Friday, December 31, 2010

Two Heads are Better Than One

Photo by Aldwyn Zanzibar.

Jerremy and I put our heads together to come up with some predictions for the new year.

In my last post, I mentioned something I foresee:

  • As a nod to the breedables craze (and interestingly a technique similar to that used by child abductors to lure children into their windowless vans), all new players will find an adorable puppy or other baby animal in their starting inventories. It will cost $72 USD/year or $9.95 USD/month for pet food. The players who choose not to let the animal starve to death will be called People Raising  Echinoderms, Mollusks,  Invertebrates and Unspecified Mammals  - or PREMIUM. (And they will get a free house.)

Jerremy thought of a brilliant one - and then someone mentioned it at Alicia Chenaux's New Year's Eve Eve Party last night! So it is certain to come true! Great minds and all! 
  • In 2011, someone will develop a Kinect-inspired virtual sex application that will allow SLers to have SLex without pose balls or clumsy menus! Imagine hundreds, nay, thousands of players humping the air in sync with their SLovers (who are possibly thousands of miles away) as their avatars match their movements on screen! (That won't be awkward for someone to walk in on at all.) 
Also in the new year:
    • Forsaking tradition, Rod Humble will not be R Linden or even Humble Linden but ... The Situation Linden. His avatar will wear this shirt: 

    • 2011 will also see the end of 'bling'... only to be replaced by 'blang.' Blang will be 1000 times worse than any bling. It will be nuclear bling combined with smell-o-vision! Or something.
     I needed to have a couple of serious predictions, so:
    • LL will introduce some cool new benefits for Premium members - including the restoration of the old support levels,  new inventory management tools, higher group limits (beyond 40) and more. I hope, I hope, I hope.

    • Premium members will get the option to override fly EVERYWHERE just by thinking about it!! (Yes, I realize that I am obsessed with being able to override fly, but the list of places I am boycotting because they won't let me fly is growing and it makes me sad.) 

    • I will continue to have an absolute blast writing this blog and continue be humbled and honored that people read it. (Thank you, by the way!)
    Have a safe celebration! Talk to you next year!

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    1. Great list Tym! Happy New Year.

      wrt the Kinects sex thing - I talked to a programmer two days ago who started to work on it now. He said the problem is it will take some serious bandwidth to make it work so his company is not putting resources into it at this time. It seems to me it is just a matter of time though.



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