Saturday, July 31, 2010

I hid my husband... honor of this hilarious take on a recent news item out of Huntsville, AL:

...I hid my husband. 

Actually, Jerremy won't be around this weekend. Sad face. So, I am trying to find ways to occupy my time.

True story: when I moved into my very first apartment without roommates, a man tried to break in during the middle of the night. He didn't get in -- the police got there in time. I have never been more frightened in my life. I was full of adrenaline for days - so I totally understand how agitated the people were in the original news clip. (NOTE: I sincerely hope that the perpetrator is caught. I am in no way poking fun at the crime itself - just the interview.)

Friday, July 30, 2010

Fast! Easy! Fun!

...but, not necessarily in that order. 

Today's in-world meeting with Philip and BK Linden used those three words a lot. I am all for making SL faster, easier and more fun. (Link to video or transcript of the talk.)

In a show of support for the new strategy, some creators have made shirts with the words! (I got this one at caLLie cLine's store for only $1L. 

By the way - where are the fast, easy, fun shirts (or boxers?) for guys? It isn't just SL women who are fast, easy and fun. Just ask my husband Jerremy. Why, he is as fast, easy and fun as they come. That is why I married him! (OK - to be fair, I did see a pic of caLLie's tank on a man -- but it's too low cut for a guy like Jerremy to wear and not feel self-conscious.)

I am going to spend the weekend brainstorming ways to make SL fast, easy and fun. As I am sure many, many people and people who are bloggers will be doing, also.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Time for a trim?

I have given up on the Gatcha Festival for now - from Plurk (Add me!), it would appear that every avatar on the grid is there and no one can even see the machines from the lag. I'll live without getting all of the Duck Soup protest signs.

In other news, I am very excited about something! I am going to be an official blogger for this year's Shoe Fair! YAY! I'm not going to be doing any reviews, since I don't do that, but I will be having fun at the fair and will be writing about that.

Writing about shoes and shoe fairs means I will have to get a pedicure.  While I was looking for a day spa in search today, I ran across a German foot fetish shop. Being A) easily amused and B) age verified, I decided to take a look.

It turned out to be pretty tame -- except for this painting that TOTALLY freaked me out. I have a thing about long toe nails. Shudder. I am going to have to sleep with a nail clipper under my pillow tonight or I will not feel safe.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gimmee at Gatcha

This is a photo of me sticking my tongue out at lag while enjoying a delicious twist cone at the Albero Gatcha Festival.

I have a mini-obsession with the Gatcha Festival at the Albero shopping center. Gatcha is basically a random vending machine full of a variety of transferable items. You have no control over which item comes out.

I've spent a significant amount of money trying to "win" items. That's the appeal in a nutshell - it turns one addiction (shopping) into two (shopping + gambling)!
To me, the most appealing machines are the ones at low prices -- who wants to gamble $100L that you'll get the color you want? Not me. But I'll happily gamble $25 or $35 to get a trinket. Or a whole set of trinkets.

Now, there will be a trading party at the end (August 14th, 5 PM SLT), but, just in case, if you need an /artileri/ turquoise radio, I have 3 extra. If you want a pink beach towel, I have 2 extra. I also have a selection of duplicate Duck Soup protest signs. (Why do I need protest signs? I have no idea, but I must have them! Gah!) Just IM me. 

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Just Chillin'

I'm relaxing while I wait for Jerremy to log in tonight. We had a wonderful anniversary celebration last night. I didn't get a chance for a photo - but maybe tonight. I'm a little sad we weren't able to throw a big party like we had originally wanted to, but such is life. I'll just tuck the "Love Boat" party theme away for another time.

I love being on our little island -- it really is peaceful here. I had a really great picture of the water - or so I thought. What is it with Linden water that makes it "tile" or take on weird textures in pictures even when it looks perfect and gorgeous on my screen?

Monday, July 26, 2010

This is not my wedding dress.

I wanted to wear something "wedding flavored" (meaning festive and white) today since it is the second anniversary my wedding to Jerremy! Hopefully, tonight, I can get a few pictures of us together. 

I bought this dress at the grand re-opening of the shop ::Aleida::. Here is where I name drop: I met designer Aleida Rhode back when we both modeled for Dream Models before she started her shop. So, like, I knew her back before she started designing.

I got her store notice that she was having a party at her sim to celebrate, so I TPd over to see her new stuff. I chose this dress because of the sexy back:

So what is my handsome groom wearing today? He was naked when we logged out last night. But, he promised to put on swim trunks if we went out in public. Do you have any idea how much I adore that man???

In any case: Happy Anniversary, Jerremy! The honeymoon still hasn't ended for me. I love you!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Can you spare a linden?

My friend Scarlot Verrazzano and I decided go exploring today and see what treasures we could find. 

We thought we had hit the jackpot when we found a box of money for sale for $10,000L!! Tragically, we only had $9,999 between us. So close and yet so far. So, I decided to sit on this blanket and panhandle while Scarlot dug through the trash looking for recyclables.

OK we did other things too -- like actually explore, test outhouses and shop. I picked up an item or two for Jerremy that I think will look good in his office.

I would have bought more -- if only I had a box of money!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Keeping Things Exciting

People might wonder how Jerremy and I keep our nearly two year old SL marriage exciting. Well, today,  I visited the International Fem Dom Day celebration in SL. (Jerremy has no idea what's in store for year three.)

I'M KIDDING!! You can all warn Jerremy about that if you want to -- but I only went to check out these cute, free boots that I saw on the feeds (pick them up here in a purple gift bag). (I wish they were mod - I'd love to remove the animations from them, but at least you can turn them off.)
Really, what you need to keep a relationship going is right here in this picture:

That's right! MY BOOBS!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Sorry, Charlie

I am pretty certain that this is the most boring photo that I have ever posted to my blog. They can't all be exciting, right? (We are trying to sell that parcel way back there.

It seems that one of our neighbor's dogs wandered over to our yard today. His name was Charlie. I have a thing for German Shepherds, so I tried to play with it for a bit before returning it. Unfortunately, he was 'locked' so I couldn't. He is a cutie though.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

To sleep, perchance to shop

I've been recovering from being sick in RL, so I've been extra tired and not up to staying up as late as I usually do. This has to stop since it cuts into my valuable Jerremy-time. I'm napping today so I have more stamina tonight.

This means that I must be the only person on the grid not at the Armidi sale right now. I'm OK with this because I had everything from there that I needed, really. But I'll definitely go and take a look when new things come out. I kind of hope they do new shoes. I loved their Viniani heels with a passion. I had them in a bunch of colors. I so, so, so hope they update them. Here they are:
Do you have any idea how incredible these would be with a nice pair of prim feet inside? I will dream about that right now. Shhhh.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Making Faces

There were some items that really caught my eye at the Summer of Love Fair yesterday -- the makeups for Viewer 2.0. I am a sucker for a new makeup. There was a nice selection and I wanted them all.. But being lazy, I wanted to buy a fatpack. There was no fatpack option at the fair, so I TPd over to the main store - where I found the entire collection of makeups. But there was still no fatpack. Grrrr. Well, I know where they are and I have no immediate need for them since I am not using a 2.0 viewer yet. So, I'll just come back and buy individual makeups as I find a need for them once I get brave enough to try a generation 2 viewer.

Monday, July 19, 2010

I don't want to know.

Look away! Don't read that! La la la la la.....oh crap! I read it! *weep*

I spent time today trying to enjoy the Summer of Love Fair (SOL) and the thing that drew me there: the promise of many new and exclusive items. (The picture above is the best I could get -- you get to see things the way I did.) I love to shop and support content creators, so I am always game for a fair, expo, showcase, etc.

But, I was SOL because the SOL was also a mental health awareness event. Boo. I don't need my awareness raised. I just want to buy some pretty things in the game I play as a enjoyable diversion from real life. 

I had to keep diverting my eyes and not reading awareness building signs. Each time I was slipped an informational note card, I threw it to the ground and ran in the opposite direction. Can't a girl just buy a dress and not have it come with a side of sadness? 

ETA:The fair itself is really good - with a huge variety of really nice items.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Excuses, excuses, excuses...

Dear Tym's Blog readers,

Please excuse her from doing her 365 blog picture project this week. She had surgery to remove her conjoined twin and was not feeling her best. Her father and I always knew we should have taken her to the doctor to have it done earlier, but we also wanted a pool table and a boat and, well, you can't have everything.

She has assured us that she will return to regular blogging and attempting to resume the 365 project. Her father and I gave her funny looks and told her to stop playing with electronic dolls.

Yours Truly,
Tymmerie's Mom

Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Place Called Coma

I am in desperate need of some relaxation today, so when I saw a place called Coma in the Showcase, I thought it would be perfect. It was almost perfect.  It would have been ideal if there were some places to sit or relax and enjoy the silence and sounds of trickling water. At least I think there was only the sound of trickling water - for all I know they play a 24/7 loop of Enya there, but I never have music on. (If I go to a party or event, I manually turn it on in preferences.) So, I guess lots of places in SL are more relaxing than they are to other people. (P.S. That giant orchid is a freebie!)

Saturday, July 10, 2010


I went to the RC Cluster Company BBQ today. It was a blast, but super crowded. Crowds equal lag and apparently in my time in SL I have not yet gotten that into my head. I made the horrid mistake of trying to change my t-shirt into something more "picnic-y" for this picture ...and I ended up topless. Sadly, it was not that kind of picnic. So, I panicked and quickly logged out in shame. That is my SLife, folks.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The SLituation Room

Hey! What's that? Is that news going on over there?

Is it just me or did anyone else think that CNN had left SL? 

Well, as it turns out, they haven't left and they still have a sim here. Therefore, if you're an enterprising avatar with a nose for news, you can be an iReporter.  You can even pick up a free reporters' kit (which includes the microphone I am holding) and submit your stories right there on the sim.

The first time I went to CNN iReport Island, I was a brand new avatar and I had read an article about their sim. The thing I remember most is talking to a big, buff guy there who didn't realize he had TP'd in doing a very feminine dance. At the time, I didn't realize that he was probably standing perfectly still on his screen. I couldn't stop giggling at him. We talked about different places to explore and he told me that he was doing research in SL for school. Meantime, I kept asking him why he was dancing like a stripper. Good times.

Hey! I wonder how I can let the fine folks down at CNN know that I have a replica of The Situation Room on my XStreetSL Wishlist???

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

This ship is bananas!

Jerremy and I are trying to do some planning for our second wedding anniversary party. We need a cruise ship for our theme. We might be able to get away with just the lido deck. I think I mentioned this before but we are trying to decide if we should buy, build or rent one. We are crazy busy in RL, but we still want to have a fun, unique party. So tonight, we TP'd around looking at various options. But, in the end, the thing that will really make the party fun are the people who come and share our celebration.

On hot days, get plenty of Druids.

Guess where Jerremy and I hung out last night? Yes! SL Stonehenge! Home of what appears to be the Angels & Demons nightclub, too. Who knew?

As is our custom with exploring, we looked for places to make out. I'm kidding! But, there were ton of cuddly pose balls around - including on top of the stone slabs, which we had to try out:

[20:39]  Jerremy Darwin: oh balls on top too
[20:40]  Tymmerie Thorne: oh cool
[20:40]  Tymmerie Thorne: I am positive the Druids did this all the time
[20:40]  Jerremy Darwin: haha I am sure you are right
[20:40]  Jerremy Darwin: nothing says like big block son rock, in  a crowded SL
[20:41]  Jerremy Darwin: Hmm, let me try that again..."nothing says romance like laying on big blocks of rock, in  a crowded SL"
Photo by Jerremy Darwin.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

Ouch! Oh gawd - the pain! Luckily, these delicious, searing-hot-explosive-decorated cupcakes (a group gift from Kitchen Korner) are well worth all of the tiny burns I have to endure to eat them. I could have waited until the sparklers went out, I suppose... but OMG look at that fluffy frosting! Who can resist? And anyway, it's an excuse to ask Jerremy to rub me down with aloe.

ETA: If anyone is looking for the cupcakes, they are a group gift for the store Kitchen Korner, linked above. The cupcakes are still in notices. If you cannot find the sign to join in the store, check my profile and join that way. (The group is impossible to find in search for some reason.) There is no cost to join the group and they give frequent gifts.

Fireworks of the Fractal Kind

Photo by Jerremy Darwin.
Jerremy and I decided to be artsy fartsy and explore some fractals at Ball State Exhibitions.If you go, just follow the glowing red line on the floor through the exhibit hall. I went through it with my regular windlight setting. (I tried it on midnight for a short time, but it is so dark inside that it doesn't make a huge difference, but your mileage may very.) I commented to Jerremy that the should have Dark Side of the Moon playing for visitors - but it is not all trippy dippy. Although I didn't plan it this way, it turned out to be like an extremely cool fireworks show without the booming sounds -- very appropriate for the Independence Day holiday.
Photo by Jerremy Darwin
Look! I have a halo!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Rouge, White & Blue

I was just sitting around trying to find something to do until Jerremy comes in-world when I heard about people dancing at Rouge. It sounded relaxing and fun, so I TPd over.

I am sure you are tired of pictures of me dancing. I'll try to mix it up more. I have been wanting to get a picture with Jerremy for a while, but we've had limited time together and he has been naked for about 2 weeks straight. 

No wait - I take that back; he did dress for a trip to SL7B the other day. (Jerremy took the pics below.)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day!

I hope all of our neighbors to the north are having a nice holiday. I was going to wear something all red in honor of it. But, as I mentioned yesterday, I have 1,534 outfits ready to go for Independence Day so I really needed to start wearing them so that I can work them all in. But look - the hamburgers were red before I started cooking them and these hot dogs are kind of reddish...and OMG I have Ketchup in honor of Canada today!

Also, to make this post more about Canada, I will share my favorite song about Canada. (It is tongue in cheek - please know that I like Canada and my Canadian friends.) 
I present: Blame Canada!


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