Thursday, February 25, 2010

But if we got a bigger pond...

Today I tried to fingure out how to upgrade the geese we have. Jerremy bought them ages ago at Animania. He recently got an upgrade notice and I promised I'd go there and see what we needed to do. While I was there, I saw some Killer Whales swimming and I took a ride on one of them -- something I'd never get the chance to do in RL. Ain't SL grand? These won't fit into our pond though, so we'll just settle for the "new and improved" geese.

In case you did not know about a very sad, recent RL event involving a whale and a trainer, here is a link. My thoughts go out to everyone involved.

1 comment:

  1. Yours is the first SL blog post I've seen that said something kind and thoughtful about the tragedy at SeaWorld. It has hit close to home here, and I'll pass your post along to the RL family members I have who are immediately involved. Thank you, on their behalf, for your thoughtfulness.



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