Friday, June 25, 2010

Playtime at SL7B

I explored more on the SL 7th Birthday sims. This was playtime. No artsy-fartsy stuff for me.

First, I went to a game of Primtionary there. I didn't get a single guess correct - but I did help identify the Loch Ness Monster in part of a clue build.

Next, I was feeling a bit famished. So, I dove into this blueberry pie and ran around bumping all of the berries. (That sounds kind of dirty, but it wasn't.) If you want to do this "fruit style" (as I like to call it), grab and wear the free strawberry and raspberry costumes there.

Finally, I found an exhibit in which you can walk a runway and pretend to be a model. This is my version of Blue Steel, adjusted to account for the fact that I am a girl:

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