Thursday, December 31, 2009

In 2010, the Trend is Your Friend

2009 was an interesting year in SL, to say the least! What stands out to me in 2009? The way I folded like a house of cards when a pair of prim feet-filled sandals was waved in front of me!

I resisted the trend quite successfully for 99% of 2009. But, the shoes were pretty and I wanted to see how difficult it was to tint them properly. Seriously, I am so over only being able to wear the equivalent of SLorthopedic shoes.

I am happy to report that the sandals were not awful and I was able to get reasonably close to the correct skin shade. They made me taller and I liked that -- which is odd, since I could have just moved my height slider bar to be taller anyway, but whatever.

I will still never understand why it is easier to make pretty shoes with feet than without. However, people of SL, this is a warning - prim heads are coming. I see the writing on the wall.

What trends will I continue to resist in 2010? Putting stores in my picks, sculpted prim skirts, alts, breed-able pets, text speak in IM, starting my very own fashion blog, 6-figure sized inventories, glow and sucking up to Prad Pathavi. Whew. I think I have my work cut out for me in 2010.

(I am soooooo kidding. I figured that he can take a joke. If this line is not funny to you, substitute M Linden's name for Prad's and see if that is any better. No? Crap.) 

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

We were born, born to be wild...

Yea. This is my ol' man, Jerremy. I am sitting on the back of his scoot as he gets ready to hammer down.

We had a blast yesterday at the Aero Pines Park & Recreation Area ("8 Sims of of Trails, Roads, Waterways, Caverns, Canyons, Forest, Beaches, and more!") which is touted as part of LL's Winterfest. And yes. I am so inappropriately dressed for winter fun. But I like this dress, so there. We cross country skied, went spelunking, snowboarded and rode horses. And at some point, Jerremy was horse skiing. 

Horse skiing. That wild man!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The skin you're in...

EEK! I bit the bullet today. I boxed up all of my treasured Celestial Vogue skins. I had every single makeup - including the Deviant Nation makeups - in two skin tones and a handful of favorite makeups in a third. This is weird for me! This is literally the only skin line I have worn  (except for rare times I was wearing a special makeup for a costume) for almost 2 1/2 years. See how loyal I can be? I know that many fashionistas will recoil in horror at the thought of not changing skins frequently. But Celestial Vogue was ME. Really, no one on the grid makes a prettier kitty or stomach than Starley Thereian. Vogue is connected with all of my best memories in SL.

Anyhoo, I think I have found something that feels like me, so I will start 2010 with an evolution of sorts. However, if Celestial comes out with a Vogue 2 line or something (hint, hint), I'll be back in a flash!

Monday, December 28, 2009


This is me at the new Designer's United event tonight, looking for new, interesting stuff to buy. I haven't bought anything really unique in a while, so I am letting myself go wild. I love, love, love that the theme is circus or vaudeville or something like that. Maybe "toothless carny"? Who knows. I just know that the instant anything rezzes, I will buy it! Hah!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

/me screams and runs around!

Talented blogger Josue Habana of Pixel Scoop chose 12 of some of his favorite blog posts from 2009! And one of mine is on the list!! I am Miss February!! (That's how this works, right, Josue?)

Check out all 12 of his picks -- and his blog as well. You just might discover some new favorite blogs with which to entertain yourself in 2010!

Glow for it!

When Jerremy logged in, I was exploring shops and had just landed at the store Rachael Breaker Rules. The music and glow had not started to hurt yet (It's cute, but WOW.), so I tp'd him to see everything. That is me perched on the top of the chair. Jerremy has his new pet mole on his head. 

OMG, also? This is my 50th picture in my 365 "picture a day" challenge. I know! I'd like to thank the people at Photoshop, my graphics card, and my parents...and all the folks behind the scenes...and the man upstairs....

Saturday, December 26, 2009


I'm lounging and considering what furniture to buy to finish redecorating our bedroom. We have the bed and this matching lounger. I thought it would be easy to decorate with so many colors, but I was wrong. I'd really, really like to surprise Jerremy with a decorated room before the new year. We got some incredible gift cards as part of our prize package from the Second Spaces design contest, so I have lots of places to look for pieces to go in the room.

If I cannot finish the room, maybe I can distract Jerremy with this bodacious cleavage.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Santa - Australian for Beer

Yea, yea...happy holidays to you. Want a beer? Too bad. I drank them all already.

I kid! I don't like beer. I was actually trying to find a holiday sounding slogan to adapt as a title to this post when I same across this slogan generating site here. It came up with the above and since it goes almost perfectly with the picture (I can't think of a way to tie in the Australian thing)...tah dah!

This post serves three purposes: 1) a reminder that you must go to sleep tonight (the earlier the better) or SLanta cannot leave presents, 2) a reminder that you can still tour the exhibits for the Second Spaces Santa's Escape contest! (In fact, I am sitting in Cloe Thirdborn's contest shadow box right now.), and 3) the 47th of the 365 photos that I challenged myself to post.

Hey! It is already Christmas Day in Australia! There is my tie in! Merry Christmas, Mates! (The rest of you will have to wait.)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

SLanta Bot

Me: Hi, SLanta Bot 

SLanta Bot: Hey. 

Me: I need to ask you something. Is SLanta Claus real? 

SLanta Bot: SLanta Claus is real, as far as I know. But then again, I'm just a bot. Why do you ask, Tymmerie? 

Me: Well, some older avatars have been saying that all of us, even SLanta Claus, are not real. We are just pixels. 

SLanta Bot: Why would you believe those people? 

Me: Well, they have titles like "Owner", "My other avatar is a Linden" and "Head Biotch in Charge." 

SLanta Bot: Oh. I guess they would know then. *shrug* 

Me: *sigh*

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Monday, December 21, 2009

Rocket Man

Last night, I went to a taping of the Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe show since I happened to know two of the guests on the show: Hamlet Au and RC Cluster designer Redd Columbia. This is me waiting patiently in the audience between segments. (That hair does not look quite so pineapple-ish from the front, I assure you.)

Later, when Jerremy got in world we went "sort of" exploring. "Sort of" exploring is when I have a landmark but I am not quite sure what kind of place it will land us. It could be a store, event, interesting sim, tentacle sex paradise, etc. Lucky, Jerremy is an adventurous man. (Well, I really haven't tested him with any tentacle sex landmarks.) 

Last night, I had a landmark to 109 Prim Circus. To be honest, I wasn't sure if it was a store or art installation before we went. It turns out to be both. It was really pretty. I thought Jerremy riding around on a toy rocket with a Santa hat on was one of the cutest things I had ever seen in SL. 

Re-Post - A Visit From Santa in SL

Twas two weeks before Christmas, as I strolled ‘cross the grid,
Pondering my Avatar friends as I did. 

As I TP’d to shops, I spied Old Saint Nick!
“Santa!” I IM’d, “Please help me! And quick!”

He nodded at me and then followed me home,
where I poured him an ale and he blew off the foam. 

“Tell me Dear Santa– as much as you’re able.”
He kicked off his boots; put his feet on my table.  

“How do I determine who is naughty or nice?
Please, Santa Baby – give me some advice!” 

“You see, my dear Tym, there is a system I use
to rank their behavior and that helps me choose. 

“Not ‘naughty’ or ‘nice’ – that’s so old fashioned!”
His voice grew quite loud - he was very impassioned. 

“Let’s take the Pearl Clutchers – hard to ignore.
Yes, they may behave, but, oh what a bore!  

“They always wear undies – sometimes multiple layers!
They delete empty boxes left by other players. 

They stay the same sex in real life or Secon’.
They need a reason to be bad – this much I reckon.” 

He opened his mouth and out came a sound.
He turned a bit red and set his glass down.

“Santa!” I gasped, “Let’s keep this classy!”
“Sorry, my dear – ginger ale makes me gassy. 

“Following next, we have the Quite Nice.
They’ll help you in sandboxes – don’t have to ask twice!

“They give newbies free things and share camera tips.
They’ll line up your textures and help you fix scripts. 

“They spend time in dungeons and trolling sex clubs.
And while they don’t own whips, they’re still mean to Subs!  

“Now, we have those who Could Go Either Way.
They were gracious last week, mischievous today. 

“They know all the rules for the Gorean cities,
but they only go there to see exposed kitties.

“They correct all their typos when in open chat. 
They pronounce LOL on Voice – what’s up with that? :-P 

“Get them some gifts that expose them to vice,
and then you’ll find out if they’re naughty or nice!

“Then, we have those who are Just Sort of Bad.
They’re easy to shop for – but they make me mad!

“You know who they are – ‘cause they crash all the sims
with bling and accessories that use up the prims!

“They spy on their neighbors when they’re having SLex.
They change the permissions on all your objects!

“You know I’ve been saving the BEST for last!
If you want a good time, they are a blast!

“The Curl Your Toes Naughty!” he chuckled aloud, 
“They’re having more fun than the Lindens allow!”  

I looked up at Santa with a questioning glance.
“Tym, Dear! Their Avatars never wear pants!

“They’ve got pose balls set up for a marvelous time,
and the way that they hold you is just so divine!

“They email you pictures of their naughty parts,
and their Role Play skills are way off of the charts!” 

He got up to leave and I shook his hand.
I wasn’t quite sure – did I misunderstand? 

I pondered the rankings, best as I could recall.
“Santa, the BEST you ranked NAUGHTIEST OF ALL!!” 

He smiled, leaned in closely - almost touching my head,
“It’s Second Life, Tym, Dear. I like bad instead!”

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Deck the Halls

Today we had a fun little Holiday Open House at Starting Point right there on the deck that serves as our lobby. I wish I had remembered to take pictures at the peak of the party so I could show everyone. Alicia Chenaux did a great job of selecting music for us.

I handed out small Christmas trees as party favors. That is why there is a tree in the middle of the "dance floor." To pass them out, I set them for sale for $0L and then told everyone to buy one and take it with them when the party ended. I set a tree down there, but when I went to scoot it out of the way, someone had already bought it. Since you cannot move others' objects, we adapted and danced around it. (Ooops. From this angle, it looks like the gentleman in the gray sweater is on top of the tree like a little angel.)

I like events like this since I need lots of places to wear the 1,000 holiday themed outfits I bought this year. I went crazy. I admit it. I have red and green poof skirts, striped socks and puffy blouses out the wazoo. Despite my buying frenzy, I ended up am wearing two SL vintage items - my EMJ red holiday ornament earrings and Santa boots made by Lyra Muse for Last Call. I love, love, love the memories that go along with those items.That is me in the upper left corner wearing black fur topped boots and red striped socks. 

Oh! Just like I told the folks at the party, I will tell you: we are 99% certain that the next big party Jerremy and I throw will be a Mardi Gras one. The RL celebration is February 16th, so we will probably try for a day weekend close to that. Watch this space for information!

Also, remember yesterday? When Jerremy and I won that design contest? One of our prizes is short term shop space somewhere. Jerremy is thinking of selling some of the items we have made. This could be kind of cool. We just have to think of a good name for a short-term shop with a rather eclectic mix of things. Things like "spring toys that walk down stairs" costumes and prim saxophones (I will throw in the stand for free.). Hmmmmmm....

Saturday, December 19, 2009


This is Mrs. Claus (me, in white hair) inspecting Santa's (Jerremy) chest hair growth. If you want to see why this picture came to be, visit the contest grounds for the Second Spaces "Santa's Escape" design contest. Visit our entry - the "Santa's Man Cave in New Orleans" design. 

P.S. We WON the contest!!! We are pinching ourselves because OMG, some of the designs were amazing. Please visit the contest grounds and see how creative SLers can be! Thank you to all the sponsors and to Elle Kirshner of Second Spaces and Pulling Strings for organizing the event!

Friday, December 18, 2009

You sleigh me!

Just in case you did not know this - RC Cluster has some really, really nice full perm gift boxes out in front of their store for the low, low price of FREE. Now you can go all "Martha Stewart" on your SL friends by wrapping holiday gifts beautifully!!

Speaking of Martha Stewart - if she had an avatar, guess what she would be doing this weekend in SL? She would be attending the Second Spaces' "Santa's Escape" Design Contest judging party! And so should you! It will be from 1:00-3:00 PM SLT and there will be music, dancing and door prizes. You can explore the 15 shadow box designs vying for the prizes - including mine and Jerremy's!

Yikes. That is why I am resting in the picture up above. We are still trying to pull everything together for our contest entry.  Plus, I am holding an open house at Starting Point this Sunday! 

The Open House will be from noon - 2:00 PM SLT on December 20th at Starting Point new resident dormitory. Please come dance, explore Starting Point, mingle and meet our residents.  

Well, I have to get back to work. Happy Friday!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

No shirt, no shoes, no service...

 Sometimes I want to hit the ground running when I get in-world. maybe because my typist is running late or we just have a million things to do. Sometimes, I am not appropriately dressed at log-in. What's a busy girl on the grid to do? Thank heaven for trench coats.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Twilight Tiger Booty

The title on this post is just a test. On Plurk today, someone mentioned how you get a zillion hits if you use certain words in your blog post titles. I would have put "health care reform" in there, too, but I didn't want to start getting political.

So, for those of you who got here by googling any or all of the words twilight, Tiger and booty: Welcome! I did my best not to be deceptive by including a picture of myself at twilight showing my booty while looking over my shoulder at a tiger in the distance. "Should I run?" I think to myself. "If I run in my incredibly high heeled shoes that are totally inappropriate for this jungle hike, I might trip and hurt my ankle." My heart starts racing. "Tarzan, where..."

Oh, sorry. 

Anyhoo, this is my day so far - prancing around our garden in my holiday themed unmentionables. I know - but it is a mature sim. 

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cookie Girl

Just a nice holiday cookie baking day in the virtual world! I want to have a lot for Santa because I am asking for some pretty big things. One of them of course is for my favorite designers to keep/resume creating. So the tray of snowmen is for more ETD hair & clothing someday. And the reindeer are for anything and everything from Celestial Studios. I am a stubborn girl, I know. But I have favorites and those are some classics. Not sure if Santa can help with this one, but I am going to try. Perhaps I should send a few dozen over to the Lab, too?

Monday, December 14, 2009

Perhaps I have said too much already!

Shhhhhh! Jerremy and I are having a great time working in secret as we put together our design contest entry! It is hard not to spill the beans on our idea. I have an urge to take a picture here in our workshop each and every day -  but I fight it! Today, though, I caved! Behind me is a sample shadowbox  that is like the one we will fill at the contest area Saturday. Ah ha! But you cannot see what is just in front of me! Textures! Furniture! Plants! Lighting! Rugs! Bare prims lying hither and yon! (I have always wanted an occasion to use that phrase.) We have less than a week to pull everything together. So if, for the next few days, I look  a bit frazzled but excited, you'll know why. (I must have some ETD Frazzled hair I can wear for pictures. They sold that style, right?) 

Sunday, December 13, 2009

December SL Blogger Meet-Up Party Success!

The December SL Blogger party was so great and the party area was so pretty!! Unfortunately, my pictures weren't. (At least I didn't crash though!) I liked the way my skirt was twirling in this picture, so I am using it as my 36th in the 365 blog picture project I am doing. (ZOMG that is like practically 10% of the way!)

The party had everything - shirtless men, particle snow, poop jokes, a dancing snowman, assorted robots and the 'Dick in a Box' song.  Thanks again to everyone who came and to Guenevere DeCuir for DJing and Alicia Chenaux for hosting!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Waiting for Santa

This is me today - Waiting patiently for Santa at one of my favorite party/prim food shops, Divivity. I got a notecard that Santa would be there. Unfortunately, the note card had no date or time. But, Santa will be granting wishes and giving prizes from their merchandise, so I keep going back to check. Yes, It would make more sense to IM the creator and ask what time the event will take place. But then I would feel like I was being greedy for presents. I know, I know. Don't judge me. I just know that I am going to ask Santa for the Gumdrop Christmas Tree. I thought about requesting the Gingerbread Bed - but I think all of the crumbs would get annoying. 

By the way, they have a lovely pear tree here in case you need a place to keep your partridge. 

Friday, December 11, 2009

On the Catwalk

I went to a fashion show today that my friend Alicia Chenaux was walking in. In this picture, I am seated next to my friend Marnix Malifozik and that is Alicia up on the runway.  It was a really fun show. I do love my PC. Even with more than 50 people on the sim, I had very little lag (a few of the models' accessories were slow to rez) and I was able to take pictures. 

I'm glad I got a picture that I liked early in the show. Who uses gestures at a fashion show? Forget that question - just, who uses gestures? That earns an automatic mute. So by the end of the show, the audience was a sea of gray.

Watching the show made me miss modeling a little bit. Now, I want to organize a reunion party for Dream Models. it has been such a while since we have all been together. Hmmmmm...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Almost slipped my mind!

I have got a good thing going thing going here with the 365 "picture a day" blog thingy I am doing (It is day  32, by the way. YAY me!) but I almost forgot today. Yikes!! Anyway, this is me in one of my favorite thinking spots. I am figuring out what I need to get done today before Jerremy gets in-world.  I have some "normal", non-365 project posts in the works. Some of the tasks I need to get done are for those posts. Gotta get back to errands and such! Later!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Swan Lake

Ok, it's not really a lake. It's just our little Linden water pond. I had not checked on our swans in a while. Oops. I hope they are finding things to eat. We have a romantic picnic blanket on the lawn here and some make-out pose balls behind that waterfall.
I think I am less worried about what the swans are eating than what our Jurassic era-sized dragon fly is eating. Good gawd - it must have to eat its weight in food every day just to survive. I guess that is why the club next door doesn't get much repeat business. If you visit for a picnic, watch your back. I'm just sayin'.

Whom do YOU consider the Hottest Male Av of 2009?

Hi - this is Jerremy Darwin. I nominated him for Hottest Male Avatar of 2009. 97 men from Second Life were nominated and right now these are being narrowed down with input from New World Notes readers. If you'd like to throw your support behind any of these 97 male avatars, add a comment to the New World Notes post

I nominated Jerremy because, as avatars go he is pretty awesome. He does not pick his virtual nose or pee in our SexGen shower. He will take off his shirt at the drop of a hat and is never afraid to get silly. That already puts him far ahead of other male avatars, in my book. He also likes to throw parties, make people laugh and help new players. I kind of think that makes him "hot" both inside and out.

In any case, have fun by checking out all of the nominees and leave a comment about your favorite(s) to help the organizers narrow the pool of handsome gentlemen down to the finalists!

Monday, December 7, 2009

They are so cute when they are young!

I was sitting around our house thinking of ideas for the design contest Jerremy and I have entered when I heard someone typing on a keyboard. I glanced into my office and saw a brand new player sitting at the chair behind my desk typing on the laptop. This struck me as being completely charming.

I watched her for a bit as she sat in all of the chairs and clicked on everything she could find. Eventually, she wandered out to where I was sitting. I greeted her and we talked for a while before she asked if she could look around some more. (I did explain to her that she should ask permission before going into any other homes.) After she discovered that if you click on the refrigerator you can get items of food, she ate a sandwich and had something to drink at the patio table. 

She came back inside and admired the pictures on the wall, changed clothes and flew off into the wild blue yonder. She was sweet and I got a kick out of watching her try things out. I really hope she fills out the application for Starting Point that I passed to her. I think she'd enjoy living there. She gave me a little gift of making me remember the wonder of SL.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Snowman Talks: SL Blogger Meet-Up Par-tay

I wandered over to Alicia Chenaux's island yesterday to see what I could find out about the next Second Life Bloggers' meet-up party. A snowman was the only one there, but he wasn't talking. At first. After a few threats of space heaters and very long extension cords, he told me what he knew.

The party is next Sunday, December 13th from noon-2 PM SLT. The theme will be Winter Festival with music provided by DJ Guenevere DeCuir. There will also be a few prizes awarded to the first people to answer winter holiday (Kwanzaa, Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year's Eve) trivia questions asked during the party.

I thought about asking Frosty here what I should wear, but then I realized he was naked except for a scarf and hat. Sigh. I'll find something.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Is that your candy cane, Santa?

Jerremy wanted to buy some festive clothes for the holiday season, so we went looking for sweaters and tees at the Winterfest sim. We decided to play a bit while we were there. So we rode the sleigh...

"Turn left at the...oh. Hmmm. Recalculating!"
...went down the giant spiral slide...

 ...and took a picture in Santa's chair. In this picture, Jerremy/Santa looks very bored with my antics this year. I may get nothing but coal.

"...and then I deleted the entire west side of the house..."

And ZOMG - remember back when Jerremy and I entered a Second Spaces design contest? (Jerremy took second place with his design.) We had an immense amount of fun. Well, the delightful owner of Second Spaces furniture and Pulling Strings animations, Elle Kirschner, is holding a new design contest that has a holiday twist! Jerremy and I are entering it as a team:

You should enter, too! NOW! RUNNNN! Here is the information:*Second Spaces* Santa's Escape Design Contest. There are only 15 spots available. Well, 14 since Jerremy and I got ours. :-p

Friday, December 4, 2009


Yesterday, Jerremy and I sat around in PJs and it was so comfy and relaxing that I decided to continue the look today. (Last night, I was wearing much a  much sexier pair than the one in this picture and I had taken off my antlers so as not to gouge his eyes out while we cuddled.) I threw on some slippers and went to do some holiday shopping. 

When I got to the Winterfest sim, there was no one else there. So, I decided to play supermodel and strut around the catwalk while no one was looking. 

I was soooo fierce. Right, bunnies? 

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Just hanging around...

I went to (*chanimations to see if I could find a sexy, sexy, Christmas-themed circus/showgirl outfit that was blogged recently. Grrrrrr...I couldn't find it for sale. It seems to only be available in the Lucky Christmas Presents. Grrrrrr...That is a humongous pet peeve of mine. (Store owners: Please, please just let me buy stuff I want. Time is more valuable to me than the Lindens. And your ultimate goal is more revenue, right?) Anyhoo, since I was there already, I figured I'd wait for a turn of the letters. Of course, all three presents decided to turn from X to Z...all at the same time. :-( Just my SLuck.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Be careful or 'yule' burn your tongue!

Today, I hopped over to Starting Point to add a few small Christmas trees to the decorations we have in the lounge. Despite the apparent warm weather, I decided that a hot cocoa was in order. You are welcome to stop by an relax in the lounge and have your own cup of hot chocolate and/or a slice of Yule Log cake. Be careful - the beverages are very hot.

You can even watch SL TV in the lounge - including YouTube videos. Just click on the TV to get an instruction card. (But don't get any ideas - I disabled the pr0n access. :-P After all, these are new couches.)

I wanted to dress in something red to match my holiday earrings. (I might get a chance to show you tomorrow. They are vintage. Yup. SL vintage. And I heart them.) 

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Prim - It's what's for Dinner.

Hi, tonight Jerremy and I are having guests for dinner - JellyBean Madison and HawksRock Gunawan! So this is me, in the kitchen, preparing the meal. I am holding a whisk even though from this angle it sort of looks like I am mixing the prim cheese cake ingredients with my bare hands. And even if I was doing that, my hands are clean.  

We're having prim steak. We always serve prim steak. It's my only copyable meal.  I do hope they are not prim-etarians though. Hmmmm...Why didn't I think to ask them?


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