Sunday, December 12, 2010

Power Trip

Today, I tried exploring some Destination Guide places - but it's broken at the moment and won't let you select certain categories. So, instead I used search. I typed in the name of my hometown - Denver - to see what came up in 'search all'. I got a bazillion people with the last name Denver (Awww! Remember back when we had last names in SL?) and a few shops selling sports items and cheer leading uniforms. I got Jerremy a couple of jerseys and looked for any advances in prim pom pon technology since the I last purchased some. (Color change is all you've got?) 

Just when will our Chamber of Commerce realize that it should set up a sim in here and sell ski passes? Or something.

Anyhoo, I finally gave up and resorted to scrolling though the entire Destination Guide until I stumbled upon the Oval Office. Sweet.

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