Sunday, June 13, 2010

Field of Dreams

Since I am still jazzed about the World Cup and into the hoopla, I wanted to find a nice soccer field in SL. I remembered that there was one in Zindra. 

I couldn't remember exactly on which sim to find the field. So I TPd to Mosh and then map hopped to green spaces nearby. It took forever to find it this way and I feared that it had been swallowed up by a sex shop. But at last I stumbled upon it - in Kama City Municipal Park, looking strangely suburban while surrounded by the wilds of SL. 

There was no one there and I had the entire field to myself, so I couldn't watch or participate in a real game. However, I will go back there today (Sunday June 13) at noon SLT and if anyone else shows up, we can play a little game. Or dance. Or whatever.

I will totally admit that my avatar could not possibly look less athletic in the photo. It is a good thing I'm pretty, because I don't look all that coordinated. If you look closely at the photo, you can see my right pointy finger raised as if to say politely, "Wait - I'm not ready. Please don't kick the ball to me." You would never guess that I am such an incredible SL dancer from this picture. 

By the way, this is post #1 of the Big Bad Blogger Challenge 2010, organized by Alicia Chenaux. You can still sign up if you want to participate!


  1. Thanks, Cas! People actually showed up for the soccer/football. It was hilarious and fun even if it was disorderly.



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