Wednesday, July 7, 2010

On hot days, get plenty of Druids.

Guess where Jerremy and I hung out last night? Yes! SL Stonehenge! Home of what appears to be the Angels & Demons nightclub, too. Who knew?

As is our custom with exploring, we looked for places to make out. I'm kidding! But, there were ton of cuddly pose balls around - including on top of the stone slabs, which we had to try out:

[20:39]  Jerremy Darwin: oh balls on top too
[20:40]  Tymmerie Thorne: oh cool
[20:40]  Tymmerie Thorne: I am positive the Druids did this all the time
[20:40]  Jerremy Darwin: haha I am sure you are right
[20:40]  Jerremy Darwin: nothing says like big block son rock, in  a crowded SL
[20:41]  Jerremy Darwin: Hmm, let me try that again..."nothing says romance like laying on big blocks of rock, in  a crowded SL"
Photo by Jerremy Darwin.


  1. I wonder which translation program Jerremy is using that replaces 'romance' with "big block son rock".... I like it. Definitely sounds like code for gettin' busy. ;-)

  2. LOL! I like to think that I can still make him flustered every now and then.

  3. My race heart babe you fast cause always!




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