Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The hat might come in handy.

I'm really looking forward to the weekend and the Independence Day holiday activities. I decided to start celebrating a bit early in-world. I must have collected 1,534 different outfits to wear for the occasion. So I'm set to dress in red, white and blue garments until at least the beginning f next week.

Today, I TPd over to the Fourth of July Festival at Summer TownThey have a few freebies out and I noticed the free skipper's hat they are giving away. Let's just say that it might come in handy if you plan on coming to my and Jerremy's wedding anniversary party at the end of July. *wink* (Actually it's not much of a secret -- we're attempting to do a Love Boat cruise ship theme.)

Since I do love holidays so much, I'm going to kick the weekend off by wearing red tomorrow in honor of Canada Day!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Back to (P) Square(d) One

I went back to Philip Rosedale/Linden's P Squared today. I had a drink and looked around. Unlike my visit a few weeks ago, not only was I dressed a bit better, but the sky was a little clearer. We'll see. Maybe I'll offer to sell Philip some mainland. That would tell me what he thinks of the future of SL.

Monday, June 28, 2010


I went to SL7B again. (I told you that it would take a few visits to see everything.) But I was bad: I forgot to grab the landmarks for the places in today's pictures. I am not sure what the 'Real Life etc.' exhibit in the picture above actually is, but I did get a kick out of imagining that it was some ploy to get SLers to log off and go outside their homes and get some sun or something. 

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Blogger Meet-Up Party!

The SL Blogger group held latest Meet-Up party at Week-End nightclub. The lovely Arora Zanzibar hosted us and arranged everything for us to have a great evening!

But what will we do in August? We need another host! In fact, August, October and December are in need of hosts, bloggers. 

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fancy Footy

I am dressed in my USA soccer fan clothing today because the US team plays again. I'm wearing a top from SySy's (with the bottoms from the Reasonable Desires' World Cup USA outfit). SySy's has both men's and women's World Cup shirts in her shop. I'm saving this stuff to wear for Independence Day here in the States, too. 

Unlike the field I found in Zindra - where we just run into the balls and pushed them around - I was able to locate a soccer field with balls that had kicking animations! I found the animations quite amusing and I had a blast taking pics. (There is whole complex there with a soccer/football themed dance area, a gift shop and fan shops there. You can buy vuvuzelas decorated for every team in the World Cup, too.) In SL, I apparently have an amazing kick. In RL, I'd rather watch a soccer match than play one since I detest running.

I will be watching the match today! (As soon as I can convert South Africa time to my time zone, that is!) Go Team USA!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Playtime at SL7B

I explored more on the SL 7th Birthday sims. This was playtime. No artsy-fartsy stuff for me.

First, I went to a game of Primtionary there. I didn't get a single guess correct - but I did help identify the Loch Ness Monster in part of a clue build.

Next, I was feeling a bit famished. So, I dove into this blueberry pie and ran around bumping all of the berries. (That sounds kind of dirty, but it wasn't.) If you want to do this "fruit style" (as I like to call it), grab and wear the free strawberry and raspberry costumes there.

Finally, I found an exhibit in which you can walk a runway and pretend to be a model. This is my version of Blue Steel, adjusted to account for the fact that I am a girl:

Thursday, June 24, 2010

This might be against the health code.

It seems unhygienic to me, but there is a petting zoo right next to where they are keeping the SL7B cake. Personally, I might have put the zoo further from the food. The scent of a petting zoo doesn't mix well with chocolate. (If you've ever tried to eat chocolate cake in Greeley, Colorado USA, you'll know what I mean.) Luckily, we can't smell in SL. (I hope the Lindens are not working on AvaSmell.)

The M-portant News Today

If seems that M left the building so quickly he left skid mmmmmarks. 

And, yes...this is an attempt to win Crap's contest to use the letter M creatively. 

Skid marks. M probably made some in his panties when he got the news. That's not very M-pathetic is it? I should be nicer since it will be an M-possible task to find a new job in this economy. If only M had gotten M-bedded in SL he would have understood that fixing things was an M-ergency and not made so many M-pty promises about how great things would be when enterprise M-braced SL.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Get Your Greenies Before They're Gone!

That's my Mr. Darwin. Isn't he the handsomest Greenie ever?
Visit the Greenies! NOW! Don't wait until they leave SL! I have heard a couple of things about the last day they will be open - including that today would be the last day. (If you have information on their actual closing date, please let me know -- I will update my blog.)

Jerremy and I went last night. I am so happy that the landmark dropped us off in the tunnel under the house. That was where I landed the first time I went there. Just follow the green arrows! 

I had flown into the house ahead of Jerremy and could not figure out why he was taking so long to catch up to me. Just then a Greenie walked by and I thought to myself "Oh, he has the same group tag as Jerremy. How weird." Then, I looked again and realized it was him and started laughing. I love when he gets into things like that! OMG! He is so cute!!

I'm in love with a little green man.
Here is a tip -- last night there was a cardboard packing box on the floor in the kitchen. Inside the box is a box of breakfast cereal. I clicked that and got a free Greenies avatar (I had already taken pictures before Jerremy found this "prize.") I am not sure if it will still be there, but it is worth a try.

I think everyone who has experienced Greenies has fond memories of it. Jerremy and I have gone a couple of times. Once, we raced little space ships around an obstacle course. Once we rode in little pods and explored, danced and tried to fly our pods into neighboring Rezzable sims. (We couldn't get in -- but we cammed a lot.) 

This time we made sure to take in the details that were put into everything. Be sure to read the label on the prescription bottle. Look in all the drawers. Explore behind shelves. Read covers of books and record albums. Everything is there for a reason and it's amazing how much thought was put into it. I even cammed behind pages of a diary to see some mostly hidden entries. Very cool stuff!

So, GO! And have fun!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June SL Blogger Group Meet-Up Party!

The June Meet-Up party is less than a week away! Our host, Arora Zanzibar, has arranged everything for us! Be there Saturday, June 26th at 5 PM SLT to dance and chat with other SL Bloggers at Week-End Nightclub

Do you blog about SL but you are not a member of the group yet? Make plans to come to the party anyway! And be sure to IM or email me with your full SL name and URL so I can send you a group invitation!

You can join the SL Bloggers group at Avatars United, too!

Gabby's Rez Day!

There must have been some sort of sale on SL accounts in June 2007...because there are a ton of third Rez Days happening lately for some really great people.

I went to a 3rd Rez Day party for the very sweet and very talented talented blogger Gabby Panacek at Rouge! This picture does not do it justice - the place was packed. But at a certain point, I started crashing while trying to get pictures, so I have to make do with this one. By the way - history was made during this party when CodeBastard Redgrave turned the Rouge sim from red to PINK in honor of her partner's Rez Day. 

Monday, June 21, 2010

Chestnut's Rez Day!

I got to ride in a motorcycle race set up to celebrate Chestnut Rau's 3rd Rez Day yesterday!! (By the way, if you want a thrill, she is naked on her blog today. It is a very interesting post, too.)

I could not have had less control of my bike. Shortly after starting the race, I fell off of a bridge. I also got hit by a train, ran over a pedestrian and got trapped inside of a building. The one thing I thought I'd do was to run into other riders. But, as it turned out, that were all so far ahead of me in the race that they were in no danger.

I apologize to the other people in the picture! I forgot to write down names or take a pic with the interface in the frame so I could ID everyone.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Oops. I did it again.

You can only take one of us home. 

I have good news and bad news about my visit to the Second Life 7th Birthday (SL7B) sims this afternoon. The good news is that I didn't step in the cake this year!

The bad news is that I lost a pose stand inside the cake while trying to take a picture.* I'm just going to go with the old adage "It's not a party until something gets broken". There. I broke the cake. I'm sorry. Now, we can start the party. 

ETA: The sims open at 10 AM SLT on Monday June 21! They'll be open until July 3rd.

What I have seen so far of the sims is amazing. It looks very different from last year. Last year was cool and mysterious with its alien worlds theme. This year everything seems so bright and festive - just what we all need! Looking at the exhibits as I rode through by tram made me smile. That's right! There is a tram tour of the sims again this year. I took it and recommend that if you can, take the tour and get a sample of everything before you start exploring. 

Like last year, it's going to take several visits to see everything. One of the first spots I visited was the birthday cake. There was a giant replica of the SL7B Linden Bear there. Isn't she adorable all dressed up in pink? You can grab one for yourself for free by clicking on her.

One of the cool things about SL7B is that the exhibitors sometimes have fun gifts out for visitors. From dresses to bubble wands to plants to t-shirts to ride able beach balls - these are great party favors! 

The official blog is here.

*I contacted the SL7B organizers to apologize and they were able to return it to me. They were also kind enough not to ban me from all future SL Birthday celebrations. Whew! 

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lauren's Laughs

Today, I got a group notice that comedian Lauren Weyland was going to be interviewed by Netera Landar, who hosts a Saturday morning writers' chat and runs Netera's Coffee Shop. I needed a laugh and a crowd. I wasn't disappointed! Lauren's the delicate blonde on stage in the pink gown. (I will never understand how she can be so much more feminine than me. Sigh.)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Popsicles in Paradise

I just got in-world today after going out to dinner in RL. I love, love, love going out for Friday Afternoon Club. We used to call this late afternoon start to the weekend F.A.C. when I was in college. I need to do this more often since it relaxes me so much.

Now, I'm home and eating popsicles in both worlds. This could only be improved if Jerremy was sitting next to me. I'll save some of his favorite flavors for next time. 

Want to know one of my favorite summer frozen treats? Take a lime frozen fruit bar and sprinkle it with salt. It tastes like a frozen margarita!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bloggers Bust a Move

Alicia Chenaux hosted a dance par-tay as part of her annual Big Bad Blogger Challenge. I had to get this picture fairly early so I could take it and not crash since I knew the party would be packed. It is always awesome to get to meet people in the pixels whom you have only known through their blogs. Jerremy was able to come dance with me a little later so it was extra fun.

Speaking of bloggers having fun - the in-world SL Blogger Group is having its June Meet-Up party on Saturday June 26th at 5 PM SLT. The SLURL is over there on my sidebar under the Blogger Group badge. (There is also a note card of information in the past notices for the group.) Hope to see lots of people there, too!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

As promised: Bling No Mo'!

When I started to write this post, I sent a quick Plurk to ask if there were better methods for getting rid of bling now than using an anti-bling script. The most popular answer given was "Delete the item!" So. I guess that it one way to do it. But, if you otherwise like the item, try these scripts.

As promised, here are two anti-bling scripts that were posted on Ryker Beck's blog back in 2008. I have used them since to save items that were blingy but modifiable.

To use them, first find the prim or prims that contain the bling scripts and delete those scripts. Cut and paste one of the codes below into a new script and insert the script into the offending prim or prims. Once the blinging has stopped, you can delete the anti-bling script, too. Occasionally, bling is stubborn - in that case, you might need a scrubber script. (IM me for one or grab one from XStreet for $1L.)


llSetText(”", , 1.5);
llSetTextureAnim(FALSE, ALL_SIDES,0,0,0.0, 1,0.3);





She gives good instructions on how to do it, too, if you need help:

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Meat Space

Look at me go! The title of this post is a play on words. First it's a play on the word meet/meat because I might talk here about meeting people, but also because, to animals like the Komodo dragon, people are meat. But ironically the meeting space of SL isn't meat space (which is the atomic world). ZOMG - did I just blow your mind?

The suggested blog topic for today's Big Bad Blogger Challenge post was something about relationships. I'm not sure I know very much about forging romantic relationships in either world. But for the sake of a blog post, I'll share these tips:
  1. Bling is the digital equivalent of body odor. The little bling flashes are like waves of smelly stuff emanating from your virtual body. (If you need an anti-bling script, well, IM me in-world or just tune back here tomorrow when I share my favorites.) 
  2. Like yourself first. And by like yourself, I mean love yourself. But you don't necessarily have to love yourself, if you know what I mean.
  3. Perfection is a game by Milton Bradley Co. and not a quality you will find in any person, virtual or otherwise.
And that, my friends, is all I've got about relationships. 

The picture for today's post was taken right after I got in-world today. I saw someone on my Mysti-tool and found this lady sitting at our dining room table. She was 'away' so I didn't get to talk to her. I hope she's not one of those door-to-door preachers!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Reasons 2 Smile

It was a busy Monday at work today, so in the interest of saving precious brain cells, I am using the Big Bad Blogger Challeng Topic 'o the Day today for my post. The topic is to list three positive things from your life and/or SLife. Let's just call friends and family a given in both of my lists and select other items.

From my SLife I pick:
1) Jerremy and I are still going strong. It makes my jaw drop that in  little over a month we will celebrate our second wedding anniversary. That's like 100 years in RL! I still get so excited when he logs in or I get to hear his voice. I must say that while Jerremy is an awesome virtual husband, I am a mind-blowing-ly cool virtual wife. I never nag him (I am pretty sure. Honey. do I nag you?), often pretend to cook elaborate meals for him and I am always up for a good roll in the hay.

2) My blog - which makes my SLife fuller in every way. And as I have said before, my blog gives me something to do and, therefore, keeps me from a SLife of crime.

3) Our home! I love the way it has become so familiar and comfortable. We're always moving things around - adding rooms, landscaping - and that's so fun for Jerremy and I to do together. I adore when we can really make it reflect our personalities. When I am there by myself, I still feel Jerremy all around me and that makes me feel safe and loved.

For RL, I pick these:

1) I did not die today choking on water -- especially since not one of my co-workers even asked me if I was ok as I was coughing and gasping for air. (I think they might want to get rid of me so they can take over my sweet office space with its window and extra book shelf.)

2) I am smart, but not so smart that I am a weirdo. You know what I mean? I don't sit around drooling, but I am still really good at Pictionary and Trivial Pursuit. I managed to figure out the SL UI, but I wouldn't dare to do my own taxes.

3) I have delicious, restaurant-cooked leftovers waiting for me for dinner tonight!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Field of Dreams

Since I am still jazzed about the World Cup and into the hoopla, I wanted to find a nice soccer field in SL. I remembered that there was one in Zindra. 

I couldn't remember exactly on which sim to find the field. So I TPd to Mosh and then map hopped to green spaces nearby. It took forever to find it this way and I feared that it had been swallowed up by a sex shop. But at last I stumbled upon it - in Kama City Municipal Park, looking strangely suburban while surrounded by the wilds of SL. 

There was no one there and I had the entire field to myself, so I couldn't watch or participate in a real game. However, I will go back there today (Sunday June 13) at noon SLT and if anyone else shows up, we can play a little game. Or dance. Or whatever.

I will totally admit that my avatar could not possibly look less athletic in the photo. It is a good thing I'm pretty, because I don't look all that coordinated. If you look closely at the photo, you can see my right pointy finger raised as if to say politely, "Wait - I'm not ready. Please don't kick the ball to me." You would never guess that I am such an incredible SL dancer from this picture. 

By the way, this is post #1 of the Big Bad Blogger Challenge 2010, organized by Alicia Chenaux. You can still sign up if you want to participate!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Kick it!

I'm not usually a soccer/football fan. I watch my niece's games, but I haven't played it myself since I was a kid. But, there is a lot of excitement about the World Cup in Second Life and, by extension, on Plurk. (Add me!) It is really a enjoyable thing to experience and I will happily join in the fun!

By the way, the shop Reasonable Desires has World Cup Special flag outfits like the one I am wearing for only $1L. 32 team outfits are available. So, much cuteness for $1L!! I'm sure you can find your favorites. 

One of the best things about SL, at least for me, is the way it has helped me to be more in touch with the world - more conscious of time zones, national holidays, languages, politics, news, etc. That extra awareness make a me a better citizen of the world. My view is much less U.S.-centric and much more sophisticated than it was before I met and talked to so many people from around the world.

ZOMG SL makes me a better person! It's true.

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Voice Feature We Really Need

LL, in its continuing efforts to increase Twinity's user base, has come out with a new Voice Morphing feature. This subscription feature ($750L per month for each set of 5 voices) allows SL voice users to enhance their speaking with a variety of effects.

However, in my continuing effort to amuse myself on my days off from work, I have brainstormed the Voice Chat feature that we really need. I call it Sound Pwned (TM)!

I would use environmentally friendly, super absorbent, space-age technology to make your voice conversations sound like you have all the privacy, leisure time and, when applicable, marital status necessary to enjoy SL to the fullest!

Tired of having to explain to your cool SL friends that your screaming children are actually OK? Tired of having to explain why some woman - who is not the wife you said you didn't have - keeps calling you to dinner? Want to watch Jersey Shore at the same time that you discuss solutions to the Gulf Oil Spill that involve giant adult toys with four strangers you just met at a Chat Hot Spot? That won't be a problem with Sound Pwned (TM)!

This will be my slogan: Sound Pwned (TM) noise cancellation cancels out Real Life!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Visiting Rouge

Jerremy and I visited the Linden Memorial in Rouge tonight. There were lots of people there - Lindens and regular residents. I bumped into Crap Mariner and said hello.  (Look at me name drop!)

Aimee Linden was there - but there was also a tombstone with her name on it. I wonder if she was actually laid off? Maybe she was spared at the last minute? Who knows. I was too shy to ask her.

They say that when fate closes a door, it always opens a window. I'm counting on that being true.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hazy View

I went to P Squared today. 

I haven't visited Philip Rosedale's SL haunt in a while and I thought it would be a good day to do it. I was surprised to discover that the house that was there last time was gone. (At least, I could not find it.) In it's place was a high, high tower. It has various with platforms of games, meeting spaces and a dance floor covered with LoveMachine (Rosedale's new company) logos. 

I stood on Philip's platform, hoping to get the perspective from way up here. But it wasn't clear. I wonder what he sees?

Fresh, Hot GnomeAir

This is the GnomeAir Video in which I and Alicia Chenaux appear! Yay us!! Enjoy! 

ETA: For some reason, Gnome Air deleted this particular video. :-( But if you follow the linked text above you can see some of his other which I do not appear.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I Believe I Can Fly

Well, Bert is fine and played with and fed. My sister is taking care of him overnight so I did get a chance to post today, after all. (See yesterday's post.) 

Today I went over to see if there was anything new and interesting at one of my favorite shops. I haven't been to (*Chanimations in ages. Nothing really caught my eye until I saw a sign saying that they will have some prefabs and home decor out soon. That should be interesting! I will definitely be back to look at it. They have a lava lamp out so far, but I don't need one of those. 

This picture is of me flying in the no-fly sim where (*Chanimations is located. It gives me quite a thrill to defy authority this way. I FLY WHERE I WANT! HAHAHAHA!!! (You can, too: Advanced menu > View Administrative Options, then click fly.)

**ETA** Anyone know how to override 'no-fly zones' in 2.0? The same way? I am on the old viewer. Please IM, email or comment here if you know. Thanks!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

What's Up, Dawg?

My daily posting may end up being undone by a dog - an adorable, fluffy (fluffy meaning...well, fluffy, not fat), floppy eared German Shepard-mix named Bert. I am pet sitting for the family dog and I might not have a chance to do all of my posts.

In honor of Bert, I thought it would be fun to find a pixel dog to take a picture with, but frankly, pixels cannot hold a candle to him. So, instead, I found a dog park, wrestled a polar bear there and then went through the agility course.

As it turns out, I am pretty agile compared to your average German Shepard (especially in these heels). I am also very secure in the attractiveness of my avatar or I would not be posing in a dog park, inviting potential comparisons to the regular patrons here.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Have you seen my shoes?

I needed people, today. People who can't catch my cold. So, I decided to go watch a game of Primtionary. There's lots of people doing something fun together with lots of laughs. What's not to like? I need to go more often. 

I had been looking forward to taking today's blog picture because I like my outfit and wanted to show off my really expensive new shoes. But every time I take a picture of Primtionary, I want to get everything in the frame- stage, audience, builder, etc. In order to do that, I end up taking a photo of my back. Anyway, you will just have to take my word for it that my shoes are very expensive and very fabulous.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Pondering My Purchasing

I have found that looking at the pictures of the weekly sales event items kind of takes the fun out of the events for me. I'm talking about events like Stumblebum, Themeory and even Fifty Linden Fridays. There are cool people who take the time to take photos, drum up excitement and point out really special things for the events on their blogs, Flickr accounts, etc.

I'm torn because the lists and pictures save me a lot of time -- especially when there is more than just a handful of stores or it's a crowded and laggy event. Yet, there is something to be said for the thrill of discovery when the item rezzes in each store. If I look at the items in a big list on a blog, it is really easy to talk myself out of TPing to the shop to purchase it. 

Then again, talking myself out of shopping once in a while would not necessarily be a bad thing. Tier money doesn't grow on trees. 

Friday, June 4, 2010

It's medicine, not candy.

This is me collapsed on the bench in our bathroom while checking to see how my fever is. (That's a thermometer sticking out of the corner of my mouth.)  It would be fun to do a shot of NyQuil and then play some SL, but that wouldn't be right. NyQuil is not to be used as a recreational substance... no matter how warm and tingly it makes me feel.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

This patient needs patience.

I'm still sick. After a nap and eating a bowl of homemade chicken soup, I logged in-world so that I could go find a cute necklace (bottom picture) that I had seen on the fashion blog feeds. The store (:Sey) was crowded, which in and of itself is not a problem. But nearly every person in there was using gestures like it was their job. (TM Alicia Chenaux)  

So, I did that thing I do when people abuse gestures. The Homer Simpson scream? Mute. The laughing baby? Mute. The guy pronouncing LOL? Yee haws? Coyote howls? Clips of songs? Horror movie screams? MUTE! MUTE! MUTE! Jeebus people. It's just a clothing store. 

What will they do when something truly exciting happens? See? If you blow your wad* over a crew neck t-shirt with a sculpted hem, you'll have nothing left for earthquakes or when zoo animals get loose. 

Anyhoo, I never did find the cute safety pin necklace I was looking for. As a child of the 80's, I adore safety pin jewelry. (We used to put safety pins through the earring holes in our ears and think we were so punk rock. LOL) Perhaps one of those muted people had suddenly said, "Tymmerie! You must be looking for the safety pin necklace! Follow me! I know exactly where it is!" Well, that would have been just my luck. Thanks, karma.

*I am too sick today to care if I'm being crude. *cough*

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Behind the Scenes

This post is a behind the scenes look at things in more than one way. Today, I got to be an extra for one of GnomeAir Halostar's videos. This is everyone gathering and getting instructions before we started filming. (I am in the center bottom in a white top.) But you are also getting a behind the scenes look at SL itself -- in the sense that most of the pictures you see of SL - and even on this blog - have things nicely rezzed and are edited. Frankly, it took forever for the scene to rez this much.  You can still see blur and gray parts waiting to rez.

The second photo below is a scene from the film. It turns out that we were standing on the wrong side of the gate. I hate it when that happens. Oh well, they said they'd fix it in editing. Again, I am in the center, front with a white top on. They would not tell me what my character's motivation was. So, my motivation in every scene is "to get on camera as much as possible."

The film is supposed to be ready to watch on Sunday and, of course, I will give you a heads up and link here as soon as it is out. 

***ETA: Here it is! **

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Pro for SL Meetings

I have a cold. It has been creeping on since Sunday and now it's here. Fever, chills, sore throat, runny nose and sneezing. My long run is over. I pride myself on almost never getting sick in RL. I have had a four year old with the creeping crud sneeze right in my face and not even get a sniffle! I have sat on airplanes next to Ebola patients* and been fine. 

If only we could be as immune to things as we are in SL. If my recent trip had been handled through virtual means, I might have avoided catching a Spring cold. (See? There is an item for the 'pro' column for holding meetings in SL. So that's one 'pro' and many cons? Oh never mind.)

At least I can lie in my virtual bed in solidarity with myself. (Since Jerremy isn't in yet, I'll be taking the middle of the bed, thank you very much.)

*That might be a bit of an exaggeration.


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