Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mardi GREAT!

Ok, ok...all of the Mardi Gras purists are groaning about that title. But I needed something with pizazz! And yes, I am still wearing my costume from last night. (Why couldn't I find those gloves in my inventory yesterday? Grrr!).

It was such in incredibly fun party!! Thank you to everyone who attended and MADE it such a blast!

I tried my best to take party pictures. Jerremy took some also - I will go through those as soon as possible and post more tomorrow. Toward the middle of the party, clothes started coming off of nearly everyone - but by that time SLissues prevented me from taking more pics. 

For your on the job safety, I added a cut.  Everyone looked so good!! The party area is still up if you want to see it or take pictures of yourself there. The party pictures are after the jump!

I HEART the purple, green and gold stockings I found to wear!

Jerremy (topless with a top hat) and me! Ford Potez was rocking the feather boa! 

Sarra Fogarty was the first to "earn" some beads!

 Alica Chenaux - DJ extraordinaire who helped put together the party room!

Angel Horner and Keaton Akina came too!!! Angel is so special to me! She hired me into Dream Models back in the day and taught me so much! She took my beautiful wedding photos and even let me borrow a necklace to wear that day.

Arminasx Saiman and Haley Salomon were festive with fun particle effects!  

My friends Night Sing (NightSong Fine Lingerie) and Margo Sciarri looked so good! 

Fricker Fraker had the best dance!!

Thema Felix wore a blindfold and devil's horns!

Our "special" guest! Someone added to the decorations.

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  1. Aw, my dear, you are too sweet.

    The party was a blast and I'm so glad we could get together!



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