Monday, December 14, 2009

Perhaps I have said too much already!

Shhhhhh! Jerremy and I are having a great time working in secret as we put together our design contest entry! It is hard not to spill the beans on our idea. I have an urge to take a picture here in our workshop each and every day -  but I fight it! Today, though, I caved! Behind me is a sample shadowbox  that is like the one we will fill at the contest area Saturday. Ah ha! But you cannot see what is just in front of me! Textures! Furniture! Plants! Lighting! Rugs! Bare prims lying hither and yon! (I have always wanted an occasion to use that phrase.) We have less than a week to pull everything together. So if, for the next few days, I look  a bit frazzled but excited, you'll know why. (I must have some ETD Frazzled hair I can wear for pictures. They sold that style, right?) 

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