Sunday, October 31, 2010

Party Pics - Part 3 of 3

Isn't Wall-E/Sixx Yangtz adorable?
We had a very special guest.
Jerremy and I - as rulers of the Underworld! Bwahahahaha!
We're not in Kansas anymore.

No you can't. I'm wearing pasties and fig leaves. I am very modest.

Best dance line EVER.
Happy Halloweenie, Everyone!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Party Pics - Part 2 of 3

Our gorgeous, glittery friend and DJ, Alicia Chenaux.


Queen of Green, Haley Salomon
Pure Evil!!
Runestar Twine was appropriately devilish.
Here are some more of the pictures of the festivities! More to come tomorrow...

Friday, October 29, 2010

Par-tay Pictures - Part 1 of 3

These pictures were all taken by my talented husband Jerremy Darwin. I attempted to take one and crashed immediately so I didn't take another chance. Thank you to everyone who came to our party!!! (This is going to be broken up into three posts since I have a lot of good pics but I really don't feel like dealing with Flickr at the moment.) 

Abernathy Button - cute as a ...well, you know.
CodeBastard Redgrave - Evil, Nerdy, Teddy Bear
Crowd Shot!!
Heidi Halberstadt &... OMG! Look out! There is a woodcutter right behind you!!
Margo Sciarri - Adorable, Sexy Bee
Night Singh - Saturday Night Fever Evil Robot
Crowd Shot 2
More to come tomorrow - or later today, who knows? And eventually I will try to put all the pics Jerremy took up on flickr.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Spoiling the Surprise - Because I'm Evil!

Just kidding - I am spoiling the surprise of my costume because I am not sure if I will be able to get a good picture of it tonight at the party. I am going to run around in my costume all day today!

I took some pictures with Jerremy in his costume, too, that I will try to post later. 

Just a reminder: the party is here: H-E-Double Hockey Sticks at 8 PM SLT!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dancing in the Glow of the Fire

Photo by Jerremy Darwin.

Jerremy and I took a break from working on our party room to dance together in a cage we have hanging above the lava. Isn't it romantic?

Monday, October 25, 2010

Pondering Pews

Hi. Today I am considering what kind of church pew texture we want for the pews decorating our party area for Wednesday. (We are going all out with the "fallen angel" thing.) We found these sculpty pews - but I was a little disappointed. The sculpties are not very high quality LODs or something technical and they distort when you get too far away. If we use the dark wood texture, they kind of look like mouse droppings from far away -- which I guess is sort of hellish in its own right, so it might work out. 

Oh, by the way, Jerremy already thought of a great theme for next year's Halloween party -- so here's to hoping LL and SL survive until then!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

It's Gonna Be a Hell of a Good Time

Oh yea.....our party plans are coming together quite nicely!  

Here are the details: 
What: A Halloween Costume Party hosted by Tymmerie Thorne & Jerremy Darwin
When: Wednesday, October 27th from 8-10 PM SLT
Where: H-E-Double Hockey Sticks
Entertainment: DJ Alicia Chenaux

Friday, October 22, 2010

Got 'em!

Thanks to a helpful person near the Albero Gatcha Festival machine (Thank you again, Elektra Pleides!), I was able to get both Cheap Makeup sets at last!

I took them home and put my camera right on my face so I could admire each one up close. But as I started to try them on, I was a little disappointed. They all seemed to look exactly the same. Then I backed my camera up and realized that they were boxed and I was just wearing box after box on my hand.

Pro Tip: Tattoo makeups (and, really, most SL things) are best worn after unpacking them from their boxes. *bangs forehead onto desk*

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Trading Faces

This is me being dejected. I was at the Fall Gatcha Festival at Albero and I have an obsessive need to complete my sets of both Cheap Makeup tattoo layers. Here's the dealio - I need Cheap Makeup's Cruella Shadow # 5 and #10 and Shimmer me Timbers #4 and #10. I have every other makeup in the collections in multiples. (No judging my gatcha addiction!) Can we make a trade or will you sell them to me? I'd even give multiples for each shadow I am missing. IM, email, comment on this post...whatever. Please help me complete my set without my going bankrupt.

Monday, October 18, 2010

'pooky Party Preview

There are a couple of Halloween parties coming up and one that I need to tell people about right away is the SL Blogger Group Halloween party. I am here at the party location practicing my frightened face. Here is what you need to know:
  • What: SL Blogger Group Halloween Party
  • Host: Brinda Allen
  • When: Saturday, October 23
  • Time: 2-4 PM SLT
  • Location:
  • Entertainment: The Born Again Pagans
  • Attire: Halloween costumes are encouraged! We will have prizes for the most creative and a few door prizes, too!
I'll see you there!! 

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Here's 1 for your 40.

Since we will soon have 40 group slots, I wanted to suggest one --and not just because there will be a special group gift when the membership hits 500.

It's KK Food, Bakery, Drink and Party. They give cool gifts all the time and have special prices on new releases just for members. Today, I went over and picked up today's group gift of a cookie jar that gives you the choice of 6 different cookies. While I was there I tested out the Halloween cakes. I already have one of their round Halloween cakes on our dining room table. MMMMMMMMM!!! Did I mention that the group is free to join? And members can invite other members, so if you want an invite, IM or email me. (OK - I kind of really want to see what the 500 member gift is.)

Just look at that spread! And we don't even have anything special going on! Doesn't that make you want to hang out in our kitchen with a glass of milk while you chat with me and Jerremy?  How was school/work today? Have a cookie. Only one though, I don't want you to spoil dinner. Dinner is cupcakes, by the way.

UPDATE: We only need 8 more members to get to the 500 member mark!!! YAY!! 
NEW UPDATE: We only need 3 more members to get to 500 now!!! 

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Is it hot in here?

I'm just kicking back here in what I like to think of as Hell's Embassy to SL - otherwise known as our Halloween party room. I'm trying to decide what I feel like doing today besides buying thousands of Lindens worth of tattoo make-ups, which is what I have been doing for the past couple of days. I've done some chores in world so far today. I checked our land for stray prims and returned an entire house and crypt which someone put up in our back 40 last night. Silly people.

Our neighbors behind our property are doing the whole breedable horse thing and I've been looking in on their stables out of curiosity. It would be kind of funny to look back there and catch the horses mating.  Maybe that's what I'll do today: perv on horny horses.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I took the plunge.

I tried Viewer 2 again, or rather this time, I tried the beta viewer 2.2. Unlike the last time I tried the new viewer, I was able to actually log in. What got me to take the plunge? When Philip Linden announced that the new viewer will soon support prims up to 64m x 64m that did it because I think that is a feature that will get Jerremy to want to try the new viewer. Granted, Viewer 2.2 is slower than molasses (1.23 was fast and stable for me.) but hopefully that will be fixed soon.

This picture is just my test of taking a test picture in the viewer. I looked so jagged in-world even with anti-aliasing turned on so I needed to see if they would come out OK. It looks ok for my purposes.

I had great fun trying on all the tattoo makeups I have been collecting for just this occasion...and buying more. I'd love to find more lipsticks but those seem much harder to fit onto my av's lips. The eye makeups I've found are so fun. I adore the tattoo eyelashes, too. One funny observation: whenever I add a tattoo layer my avatar does this quick little dip. It's just strange.

But then the situation I have been dreading happened -- I TPd into a store that had flying disabled. I didn't know the trick to override this in the new viewer and I got a little crazy with frustration. Luckily some smart Plurkers (Add me!) gave me the instructions.

I continue to be bewildered as to why stores insist on turning off flying in their stores. It takes too long to walk and it is annoying to be slowed down. Flying makes shopping easy and when shopping is easy it is easy to get me to spend lindens in your store. Make it harder for me to shop and I'll go elsewhere.

Luckily, overriding this is simple.
  • In Viewer 1.23, press CTRL-ALT-D, then select VIEW ADMINISTRATIVE OPTIONS. Fly as normal.
  •  In Viewer 2.0 or 2.2,  press CTRL-ALT-D then press CTRL-ALT-V (I think of the V as little bird wings so I can remember the command.).  You can also press press CTRL-ALT-D to activate the Advanced menu and then go to SHORTCUTS and then select FLY. 
(I have no idea how to override this in any 3rd party viewer since I have never used one.)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Devil's Haircut

I've got the Devil's Haircut on my mind. Why?

I have been working on my costume for our Halloween party. Since it will be held in what I am starting to think of as Hell's official embassy in SL, I am going to be a demon. Hair will be an important part of my look. I TPd over to 3636, a shop known for artsy over the top hairstyles. 

When I got there, I saw this style - Ivanka - and fell in lust with it. Is this the best hair ever or what?  I bought the dark brown pack.  I am in love with how cosmic-Elvis-esque plus faux-hawk it looks. (You will need to wear a hair base for this.) Unfortunately, it hides my horns, so I will just have to find another occasion to wear it. Perhaps a Hunka, Hunka Burning Love themed Valentines party would be a good one to throw? 

I felt the need to use two pictures -- one to show detail and one to show I wasn't being cheesy and  wearing the demo. I put Lindens behind my love of this hair. 

By the way - at W&Y, you can pick up a free, cute Louise Brooks' bob, 1-prim, non -scripted hair in all colors. It's is cute and prefect to wear to fairs and crowded events.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hallow-Hot Dog

While everyone else on the entire grid was trying to get into Yoko Ono's Imagine Peace Tower, I was browsing through the blog feeds. I came across this post. In the picture, you can see some adorable, over-the-knee, Halloween-themed, Hello Kitty socks. 

But, what I really wanted was the hot dog hat. (Don't judge!) So, I scanned the post very quickly and found myself doing a mini-hunt and searching for hidden pumpkins in a bid to find the hot dog hat. I am sad to say that the hat was not one of the eight prizes. But, I do now own the "Hallowkitty" socks.

After I finished finding the pumpkins, I rested on this giant piece of candy before heading off to find the elusive chapeau....which is actually at RC Cluster somewhere. I should read more thoroughly, next time.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

My I.D.

I was in the mood to explore so I looked into the Showcase on search for anything interesting to look at. (Side note -- why can't you grab a landmark to put in your inventory right from search directly? Why do I have to TP to go get one? Whichever Labbie is still left, get on fixing that, please!) 

I decided that the Museum of Avatar Identity looked interesting. The exhibit did make me think about who I am as an avatar, though. I think that I think that she is me if I was taller, younger, had neater hair and could fly. To my atomic-self, my avatar is a like new limb or a funny looking mole that just appeared on August 20, 2007 - part of me, but I'd still be me if it was removed. (Is that profound or what?)

There were a few places there for photo ops
- so I became a part of the "shopaholic" identity display.

This is a good identity for me right now because I have been shopping like a crazy person this week - which is even more than usual. I've been feeling weird that I keep my inventory so trim. I was at 19,800 something last weekend.  Yup. That's after 3 years in here. And I shop a lot. I promise I do. I am not afraid to fatpack! I just delete a lot, too. 

Therefore, I have been trying to get my inventory up to a more respectable (?) number. I feel like with such a low inventory that I might be a bad dresser and not even realize it. So, I have been pretty loose with the virtual purse strings.

But, the constant shopping explains why I was catatonic on a boat at the For the Love of Halloween shopping sim later in the day. 

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I'm a dog person.

OMG, OMG....breathe....look away. Ummmm.... I've seen pictures of RL "Kitty Litter Cakes" and have been horrified by them also. I guess I shouldn't be surprised - if it exists in the real world someone will make a virtual one. I consider it my duty to you to point out unique prim foods and I suppose this qualifies. So, tah dah! Here is something unique.

Now, I love this shop (Naughty Nibbles) and have purchased a huge selection of food items from them. (Side note - one of the cool things about Naughty Nibbles is that they include the RL recopies for many of the foods and beverages they sell.)  But I am more of a dog person. Perhaps this would be a very, very scary part of your buffet? Or maybe you are a Neko and love the novelty? Cool Beans. Myself? I'll stick to the chocolate covered grasshoppers and chocolate covered frogs that the shop also sells.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Evil Chickens

Jerremy and I went to explore the Dark Dharma Haunted Manor. There was a game/hunt there where you click on objects to try to find the ones that would give you one of 9 tarot bags with prizes inside. But clicking on some things brought up a trick rather than a treat. Jerremy and I each got orbited once. (I have no idea what we clicked to deserve that.) Here, you can see me getting savagely attacked by two Evil Chickens for clicking the wrong thing. I know I seem calm - but I was terrified inside.

The funniest thing about the Evil Chickens was their squawking - especially since with the lag, I thought they were ducks at first.  See? We always complain about lag, but sometimes it can add to the funny.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Open Space

This is me giving Jerremy a tour of our new bedroom decor. (All he can see from this angle is the chandelier on the ceiling - but he said he likes it!) We're testing the new bed animations while we decide how to spend the evening. 

Before I pinned him to our duvet, Jerremy was looking around and commenting on how huge our bedroom is and asking if he should make it smaller. I think I'm ok with how big it is. But scale is a hard thing in SL. Our bedroom is gigantic -- but I never have problems camming around in there. And if we ever wanted to hold a gymnastics meet, we have space for it.

That's all I am saying. I want options.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Decorate All the Things

I decided to do what a lot of other people were doing yesterday (baa, baa) and decorate my house for Halloween. That meant dragging out my Halloween boxes and looking to see if there was anything I could still use. It also involved deleting all of the old, tacky, horrid things I bought years ago.

I do need to find fancier candy bowls. I have some great hay bales that I should put out, too. Maybe the pumpkin carving kit from RC Cluster in the kitchen and some Halloween treats on the dining room table? 

Doing my decorating took me to iTutu, where I found a mini-Halloween shop in their courtyard. There are some free items there (like the Halloween crown I'm wearing in the picture below, cob webs and Jack O' Lanterns) and some stuff to buy (like costumes, Halloween lights, etc.). 

Oh. I also redid our bedroom in sophisticated shades of black. But I didn't do that for Halloween. I did that for Valentine's.

Friday, October 1, 2010

My New Fav SL Workaround

I was just sitting here today thinking about how wonderful you are. Yes, you. So wonderful that I wanted to share something with you. Do you ever get annoyed by having to reset your lighting every single time you log into SL? This question was Plurked (Add me!) the other day and people had a solution!

Ryker Beck did the work of writing down the instructions (Thanks, Ryker!), so I am not going to reinvent the wheel.:

One note of caution - this workaround means you won't be able to click and go to midnight or noon light settings quickly from the Environment Settings dropdown menu. So, if you like to change the time of day that way, you might not want to do this. Of course, you could always just make a windlight setting for midnight or whatever time of day you like and use that.

I hope this helps! Enjoy!


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