Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Gift from Torley

Remember me complaining bitterly about not being able to select "sun and moon only" in Viewer 2? (The box is inexplicably missing from the graphics tab in preferences.) Not having this option means candles, lights, full bright/glow objects, etc. light up your avatar. Since not every light source can be turned off or modded, you don't have control over the light that is cast in pictures. I posted the question in the SL Blogs and I got an answer from Torley! (And some other helpful people! *cough*exceptnotsimonq.*cough*)

I'm passing the tip on in order to spread the awesomeness! This is how Torley explains how to select sun and moon only as light sources: 
  1. Select Advanced menu > Debug Settings.
  2. In the DEBUG SETTINGS window, enter "RenderShaderLightingMaxLevel" and enter a value of "1".
  3. You probably won't see any changes yet. That's okay, restart your Viewer OR in PREFERENCES window's Graphics tab, click the Advanced button, then click Atmospheric shaders twice (clicking some other settings also works).

For me, restarting my viewer didn't work because that just sets all of my debug settings back to their defaults, including rendershaderlightingmaxlevel. So, I did the "clicking atmospheric shaders twice" thing and that works beautifully. Now I can take pictures again without looking like I am standing on the surface of the sun! 

Now, since I have been a very good girl, I'm certain that my next gift will be finding out how to override no fly zones. I'll be waiting here on my front steps for it to be delivered.


  1. thank you for posting this! i just thought i was crazy and couldn't see the boxes i KNEW were there!

  2. and i forgot to say -- awesome picture! happy holidays :)



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