Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gimmee at Gatcha

This is a photo of me sticking my tongue out at lag while enjoying a delicious twist cone at the Albero Gatcha Festival.

I have a mini-obsession with the Gatcha Festival at the Albero shopping center. Gatcha is basically a random vending machine full of a variety of transferable items. You have no control over which item comes out.

I've spent a significant amount of money trying to "win" items. That's the appeal in a nutshell - it turns one addiction (shopping) into two (shopping + gambling)!
To me, the most appealing machines are the ones at low prices -- who wants to gamble $100L that you'll get the color you want? Not me. But I'll happily gamble $25 or $35 to get a trinket. Or a whole set of trinkets.

Now, there will be a trading party at the end (August 14th, 5 PM SLT), but, just in case, if you need an /artileri/ turquoise radio, I have 3 extra. If you want a pink beach towel, I have 2 extra. I also have a selection of duplicate Duck Soup protest signs. (Why do I need protest signs? I have no idea, but I must have them! Gah!) Just IM me. 

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