Friday, March 27, 2009

Back before we had the interweb...

[ETA: Jerremy, my husband, posted his own Time Travel blog post! Enjoy! He is getting a little too used to skimpy clothing and nudity...not that I mind of course.]
 Jerremy is available for birthdays and bachelorette parties.

Alicia Chenaux & Sophia Harlow suggested a fun blogger challenge/activity earlier this week - the Time Travelers' Blogger Challenge! We are to select a time period we would like to travel to, take a picture representing that time and select a song or video to go with it. Easy peasy! Except that sometimes my brain makes wild leaps of association as you shall see below.

I'll set the stage for you....

Think back to a time long, long ago....back before gambling was outlawed in SL, before Homesteads, Gorean role play and talking genitalia. Let your mind travel to a time before Lucky Chairs, before Voice Chat and before Torley Linden was even a wee watermelon seed.

We have traveled back to prehistoric times! Jerremy and I are Cave Avatars!

We must keep the species going...somehow...despite our primitive hair.

When I pondered prehistoric times and an associated song, my brain, dulled from hours of trying to decide if I am going to do the Bunny Hop Grid-wide Hunt or not, instantly thought of Haircut 100's Love Plus One. You see, I like to think that back then when we were busy evolving and keeping the species going, we bopped around like this all of the time:

I'll admit that the song choice is a bit of a stretch, since they are actually pretending to be cannibals in this video and the song has nothing to do with anything prehistoric. However, it was definitely made before flexi-prim hair. In any case, this video makes me think of cavemen and I adore the upbeat, fun tune and lyrics.

Someday when mankind evolves a bit more - into brains in jars who can operate computer mice - we'll think back fondly on this current era and all the fun we had with Second Life.

And then we'll bop around in our jars.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wouldn't Another "Love Thursday" Be Good?

**ETA: My amazing husband Jerremy posted his "Happy" today on his blog, too! He is terribly sweet and I heart him!!**

While getting another blog post ready, I found the perfect thing to share with you for this week's Love Thursday. If you will recall, on Thursdays, SL bloggers are encouraged to post about something that makes them happy and is positive. Yea, yea, I forgot last week. Anyhoo...

I ran across a video of
possibly the World's Best Song. I adore this song so much that if I were not already very happily married to Jerremy, I would seriously consider running off with it. (Just me and a cassette tape...having a little family of micro-cassettes. Sigh.) This song is my "Happy" for today!

Why is it my "Happy"? Great lyrics, amazing tune, kitschy video - the trifecta of music, IMHO. (Plus, my typist may or may not have lost her virginity to someone with the same haircut as Nik Kershaw. I'll never tell.)

The lyrics are oh-so-appropriate for Love Thursdays because they talk about the folly of thinking the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. It is a good reminder to appreciate what we have. And really, that is what Love Thursdays are all about. Enjoy!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

My FIRST Meme...only it's like my 100th.

Look what I found!!!

I was tagged by the lovely and talented
Alicia Chenaux
for a new meme. This one is on firsts in your First Life. However, as is my custom, I will attempt to answer these using my perspective as a 1 1/2 year old in SL so as not to spoil the magic that LL graciously bestows upon us.

Be patient - there are a bunch here.
And a one, and a two....

1. Who was your first prom date?
I went to the Relay for Life Prom last year by myself. I *think* I was either not dating Jerremy yet or he could not be in-world at the time. I cannot remember. So there was no making out under the bleachers for me.

2. Do you still talk to your
first love? My first love in SL was shopping. So...sometimes.

3. What was your
first alcoholic drink? Champagne. Talking champagne.

4. What was your
first job? I consider being a blogger my first job, really. But my first paying job was as a model in a runway show. I was petrified because I had not yet learned to walk in a straight line. My agents were petrified because I could not yet walk in a straight line. Mercifully, they put up an invisible prim barrier around the edge of the runway and I just bumped my way against it for all of my runway walks.*

5. What was your first car? Jerremy and I found some sort of "test car" in the Rezzable's Ice Age sim (can't recall its name). I drove while Jerremy sat the passenger seat. I crashed and we fell off of a cliff. He never lets me drive now.

6. Who was the
first person to text you today? What is this 'texting' thing you speak of?

7. Who is the
first person you thought of this morning? My husband, Jerremy, of course.

8. Who was your
first grade teacher? Well, it wasn't first grade, but my first SL boyfriend taught me how to build. He was just as demanding of my lining up prims and textures perfectly as any Catholic school nun would have been.

9. Where did you go on your
first ride on an airplane? It was actually a spaceship - it was around the Greenies' House. Jerremy and I later returned to the place and they had set up a timed obstacle course. He kicked my arse. Chivalry is dead.

10. Who was your
first best friend and do you still talk? My very first best friends were the members of the LL Technical Support Staff. I still talk to them often, unfortunately.

11. Where was your
first sleep over? Although I used to put myself into pajamas, turn out my light and lay on my bed, sleeping is kinda hard in SL. So, sleeping over is nearly impossible.

12. Who was the
first person you talked/will talk to today? I will probably be butting into conversations and being generally annoying in group chat early in the evening. So, the answer is whoever is unlucky enough to have me in their group.

13. Whose wedding were you in the
first time? I was so honored when I was asked to read a passage from The Little Prince at the wedding of two amazing people - Night Singh and Margo Sciarri. I was so nervous!! It was an absolutely beautiful wedding followed by an incredibly fun reception. They recently celebrated their 1 year anniversary! The next wedding I was in was Jerremy's. :-P

14. What was the
first thing you did this morning/first thing you will do when you log in? The first thing I will do when I log in is to wonder why on God's green earth LL uses that [insert description of a ridiculous or out of season pic] photo on the log in page.

15. What was the
first concert you ever went to? I can't remember because I was drunk on talking champagne.

16. What was your
first record/tape? I will let you know as soon as I can actually find....holy crap! There are some on xstreetSL! [/me hurries back to xstreetSL to find a wheel that spins hay into gold or a unicorn.]

17. F
irst hospitalization? When I was researching health care in SL for a blog post, I went to a hospital that turned out to be a medical fetish place and this newbie looking doctor kept following me around insisting that he had to do medical procedures on me. When I laid down on a gurney so that I could take a picture, his head nearly exploded.

First foreign country you've been to? SL set my first home location to a Korean sim. I have no idea why. So, Korea - kind of.

19. First movie you remember seeing?
It was a Torley tutorial. I was so frightened and confused. Was he a man, a woman...a watermelon? Why did he talk so fast? Friendly greetings? How could anyone be so happy? Why was he answering IMs during the middle of the tutorial? /me shakes and cries.

20. When was your
first detention? One time last fall when Jerremy and I were playing a very innocent game of The Professor and the College Freshman.

21. Where did you
first meet your spouse/partner now? Jerremy was looking around my sim for some land to buy. Or stalking me. I'm not sure which. He just turned up at my house one day. Convenient, huh?

22. Who was your
first roommate? Jerremy. And he was always making long distance phone calls to other sims but insisting we should split the phone bill evenly.

23. What did you do with your
first paycheck? I threw it on the pile and probably bought my MystiTool or a monkey.

And, those, my friends, are the firsts in my Second Life. And just like the first meme I ever responded to, I tag no one....unless you want to do this meme, too. Then, TAG!!! You may answer in my comments or in a blog if you have one. And I will even let you pick between 1st Life, 2nd Life or both. Knock yourselves out 'cause it will give me something to read.

*I kid - they actually created an amazing walking tool for us all to use - I looked like a pro using it.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Thursday 'Happy'

Alicia Chenaux passed on a suggestion made by Strawberry Singh for us to remember all of the things we love or are good and positive in our lives and post about them in our blogs. This is being called Love Thursdays.

Here is mine for today:

Photo By Angel Horner, Dream Studios

I started with my biggest 'happy' of all: my husband, Jerremy. He makes me extremely happy. He has my back and I have his - we are a team in every sense of the word. I love him so much.

This wedding photo makes me think back on the challenge Jerremy had that day - his PC was acting up, he was in danger of crashing at any moment (he had already crashed once right before the ceremony) and he was having trouble seeing things on his screen. But during the ceremony, just as we had planned, he managed to open another browser window, log into and ask me to be his Partner. To remember how much he worked to make that happen for us brings tears of joy to my eyes. In fact, I am crying just writing about it.

Ooops - I don't think crying is supposed to be part of Love Thursday. :-P

(I included two pictures because I just love that black and white one, but it is a bit hard to see Jerremy. I'm not trying be be obnoxious. Really.)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Would we have let me in?

Stop squinting. There is a close up of the application below.

At Starting Point (the new resident dormitory I run with my husband, Jerremy Darwin) we have always had a fairly liberal acceptance policy. This is mostly because new residents have so little in their profiles and only a modest amount of information to put on their applications. We really don’t have much to go on other than gut instinct. And a Magic 8 ball.

However, we have really lucked out! We have had many, many good residents - as well as some real stand outs - and very few problems, if any. Knock on wood.

That said, during the application process, we occasionally run across red flags that might result in some hesitation on our part. We tend to get wary if:

  • You respond to every question on the residency application, including "What is your name?" by asking how to get money.
  • Literally every group listed in your profile has the word "penis" in it. (OK, this won't count against an applicant, but Jerremy and I will have a good laugh about it.)
  • When you pass me your completed application, you ask if you can bite me on the neck.

  • Your profile includes a link to your Face Book page…where you mention getting your driver’s license and plans for going to junior prom. (Oops!)
  • You ask me for an application...but you are not wearing pants when you do it.
  • You ask me for an application but you are wearing pants…and your freenis.
  • Your profile indicates that you might have multiple personalities: “I am in SL to make friends and have fun! Feel free to IM me! I am a bitch and proud of it. Do not mess with me.
  • You do not read my blog. (OK, OK, I will let you slide on this one.)
  • You account obviously belongs to a grad student hoping to facilitate your research for a thesis on how SL is full of depraved people, casual hook-ups, and sexual perversions…and you use your application to ask to interview Jerremy and me about it. (Why? What have you heard?)
  • Your account obviously belongs to my mother.
  • You fill out your application with help from the prim newbie we have sitting in the hot tub.
  • Your fetus asks me for the application.

Wow! You know, looking back at these, I realize that we actually set the bar pretty high for our residents! Frankly, I am not sure if I'd get in. And I KNOW Jerremy wouldn't have made the cut. :-P

Monday, March 2, 2009

A Very Important Message [cough]& movie debut[cough]

My friend and a former Man Behind the Goatee on this blog, Noelyci Ingmann, made the video below to share information about diabetes. You can visit his web site to get additional information and links to learn more about diabetes

Noelyci started this feature on his blog called "Virtual Pump Hotties" - photos of people wearing an insulin pump he made for Second Life. (Stop by Noelyci's store and pick up your own insulin pump for $1L. He even has a pink neko one!) Noelyci shows "Virtual Pump Hotties" in the video. You can still submit photos to him - just wear a pump and snap away. Then, drop the pic on him in-world or send it to him at noel@ingmanndesign dot com. And men? Don't be shy - you can be hotties, too. The women would like a little eye candy, I'm just sayin'.

I am really impressed by the video...and not just because I am in it [cough]starting at 1:23 of the video[cough]. That is simply an added bit of fun for me.



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