Monday, May 3, 2010


I had the pleasure of speaking to GnomeAir Halostar regarding a note I sent him the other day after visiting his shop. (If you have not seen GnomeAir's videos and you need a laugh, I recommend them highly.) When I visited his store, I saw - much to my horror - that he was selling face/body lights. So I wrote a quick note explaining that using Windlight settings would give people better results than facelights. (The note may or may not have also blamed his facelights for causing the destruction of SLivilization as we know it.)

When he got my note, he IMd me and asked more about Windlight settings. During our talk, he sent me a shirt that he had made. I used it for a demonstration (shown in the picture above) of how things looked using a facelight vs. Windlight settings. Scary, huh? Clearly, using Windlight is superior to not using it.

So, ditch those clunky facelights, peeps! Get wise to using  Windlight settings!

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