Saturday, November 14, 2009


Jerremy and I live on the shore of a Linden ocean and the Route 7 waterway. Boats drive by all the time. The boat behind me got stuck on a flag pole on the beach of the sim next door. I have no idea if it is an escapee boat or if it was abandoned - I never saw any people on it. The neighbors haven't been in-world a for a few days, so the boats is stuck until they can return it or its owner comes to get it. Every once in a while though, the boat struggles to free itself and flies up into the air for a few seconds.

I went out there to see if I could bump it or something (I couldn't). I liked the look of the wind blowing everything around, so I decided to take a picture here today. I got fancy and instead of using my default "surface of the sun" windlight setting, I tried out a few others. 

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