Sunday, February 28, 2010

NEW Regular Feature! (Not really.)

I was struggling with what to tell you about today when I got some inspiration from Friday's post. I am going to start a regular feature on my blog called "Things I Can Hold In My Cleavage."  

I have a feeling that cleavage accessories are going to be the new "things hanging out of one's mouth" in SL. While these days you'll see anything from juice boxes to tiny faeries to Polaroid pictures in mouths, the craze started with yummy toast. (I didn't want to get butter all over my shirt today so, obviously, I'm just using a serving spoon.) 

To keep this feature extra interesting, I am going to occasionally use bottom and toe cleavage as well. (Not really.)


  1. LOl OMG ! I can't belive I just found your blog today. Loving it.



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