Saturday, May 8, 2010

Y U got 2 B that way, Asset Server?

 Much to my horror, I rezzed into my house today to discover that part of my kitchen was gone.

I relogged but it was still gone. After I tried TPing around and even having LL re-start the sim, our stove and sink were still nowhere to be seen. I realized that the parts were copy, so I dug into my inventory to look for one. But for some odd reason, the part I had was the white version not the black one. I really don't remember buying a white one.

I composed myself and TPd to Del Sol to buy a replacement. But, the "Build It" kitchen components have been updated and no longer match the rest of our kitchen. Luckily, Xandi Mars, Del Sol owner, said she would sell me an old copy of the sink/stove. YAY! Happy ending.  

Sort of. I want to be mad at the asset server. I want to talk bad about it and stop sending it Christmas cards ...but I am afraid that it will take revenge on me and do something much, much worse. After all, I have been relatively lucky with asset server issues compared to some of my friends. *knocks on wood until my knuckles bleed*

Still, we shouldn't have to feel lucky that we "only lose a few things" on a regular basis.


  1. Awww :-( Think of it this least you don't have to cook (insert cheesy grin).

  2. Omg. This reminds me of the day I logged into my skybox and the fireplace was completely gone. Just...poof. The pictures were just sadly hanging in the air. It was so sad. :( But now I have to log in and run around my house making sure everything is in place.

  3. Chalice - LOL! In RL, I so would not mind if my oven disappeared.

    ALicia - Did you ever find your fireplace? I am still missing a couch and bathtub that went missing a long time ago.

  4. I didn't know rezzed stuff could go missing. I thought it was only stuff in inventory that did that. This makes me feel so insecure :(

  5. yikes! I hadn't heard of that, but it makes sense if an LL computer can lose stuff in our inventory, it could lose stuff on our land.

    I've logged in twice to almost no inventory. I once saw a lady frozen in a leap, the next day I TP'd back and she was still there! At the time she happened to be using her alt to look at her AV and we chatted. She had been in touch with LL, and so far they hadn't had any luck getting her unstuck!

    Xandi is really nice.

  6. Sorry your kitchen went missing. I am pretty sure there is an island where all the missing stuff is having a big old party.

    Its really sad that stuff can just poof and LL is unable to do anything about it. Don't they do basic backups? I really just don't get it.

    But its very cool that the store owner was able to get you the matching parts you needed.

  7. Yes, they do backups. They can "roll back" a sim. I was told by a sim owner that if anyone puts down something in the period of time since the backup, when LL "rolls back" it can be lost.

  8. Clear your cache and then look for your items in your rug, skybox, etc.
    I had come in after clearing my cache, and found my missing items in my rug, and appearance pants in my skybox! Items used to reappear in inventory before, but that's what happened to me.



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