Sunday, January 31, 2010


Shhhhh! I am all dressed up to go to sleep so that I can go to the launch party for TOO SEXY magazine. People have been asked to wear pajamas, lingerie, or lounge wear. Ironically the picture up there is almost the opposite of sexy. Unless you are really into pin curls.

Anyhoo, I am no stranger to jammies. As I have mentioned before, when I first started SL, I used to dress in PJs and climb into my bed each night before bed before logging off. I don't wear PJs much anymore unless Jerremy and I are just hanging out on the couch for the evening and I want to be comfy. (Jerremy puts boxers on.) But, I was kind of excited to wear some new ones that I bought recently at Kao.  

Don't worry about the eye mask preventing me from enjoying the festivities - I will use sound vibrations from the floor that I'll feel through my bunny slippers to navigate my way through the party room.

This is a little better, yes?

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Avatars Untied!

Before anyone corrects me: Yes. I meant to spell this post's title like that. :-P 

I have been sitting on my beach trying to relax and think about how to simplify SLife. I have recently discovered that Avatars United may be another in the long list of web sites I need to pay some attention to in order to manage my avatar's increasingly complex SLife.  

Besides SL, I need to have accounts with XStreetSL and gmail. Having those two sites alone would be pretty bare bones. But I also have Twitter, Plurk, Face Book, NING memberships for in-world groups, and an SL specific Flickr account. Holy frijole. 

Although I had set up an Avatars United account ages ago, I happily ignored it. I do hope the new site it improves things, but we'll see. Will it unite the 'vital' functions that I now get through third party sites? Or will it leave us all untied?

Friday, January 29, 2010

...and this little piggy went on a 3 day bender!

I love the creativity and sometimes twisted sense of humor that you can discover in SL. The new OHmai shop has decorated their buildings with cute cartoon pigs. I was there working my way through the Fifty Linden Friday sale list, hoping to find some treasures to add to my inventory.

Speaking of my inventory, I am also trying to put an outfit together for Luna Jubilee's blog challenge. The idea is to do some inventory clean-up and then post an outfit made up of some of the things you plan to delete or are surprised to have found. What has surprised me so far? That apparently, I must have worn nothing but slutty schoolgirl outfits for my entire first month after rezzing.  

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Now with 400% more win!

The other day, when I said I was waiting at a Lucky Chair, I didn't quite tell the truth. It is not really a chair as much as it is an instrument for recreational torture - much as regular Lucky Chairs are I suppose.

But, I have increased my winning potential by an astonishing 400% since the last time I posted! It's true! I found four more lucky chairs/tables/crosses/etc. on the sim. So, I have been zipping from place to place checking the letters as they turn. There is one inside Chanimations Poses (on the stage), one inside the Fetish Cabaret (the table in front of the stage), one is the elephant in front of the circus tent and there are two inside the Devious Beauty building. 

And I have good news (for me at least)! I have managed to win several more parts of the Chanimations' Mardi Gras showgirl outfit! I am not sure how many pieces I need to complete the costume, though. To figure this out, I think I will have to put on everything I have won so far and look to see where I am still naked! 

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

With Tymmerie on Top

Today, I am playing around with some pose props while a hold vigil at a Lucky Chair. I would really, really like to buy the hawt, hawt Mardi Gras show girl outfit that Chanimations has. But alas, it is not for sale. It is only available in the Lucky Chair and only in pieces. 

So far, I have obtained the beads. Twice. And I had time to write the creator to ask if she would please, please, please with a cherry on top sell the outfit to me for a stack of freshly minted Lindens. But she wouldn't bite. So, I will loiter as much as I can ...and make friends with people whose names start with U, V, W, X, Z...and sometimes Y.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The White Stuff

I shopped a bit today. But not just for myself. I discovered another shop that, like the store Naive, has a really easy gifting system: Whippet & Buck! I was able to send a couple of things to Jerremy so he has some new clothes to wear for Spring.

Now, I have to tell you something about the Vertically Challenged brand sneakers I have on. I have had these little white sneakers for over 2 years.  I will pause to let that sink in.

Ah ha! You noticed that they are not white! Guess when I noticed that?

Last week!!

Nope. I am not blind, but here is the thing - apparently, they have color scripts in them so I can make them match all sorts of outfits.  /me bonks herself on the head. How did I not realize this? I have been wearing them plain white all this time. (Not that I made the most attractive color combination in the above picture - I was just experimenting and trying to get them to match my track suit.)

Yup. Nothing gets by me. Nothin'.

Monday, January 25, 2010

I'm OK, You're AFK

Jerremy and I had a quiet evening, just hanging out on our couch while we did some RL stuff on our computers. While he was AFK for a bit, I had this imaginary conversation with him: 

Pretend Jerremy (me using a deep voice in my head): Hi, Honey! Thank you so much for doing the dishes the other day! I owe you, like, a thousand back rubs. 

Me: It's no problem, Sweetheart! [bats my eyelashes] 

Pretend Jerremy: No really. You are probably the best wife ever in the history of wives. And you are pretty, too. And smart. And you write great dialog.  May I buy you some jewelry?

Me: Aw! You are the best husband. 

Pretend Jerremy: I would gouge my eyes out rather than read another woman's blog.

Me: Oh, Babe!

Pretend Jerremy: It's true! Please go upstairs and put on one of the 1,976 sets of frilly lingerie you own. 

Me: Of course! 

Pretend Jerremy: Before you go up, hand me your prim feet! I will massage your toes as a prelude to our SLovemaking! 

Me: [takes off my Maitreya feet and tosses them to him] Swoon!

But just then, Jerremy got back to his PC, so I don't know how my little fantasy  ends. And Jerremy thinks I was just sorting inventory. :-P

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Not gonna do it!

I am NOT blogging the new Alyson skin!!! I'm not! And you can't make me do it! No, no, no!

You're welcome!!

I mean, she is cute and all, but every time I see the name it makes me think of a really biotchy college roommate of mine with the same name. I get an ear worm of the Elvis Costello song Alison because Alyson played it constantly on her boom box. 

So anyhoo, instead of looking at that freckled faced, barely legal, Belleza minx, you can look at me doing the dishes! (No we do not have a dishwasher...or rather, you are looking at our dish washer. I have been meaning to speak to Jerremy about that, by the way.) 

That is a spoon in my mouth - a subscribo gift from Scribble. (They said I could get the rest of the animated spoon set if I join the regular group -- but I'm not giving up a group slot just to get a spoon that sticks to my  nose.)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Rez Day Afternoon

Today I went to another Rez Day party! This time is was for the adorable Katey Coppola of Glitterati poses! She is in the sexy glitter dress and hat in the picture. This was a belated celebration of her 3rd Rez Day. Three! Which, I am sure, is even more surprising than making it to your first! We'll see...I'll tell you how it feels when I have mine in August. Yikes!

She had a great dance hud for us to use. I have to tell you that one of my favorite things is to dance in sync with other people. Perhaps that goes back to my typist's days as a pom pon girl. If I have a chance to jump on a group hud for a dance, I will -- just to have this experience. I am such a dork. But I have fun. Yea. I do.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Killer Fashions

Today I went to a fashion show! Alicia Chenaux was walking in it and SySy Chapman's fashions were being shown (along with some other designers).  In fact, the dress shooting lasers in the picture above is one of SySy's. So if you happen to need that kind of outfit, now you know where to go for one.

I find it really odd how many people in fashion show audiences use gestures. Personally, I find them really annoying. It was funny to me how many members of today's audience were muted from the last fashion show I attended. Is it just me? A fashion show is not a concert or wet t-shirt contest. And actually, I must have gotten the worst offenders last time because today's audience was very classy - at least in my open chat window. 

But for fun, maybe next time I'll just shoot obnoxious people with my new laser dress.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy Rez Day, Lolita!

Today is Lolita Oleander's first rez day! Shhhhh... I got her a little something as a gift. 

First rez days are pretty special, I think. This is because people are a bit shocked that they've been involved in the SL hobby for a whole year! Hopefully they're having a wonderful time! Lolita is definitely a person I think is having a great time!

I know that I don't look very happy in this photo...but I am. I always am when headed to a party!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Just when I thought I had seen everything in SL, I saw prim eyelashes for men. I know! Of all the bizarre, crazy things on the grid, eyelashes give me pause. Someone having sex with a unicorn? Yawn. Dancing buckets of chicken? ZZZZZZ. People on leashes in clothing stores? What - is it Wednesday again?

I am actually very curious to know if male avatars actually wear these. Maybe male models? Male fashion bloggers? Do they make a noticeable difference?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Accidentally On Purpose

This is me playing dress up and experimenting with some possible new blog header pics. Sadly, my viewer wasn't happy and I started to get grid-like lines across any pictures I tried to save to my hard drive. The photo above was one I uploaded to my inventory instead. Grrrrrrr. It will cost a fortune to take pictures if I can't get the glitch fixed. I put in a support ticket to LL, but maybe I should have done a live chat? Maybe later today if there is no movement on my ticket.

I bought this little dress at the Haitian relief fundraiser being held on Scribble. I didn't wear it properly though. Sigh. There is a blue undershirt that goes with this. But, I only realized it wasn't an optional second layer of the red shirt after I was done with picture taking. So... ummmm... actually... this is my unique take on this outfit...yea! That's what happened! I did it on purpose!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Down in Front!

Ah. This will soon be the best seat in the house for watching pr0n. 

I am soooo kidding! It will be all Paisley Beebe programming all the time, on every channel. 

Today, I am just testing out the furniture arrangement in our new media room. I am still re-texturing walls, looking for kitschy things to hang on the walls...and eating this popcorn before it goes stale. 

I think we should have a big "housewarming but not really a housewarming since we have been living here for a while" party when we are ready with the whole house. I'll bounce the idea off of Jerremy and let you guys know.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Rankled about my ankles.

I was sort of excited to take a blog picture today because I really liked my outfit. But SL had other ideas and BAM! It gave me cankles. Well, really they are beyond cankles. They are more like tree stumps with toes.

Look! I only have one perfect little painted piggy on each foot! Sadly, it is the one that goes to market...but I am not leaving the house like this.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

She eventually got braces.

I am feeling better today - maybe my typist had not had enough sleep yesterday.

I have been curious to try some skins I have seen on the feeds that have teeth showing. So, I went to Vive9 hoping to get a demo and try. I was happy to discover that in addition to all of their demo skins, they have a free folder of skins labeled as beta that I could use for my trial.The folder includes 3 skin tones of a soft pink makeup with and without teeth and freckles. 

One of the reasons I was so curious about skins showing teeth is incredibly silly. When I was 11 years old, I had a friend who was very, very pretty and also happened to have an overbite. In an effort to emulate her looks, I walked around biting my bottom lip so that my teeth would show like hers did. In pictures of these skins, they seemed to have the same expression I must have had on my face for half of the school year. It must have worked on some level since my friend and I "went steady" with twin boys in our class. (It is a wonder my parents are not blind from all the eye rolling I must have induced from them when I was a kid.) 

Anyway, this skin? While quite pretty, is not really me. It does, however, nail my sixth grade expression. It also makes me look a little confused. I might save it and wear it when I need to look incredibly naive. ("I am not sure who deleted the floor in here, Jerremy, Honey.")

Friday, January 15, 2010


I am in a bit of a dark mood today and I am not sure why. So, I am just trying to stay calm, think and decide what to do to feel better. I was going to shop the Fifty Linden Friday Sales, but I couldn't find anything I liked enough to buy.  I want to shop and spend lindens, but I have a hard time finding new thing for sale. (Yes - I want to buy things. I am not after freebies.)

I did get invited to join the Second Life Media Consortium earlier today by Melissa Linden and I was kind of excited about that...but then some other bloggers started poo-pooing the group. I'm always excited about those kinds of things - just like I was super excited to get an invitation to preview the SL Birthday Celebration. In my experience, non-fashion bloggers don't usually get invited to things like that - so when it happens for me, it is special. I went ahead and joined the consortium, though. I see potential for it and think it could be valuable in helping LL communicate. I'm going to ignore the jaded folks and be proud of being in it. (Thanks, Melissa!)

I am frustrated that I still cannot figure out who is in charge of planning the next SL Community Convention. Time seems to be running out to plan and I really wanted to lend my event planning and marketing experience to it. But all I can seem to locate is a forum where people are advocating for various U.S. cites in which to hold the event. Time is running out quickly, though, and I am a bit frustrated.

See? Nothing really too get emo about, but today little frustrations like this are amplified. Of course, I haven't seen Jerremy yet today and he always makes things better. So, I will only feel dark until he joins me in-world. Then, everything will be ok again.

ETA: Oh and on e more thing, dang it. I can't get that little LinkWithin widget right down below this to pull up posts from before this summer. Grrrrrr. I want you to see old posts from back when I had fewer readers, Sigh. I don't know how to fix it and the company is unresponsive. OK. I will stop complaining now.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haitian Relief Fund-raising in SL!!!

There is a "market" and donation kiosk for the International Red Cross located here. I wanted to give you a heads up about this. Proceeds from the sale of items here go to the International Red Cross - although I can't tell for certain that 100% of every item goes to the charity - many of the creators of items are giving 100% per information on the vendors. You can buy sunglasses, poses/props, shapes, skyboxes, clothes, or just make a $Linden donation to the relief effort.

ETA: I donated to the relief effort by buying items here AND donating directly through A reader did point out that donating directly avoids the Lindens-to-dollars cash out fee LL earns on these donations - a valid point. So, if you can donate directly to a relief organization, try to. Every little bit helps though, so if you are inclined, do what you can in any way you can.

I'm trying to encourage spring.

The first thing I wanted to do in-world today was a bit of gardening. A fresh drink of water is just what the flowers needed today.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The first step is admitting you have a problem.

Hi. My name is Tymmerie...and I...and texture addict. There. I said it. I get giddy when I see pretty textures in a shop. This is today's picture of me - taken as I began to cheer as I spied a wall of gorgeous textures. I ended up buying a set of very pretty picture frame textures. My texture folder is out of control.

I wasn't even shopping for textures today - I was out getting new bunny slippers. I don't use 75% of the ones I buy - I just like looking through them and admiring them and thinking how pretty they are and all of the things they could become. 

You know what really gets me going? INDIVIDUAL TEXTURES! OMG. (Is it hot in here?) When I can buy single textures it is like...well, I can't describe it really. I just get very, very happy.

Oh man. I think I have to go back to the store. I just thought of a way to use the 'pearl' textures set I saw there.  Yup. I have a problem.

ETA: I blurred and distorted the textures in the picture on purpose - so that is why they look a bit odd. The textures are really well done if you go see them in the shop.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Beloved Chair

After my post yesterday, I got a wonderful surprise! A friend, Aisuru Rieko (owner of Beloved Custom Designs), IMd to ask my favorite color. I told her it was periwinkle and asked why she had asked. Then, she passed me a teeny tiny chair she had made for me in exactly that color! Look how adorable it is:

I just love being able to add to my collection with something from a person I know and admire. Thank you, Aisuru!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Pull up a chair!

Squeeeee!!! Look what I found! More mini-chairs! I am holding one of the adorable ones that Jerremy made for me as an anniversary gift and next to me are the newest additions to my collection. I found the new ones at Kinokoko (the larger one on the dresser) and at ARIA (the tiny ones). This has me very excited and I am sprinkling them all over our house - my idea of high style.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Shiver me timbers!

I am not absolutely certain I should share this...but gawd it is so cute that I can't stand it. (So, please forgive me, Jerremy.)

Yesterday, someone asked in a group chat where to buy nice men's socks. I promised to ask Jerremy where he buys his and let them know what he said. So, when he came in world I asked him. He laughed a bit and then told me that he usually wears a pair of dark socks that came with a pirate costume he bought once. Pirate socks. Even with tuxedos. Gawd, I love that man.

After I stopped laughing, too, he looked through his inventory and read off all of the socks he actually owned that were proper socks. So, shopping for some is not an emergency. He said the pirate ones were always easy to locate in his inventory. Well? Works for me. Especially since I never noticed and he always looks well dressed. Pirates might be more in fashion than I had previously assumed. 

And speaking of fashion, have you ever bought an outfit you thought was adorable but then put it on and it just wasn't you? That is how I feel about the sweater dress that I have on in the picture below:

I loved it in the vendor picture and if I had a different personality I might even love it on me. But it is too....I am not sure. Too something. Maybe I am just not a turtleneck person? It is from Tyranny, by the way, in case you think you might like it. (Look how well it goes with some of my furniture, though! I am behind my couch. I don't know why. I just am.) 

Anyhoo. If you buy the dress be sure to put on some panties because the glitch pants are open and the skirt is mighty short.  Even a pirate would tell you not to show your booty to the whole crew! At least a very fashionable one would.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bear-y Interesting

I went shopping for home accessories and such today. As you can see, I got a little bit distracted. We really don't need a polar bear in our rec room...or do we? I should probably run these things by Jerremy first. (We could put it in the corner by the pool table..)

Friday, January 8, 2010

The 2009 Tymmie Awards!!!

Thank you and welcome to the Tymmie Awards - a way for me to honor the best of the best of the past year in SL!!! I am kidding. I though of this because there has been some buzz in the social media sites (specifically in Plurk) since a few awards of this nature have been announced.

But, if I was going to give an award away, I would include a statue similar to the above photo. (Just try to imagine me and that box I am standing on spray painted gold.)

The most appealing thing about the Tymmie Awards, for me at least, is that I would agree with every single winner in every single category because I would be the only voter. And if you disagree with any of the winners, I would invite you to give your own awards. (Seriously - I would love to read them!)

I would have awards like these:
  • Best Reason to Go Premium: To be able to say you are Premium!*
  • Best name for a pretend prim baby that you built yourself: Blocky! (Thought up by my husband, Jerremy)
  • Best SLoccupation: SL Blogger! Trust me. It is. Even for no pay. 
  • Best Item in Your Partner's Inventory: Jerremy's mullet hair!
  • Most Fun Without Getting Naked and While Remaining Standing: Putting Costumes Together!
  • Best In-World Group for SL Bloggers: The Second Life Blogger group!**
  • Best Subject of Morbid Fascination: Prim Breasts!
  • Best Reason to Live on Mainland: You meet new people all of the time!
  • Most Entertaining Default Animation: Dusting yourself off after falling long distances!
  • Most Immature Crop of a Photo from a the Fashion Feed: 
 (Yes - it is just a finger in the wrong place, at the wrong time. But, I laughed for days.)

And finally...
  • Best Virtual World that Everyone Manages to Complain About All of the Ding Dang Time: Second Life!  
*I kid - the live chat support and priority on support tickets kind of rocks, too.
**Heh...yes, that is a plug for the group for which I am Events Director. IM me with your blog address for a group invitation.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bedtime Story

I have new pajamas. And I decided to wear them and my fuzzy bunny slippers while I read and  wait for Jerremy to get in world. He will think they are cute, too, and make plans to buy the matching men's pair. Then, he will strip them off of me. Ain't love grand? 

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Predictions for a semi-new year...

I am going to make some predictions for SL in the new year. I feel that it isn't too late for them as long as 2010 still has that new year smell. But, I can't wait too long since someone has already eaten fast food in here.

The crystal ball and tarot cards have spoken! Here are some things I foresee for Second Life:
  • LL will finally realize that it has hit a sweet spot as far as reaching the females aged 18-49 demographic. They'll give up on trying to get male teen gamers to sign up and start advertising during Oprah and in Elle magazine.
    • Premium account holders finally get some additional benefits including a special Linden Bear named 'Preemie' and log-in screens that compliment the account holder ("I'll bet you are even prettier than your avatar!").  FINALLY!!!
      • The breedable pet market will collapse into chaos as animals start mating cross species leaving everyone with farms full of incredibly horny, taupe-ish colored chickpigbunnyturtles.
      •  The trend toward deeper and increasingly squashed breasts will result in one breasted avatars. Just one giant breast. Still two nipples though.
      •  Philip comes back to LL full time after the fun of telling people the Love Machine is, " his pants!" wears off. 
          • LL will continue its efforts to enhance the first hour experience by actually assigning parts in role play sims. Basic accounts will be restricted to non-speaking parts and being in crowd scenes. Payment on file accounts will get sassy best friend parts and characters who die in fight scenes and hooker-with-a-heart-of-gold roles. Premium members get 'leading man/woman', 'glittery vampire' and 'grizzled cop one week away from retirement' roles.
          • The Linden Home program goes belly up as SLasbestos is discovered in the construction materials.  
          Yup. That's it. I couldn't find out anything about mainland prices or concurrency levels, the Stroker v. Linden Lab lawsuit or even the future of day of the week sales. Enjoy the year though!

              Tuesday, January 5, 2010

              I see a blog post in my future!!!

               Gasp!!! I see the future! There is just enough time left to come up with a couple of predictions for SL in the new year! All will be revealed...tomorrow.

              Monday, January 4, 2010

              Question from a reader...

              I actually got some suggested blog topics from a reader in the comments for my last post! And even though he may have asked them for grins, I will try to answer them anyway. 

              Today's question is "Why have you never thought of exotic dancing?" (This question refers to my 2 Lies/1 Truth post.)

              Well, I finally have the strength to admit that I have never considered exotic dancing in either life because of my extreme... tripodatusdestrictuspolusphobia* - fear of pole dancing. Even if I did not have my phobia, I need a job that provides many pointless meetings and annual team building retreats. I have had jobs in SL before, but for the fun and experience rather than the money. More power to you if you can live without team building retreats and can make a go earning money in-world. You are surely more talented and creative then I am. 

              *Never having taken any Latin classes before, I totally made this word up using an online Latin translator. I had to because when I first googled 'fear of poles,' I got a bunch of sites about Poland. Sigh. Also, Urban Dictionary kind of fails sometimes.

              Sunday, January 3, 2010

              Just sitting...

              Really, I have to start sitting in a more lady-like manner. Tomorrow. But for today, I am sitting as I please while I try to think of good blog topics.  

              2 Lies/1 Truth Meme Answers!

              Here are the answers to the meme I did yesterday. To make it easy on myself, answer #2 in each group is the true statement. Now, I'll share a bit of explanation for each.

              Group A:
              1. I have lived in a skybox. FALSE. I've always lived on terra firma - or ummm whatever the digital equivalent of that is. The closest I  ever came to a skybox was living in a high-rise apartment building where my unit was a several hundred meters up. But everything (at least to my knowledge) was connected by walkways and scaffolding. We had hallways and I had a neighbor living across from me.
              2. I have modeled in a SexGen bed ad. -- TRUE. It was for an in store display. I also did one for a girl/girl hot tub. 
              3. I have always had a human avatar. FALSE. Well, this was sort of a trick one: I was a tiny pig for a party once.
              Group B:
              1. I have tried out AvaLine (LL's service to call avatars in-world). FALSE. Nope. I still think it is a stupid product and wonder if the service even exists anymore.
              2. I have no Truth hair in my inventory. TRUE. I have purchased the hair before, but long ago and it is long gone.
              3. I have worked as an exotic dancer. FALSE. Never even thought about this.
              Group C:
              1.  I have a teeny tiny tattoo that only Jerremy gets to see. FALSE. No tattoos. But maybe someday. (He did search me pretty well yesterday, though.)
              2. I have never lied about my gender in SL. TRUE. Jerremy would be pretty upset if this was false.
              3. I have beta tested the next generation of breedable pets - monkeys. FALSE. No...but omg how cool would that be? I saw breedable pigs on the blog feed this morning. Quick! someone make some adorable baby pet monkeys!!!
              Group D:
              1. I have never lived anywhere but on Mainland. FALSE.
              2. I have never used an alternate viewer. TRUE.This is true and for the reason Chestnut Rau guessed in the comments for my last post -- I am too scared to try one!
              3. I have never used anyone else's pose balls.-- FALSE. Not on purpose! When I was very, very new a man invited me to sit in a hot tub and talk. I naively assumed it was his house. It wasn't. I would feel worse about it, but we truly only talked and shared a couple of kisses.
              Group E:
              1. I have never "died." FALSE. Nope. I was killed accidentally a couple of times while standing near a volcano trying to take a picture. It was comical and frustrating how quickly my health would go from 100% to zero for each photo attempt.
              2. I have never made a machinima. TRUE. This is true. I have been an extra but have never made one.
              3. I have never played Zyngo. FALSE. I have tried the game. It is fun, but I can live without it. I was pretty shocked that it isn't considered gambling though. 
              So, There you have it. Actually, this was a pretty fun exercise since it made me think back over all of my experiences to pick out things. 

              I hope that you are inspired to do one of the three meme versions (I have..., I have never..., or 2 Lies/1 Truth) and share! Use my comments section if you do not have a blog. I'd love to read them!

                Saturday, January 2, 2010

                I'll see your meme and raise you....

                I snapped this picture so that you can see the real me when I am not shopping or throwing/attending parties. This is me "Swiffer"ing our hardwood floors. SLife is not glamorous all of the time. Sigh

                Anyhoo, I saw a meme today on the Revolution blog where the author lists 20 things they had not done in SL. It was artfully adapted by Chestnut Rau, who decided to name 20 things she had done. I want to do the meme, too! But I can't think of any good had/had least not 20 of them. So, I am going to adapt it yet again.

                In the spirit of corporate ice breakers everywhere, I present Two Lies and a Truth....SL Style. In each group of three statements there is one true item. I will let you guess which is which. Maybe there will be some sort of prize if anyone guesses correctly? I'll post the answers tomorrow. Here we go!

                Group A:
                1. I have lived in a skybox.
                2. I have modeled in a SexGen bed ad. 
                3. I have always had a human avatar.
                Group B:
                1. I have tried out AvaLine (LL's service to call avatars in-world).
                2. I have no Truth hair in my inventory. 
                3. I have worked as an exotic dancer.
                Group C:
                1.  I have a teeny tiny tattoo that only Jerremy gets to see.
                2. I have never lied about my gender in SL
                3. I have beta tested the next generation of breed-able pets - monkeys.
                Group D:
                1. I have never lived anywhere but on Mainland.
                2. I have never used an alternate viewer.
                3. I have never used anyone else's pose balls.
                Group E:
                1. I have never "died."
                2. I have never made a machinima.
                3. I have never played Zyngo.

                Friday, January 1, 2010

                Post-Holiday Clean-up

                I'm doing in SL some of what my typist did in RL today; I'm putting away the winter holiday decorations. It goes without saying that this task is much easier in SL since with just a wave of my hand, everything is put away. OK. I don't know about you, but I am ready for Spring now.

                And then, it was 2010!

                Happy New Year! I hope that 2010 is filled with nothing but good things for all of us!

                ETA: Someone asked about the dress I am wearing in this picture. This is the VictoriaV Silvester dress in silver. It is $400L and comes with two skirts - a straight mini and the puffy skirt that I wore in this picture. It is available in several colors, including gold, white, black, hot red, red, pink and blue.


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