Saturday, February 13, 2010

SLafety First

I am just testing the safety of the Mardi Gras parade float I am building for the party. I want to make sure guests aren't going to go flying out of it and careen down onto the asphalt below. Not only do I care about your safety...but we have no insurance.

I need to take everything into account when I check for safety - how much virtual alcohol revelers have consumed, how fast the float will be traveling (0 miles per hour), wind speed (again, 0 miles per hour), and how top heavy various avatars might be. This last issue is a serious one. Moving your sliders too far to the right raises your center of gravity and can lead to: toppling over sim borders, falling through phantom prims and having SLex with noobs.

By the way, there is news about the party. We have moved the celebration to Monday, Feb. 15th at 8 PM SLT Everyone is invited! Alicia Chenaux is still DJing (YAY!!!) There will be beads and masks for you, too. OMG! I will also have a King Cake that has a baby inside for one  lucky party guest! (Nobody choke on it, ok?) 

Mardi Gras-wear (purple, green, and gold) is highly encouraged. Helmets and safety goggles are optional.

ETA: There is Info about some free Mardi Gras items: bangles and a unisex necklace here



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