Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fashionista for a Day: My LOTD

I thought it was high time that this blog feature a LOTD (Look Of The Day). I have always wanted to try my hand at this, so I decided to make a LOTD post from yesterday's outfit.

I actually do looks of the day every day - when I get dressed in the morning. But this time, I captured it on camera while doing super duper, high fashion model poses. (At least I *think* they are super duper, high fashion model poses - that is what it said on the vendor.)

I selected the LOTD ensemble that I am featuring in order to wear to a party. It is best described as a festive Spring look.

Now, although I have several photos here, I forgot to take one from the back so that you can see how high fashion I am when leaving a party, inauguration ball or going back inside after getting the morning paper. However, it will be adequate to just say that this outfit looks pretty similar coming and going.

Now, I will describe the outfit: there is not much to describe here that you cannot see for yourself. You might notice how the white headband softens the head to toe pink, keeping it from overwhelming the look. The headband also helps to draw attention to the face which I hear is a very good, fashiony thing. Oh, also there are two skirts included with this dress. I selected the short one in order to show off the only pair of glitch pants included with the outfit. As you can see in the photo below, the outfit covers the crotch completely - which is the least you can ask of any LOTD, IMHO.

OMG - I almost forgot to talk about the hair. What I like best about this hair is that my head is the perfect size for it so I did not have to adjust it at all. You probably do not have the perfect sized head though, so good luck with that.

Oops, I forgot where I bought all of this stuff so I don't have any SLURLs to share...but if you IM me I will just give you the outfit.*

*I kid. It is no transfer.

**Written with apologies to all of the true fashionistas out there. Please don't hate me.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Nothing up their sleeves!

My monkey is missing. As if by magic. Vanished into thin air. No trace. Not even a banana peel left in his little folder.
I never thought it would happen to me. I tried to pretend it wasn't happening. But I had to face it - over the past two weeks, holes have been appearing in my inventory.

Who or what is behind this SLeight of hand? I would sure as heck like to know since the same illusion has been performed on an entire living room set, a laboratory-in-a-box, clothing, [cough] "special" furniture [cough] and home decor. Unfortunately, you have probably experienced the same problem. Well, maybe not the laboratory-in-a-box thing.
I will admit that I have been very lucky up until now. I have never had an issue with the asset server making a light snack out of my possessions. So, when it happened, I was more than a little astonished. I contacted customer support, but oddly, they didn’t seem to be as surprised.
Me vs. Customer Support.
(Wow, the Customer Support guy bears a striking resemblance to modern day magician, David Blaine, doesn't he? And don't get jealous of my mad PhotoShop skillzzz.)

I am not sure why the company that manages my favorite computer-based simulated environment is not taking the issue more seriously. After clearing my cache and re-logging 753 times, I began to feel like someone was playing a dirty trick on me. (Obviously, I am not a quick learner. I am an optimist, though.)

So, please take a minute to vote for JIRA SVC-553 to fix the glitch causing inventory items to disappear. Or your monkey is next.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Less Than Three Times a Lady

I am not a terribly big fan of Valentine's Day in RL or in SL. This mostly because I think it is an artificial day and if you really love someone you should be showing it every day – not just once a year. That said, there were many Valentine's celebrations in SL this past weekend because there are many couples in SL.

SL couples tend to attract a lot of curiosity. But personally, I don't think romances forged in a virtual world are really so different from those in RL - they both take trust and patience and kindness. So just in case you have never been in SLove, I thought we'd take a closer look at these relationships.

Come with me as we listen in on a random SLovers' conversation now:

Female Avatar: Babe, I SLove u. I'm so thrilled that we got partnered!

Male Avatar: I SLove you, 2!

FA: I want 2 meet u in person someday. No, pressure though. I know we haven't even done Voice yet.

MA: I think we should try it. I rly want 2 hear ur voice!

FA: I want to hear urs also!

MA: Well, before we move 2 that step, I need 2 tell u something. I don't rly look like my RL profile pic. That's a pic of a friend of mine.

FA: Whew!! Actually, that doesn't bother me. I don't look like mine either. I cut that out of a magazine & scanned it.

MA: LOL. That is ok. I SLove u 4 what's on the inside…not outward appearances. :-)

FA: Sweetie, while we r disclosing things, I didn't quite tell the truth when I told u my age. I'm not 27. I'm actually 65 years old.

MA: Honey! I can live with that. Age is just a #. A 30 year age difference doesn't matter if we r in SLove.

FA: Whew! LOL. I should tell u something else. I'm married in RL.

MA: That's ok! So am I! ROFL! But, there is something else. The reason I've not wanted 2 do voice yet is…well, I'm afraid 2 tell u.

FA: There's nothing u can't tell me! u r my soul mate.

MA: OK. Then I need to tell you that…I'm a woman in RL.

FA: Wow. Just wow. I don't know wot 2 say.

MA: :-(

FA: I'm a man in RL!

MA: :-))))) So...when should we try voice?

FA & MA: <3<3<3

* By the way, I hope everyone caught that "Leet meets Lionel Richie" thing in the title.

** And a big thank you goes to my husband, Jerremy Darwin, for helping me with this post. I had the title but no topic and I sure as heck wasn't going to waste it.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Iron Supplement

A few days ago, while I was doing my usual running around the grid, I found this shocking invention:

Yes, folks. Just in time for Valentine’s Day. It is a sex ironing board. (I will swear on a bible that I was merely out looking for textures. These things find me.)

Now personally, I would never attempt to have relations on an ironing board in RL. This is mostly because 1) I hate ironing and 2) I am sure that most ironing boards are not designed to withstand the weight of two adults…much less two adults wiggling around furiously.

If boinking on an ironing board was a real possibility, someone would have already coined slang for it like “Crease you!” for when they were angry or “I’m so wrinkly!” for when they were “in the mood.”

This item would probably be a good candidate for NPIRL (Not Possible In Real Life) and/or should be featured on the SL log in page – just like that picture of a girl with a strong face light who is holding a salmon in her bare hand.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go leave a load of system clothes sitting in the dryer while I think of a way to convince Jerremy that we need a nice big laundry room in our house.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Sucked In

Yes…you have seen this monkey a couple of times before…and I can assure you that you will see him again. I am going to get my money’s worth out of him.

Recently, while doing some regular shopping, I stumbled upon an odd item. It was a giant pair of shiny red lips. I paused…staring at them suspiciously. I had seen this item before - on the fashion feed. I knew what it was all about…the Kiss Valentine hunt. My heart began to race and my hands grew clammy.

I had been down this dark road before, but naively, I thought I could handle it. I decided that I’d get the lips just to see what was inside. I took the item into my inventory, hands shaking. A feeling of warmth came over me. That was all it took. Just one hit and I had a monkey on my back. And this monkey had 244 friends.

I quickly became obsessed with getting the rest of the lips. I needed the whole set as much as I need to eat M&M’s so that there is always an even number of colors.

And of course, I could not do one Valentine hunt without the other. Like a small child who wants one cookie for each hand, I started the Greatest Love hunt.

I struggled to keep my inventory organized and small. I dared not open the boxes of “prizes” lest my inventory balloon wildly. No. I would need to do that as cautiously as a bomb disposal crew – carefully opening each package, ruthlessly assessing each item and then immediately filing it or throwing it away.

I know the hunger that drives me. I didn’t do hunts at all until fairly recently when I learned about a hunt which had a prize of…little, tiny decorative chairs!!! Microscopic! Adorable! You see, I collect miniature chairs in RL, and by not going on that hunt I missed out on possibly the greatest hunt prize ever awarded. Ever! Weep. I vowed not to miss out on the next time someone gives out little, tiny decorative chairs. (It could happen. I’m just sayin’.)

Tragically, the darkness won’t end when the hunts do. How long will I last before I need another hit? How long will it be before I am hiding my own clothing and furniture around our sim just to get a fix? How long until Jerremy comes home to find all of his office furniture gone?

This sucks.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I see dead people...

There I was, strolling innocently through a high end store when I was confronted by this otherwise lovely clothing display:

See it? Look closer.

Those aren't socks. Nor did the model tie her ankle straps so tightly that she has cut off all of the circulation to her feet. No...this is worse. Shudder.

I have said before that prim feet are a bad idea. This is confirmation of it.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Close Knit Family

Since it has been a year and a half since I started playing Second Life, and ages since I first talked to her about the topic, I thought I would sit my Mom down once more and talk with her about my Second Life hobby.

Me: Hi, Mom.

Mom: Hello. So what did you want to talk to me about? I already told your father that he needs a haircut.

Me: No…this is not about Dad’s grooming.

Mom: That man, I swear. So, is this for your internet thing-a-ma-bob again?

Me: Yes, it is for my blog. I thought we’d start by having you ask about how my hobby is going.

Mom: What if I was going to ask a different question?

Me: Mom, ask me about my hobby…please?

Mom: Why can’t you take up knitting like your sister, Cammy? That is a real hobby. How are you going to meet men playing on the computer?

Me: Hey, that wasn’t the question! Ummmm… would I meet men by knitting? Is that how you met, Dad?

Mom: Oh, heavens, no. I can’t knit.

Me: [stares]

Mom: But I sure as hey didn’t meet him on the computer!

Me: [stares]

Mom: [sigh] So, how is your “hobby” going?

Me: Very well! My avatar has a lovely home, a couple of jobs and now…ummmm…a husband.

Mom: Interesting. She has a husband, but I am still waiting for grandchildren from you. You know you are too picky. And you are not getting any younger. And…

Me: …!!!!

Mom: Fine. Well, what kind of jobs does she have?

Me: She is a semi-retired model; a writer; and a landlord.

Mom: And what does her husband do?

Me: He is a builder and landlord.

Mom: Why would you pretend to have a job when you have a real one?

Me: I am not a semi-retired model in real life, Mom. These are fantasy jobs. Just for fun.

Mom: How is it fun to pretend to be a landlord?

Me: It’s fun - trust me.

Mom: Well, be careful with the internet. Did you know there are some sickos who use it for S-E-X?

Me: [blinks] You know, I have never seen any of Cammy’s knitting projects. Nor have I actually seen her knitting.

Mom: Me either, but she tells me she really enjoys it. She learned to do it on the internet.

Me: [Stares]

Mom: By the way, are you staying for dinner?

Me: [sigh] Probably. What are you having?

By the way, if any of you need a new pair of socks, just ask me.


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