she turned out to be offline. I assumed she had just crashed. But then a song ended and she started to talk. She joked about the noobs and mentioned that if anyone wanted to make requests she should tell people who she was so they could IM her. Jerremy and I gave each other virtual relieved looks.

We IM'd Alicia to let her know how brilliant she and Tyson Warcliffe (the male noob) were.

This is Dr. Jerremy Darwin, Noobologist and researcher at Sickened Life Laboratory.

The "noobs"!!

Dr. Darwin carries the tools of the trade with him always.

Perhaps this handsome bag of fries mistook the splattering blood for ketchup? 
Bwah! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Doesn't he reaize that we have a strict no smoking policy? Sheesh!


  1. LOL!!! The Foodiboos had a blast! Sorry for scaring you guys like that!! :-D

  2. It was a great party!! Everyone did a wonderful job on costumes. Especially those noobs - lol. You forgot to mention the army of Noobs that kept attacking people at the party. I told you we should have invited people for the Starting Point honey ;-)



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