Friday, December 31, 2010

Two Heads are Better Than One

Photo by Aldwyn Zanzibar.

Jerremy and I put our heads together to come up with some predictions for the new year.

In my last post, I mentioned something I foresee:

  • As a nod to the breedables craze (and interestingly a technique similar to that used by child abductors to lure children into their windowless vans), all new players will find an adorable puppy or other baby animal in their starting inventories. It will cost $72 USD/year or $9.95 USD/month for pet food. The players who choose not to let the animal starve to death will be called People Raising  Echinoderms, Mollusks,  Invertebrates and Unspecified Mammals  - or PREMIUM. (And they will get a free house.)

Jerremy thought of a brilliant one - and then someone mentioned it at Alicia Chenaux's New Year's Eve Eve Party last night! So it is certain to come true! Great minds and all! 
  • In 2011, someone will develop a Kinect-inspired virtual sex application that will allow SLers to have SLex without pose balls or clumsy menus! Imagine hundreds, nay, thousands of players humping the air in sync with their SLovers (who are possibly thousands of miles away) as their avatars match their movements on screen! (That won't be awkward for someone to walk in on at all.) 
Also in the new year:
    • Forsaking tradition, Rod Humble will not be R Linden or even Humble Linden but ... The Situation Linden. His avatar will wear this shirt: 

    • 2011 will also see the end of 'bling'... only to be replaced by 'blang.' Blang will be 1000 times worse than any bling. It will be nuclear bling combined with smell-o-vision! Or something.
     I needed to have a couple of serious predictions, so:
    • LL will introduce some cool new benefits for Premium members - including the restoration of the old support levels,  new inventory management tools, higher group limits (beyond 40) and more. I hope, I hope, I hope.

    • Premium members will get the option to override fly EVERYWHERE just by thinking about it!! (Yes, I realize that I am obsessed with being able to override fly, but the list of places I am boycotting because they won't let me fly is growing and it makes me sad.) 

    • I will continue to have an absolute blast writing this blog and continue be humbled and honored that people read it. (Thank you, by the way!)
    Have a safe celebration! Talk to you next year!

    Thursday, December 30, 2010

    Did I see into the future?

    Last year, I made some predictions for SL in 2010. Let's see how I did!

    * I predicted that LL would finally notice that they seem to have a lot of female customers and aim for that market when targeting new users: "LL will finally realize that it has hit a sweet spot as far as reaching the females aged 18-49 demographic. They'll give up on trying to get male teen gamers to sign up and start advertising during Oprah and in Elle magazine." I was terribly wrong on this one as they tried to get Facebookers, virtual animal breeders, sparkly vampires and Avatar movie obsessed fans to sign up. Maybe next year? 

    * I was dead wrong when I predicted that "Premium account holders finally get some additional benefits..." Despite things I heard from actual Linden friends about additional Premium benefits being just around the corner, nothing happened. There is still very little difference between a basic account and a premium account and LL is letting  potential revenue & loyalty enhancement tool slip through their fingers.

    * I was wrong about inter-species breeding: "The breedable pet market will collapse into chaos as animals start mating cross species leaving everyone with farms full of incredibly horny, taupe-ish colored chickpigbunnyturtles." I'm still crossing my fingers for this to happen in 2011.

    * I got one right!!: "Philip comes back to LL full time after the fun of telling people the Love Machine is, ' his pants!' wears off." He came back! And then he left again as the fun of telling people he was in charge of SL wore off.

    * I was wrong on this one, but not far off the mark for LL's 2010 advertising strategy: "LL will continue its efforts to enhance the first hour experience by actually assigning parts in role play sims." They didn't quite do this, but did play into people's desires to be vampires or blue aliens and, eventually, into their desires to play Facebook games. In 2011, I predict that all new players will actually find an adorable puppy in their starting inventories. Interestingly, it will cost $72 USD/year or $9.95 USD/month for puppy food. (And will come with a free house.)

    * I was also wrong on my prediction that "The Linden Home program goes belly up as SLasbestos is discovered in the construction materials."  Instead of SLasbestos, there were dangerous levels of meh

    So, I got one prediction right. Which is just sad. But luckily, I will have a chance to redeem myself when I make my predictions for 2011. Stay tuned!

    Wednesday, December 29, 2010

    Goldilocks and the Inner City Gang HQ

    I just wanted to find a place on the grid where I could relax and think about my predictions for the coming year. I figured that it wouldn't hurt if that place has some New Age or mystical stuff going on. I discovered the Crystal Cave of Enlightenment and it's alleged psychic energy and meditation spots. But this part of the cave? This feels a little bit like Goldilocks and the Three Inner City Gang Members. And I am not about to find out if the pot is "just right" or not.

    Tuesday, December 28, 2010


    I am a relatively optimistic person. But, the people trying to sell New Year's 2010 items on the marketplace have me beat by a mile. 2010 was a challenging year for most people, I'm not sure anyone wants to ring it in all over again.

    This person saved time by using the previous year's photo:

     Those trying to sell 2009 things may be Pollyannas, but at least most of their stuff is cheap:

    Yes, this 2009 calendar is out of date. But it's FREE! 

    Monday, December 27, 2010

    Resolutions for a Virtual New Year

    I'm here at DeCuir Creations Fireworks' New Year's Eve Ball Drop display, looking at the countdown clock to 2011 and pondering resolutions.

    Last year I didn't really make any resolutions for the new year other than to use an emoticon of a person spinning on her head more often on Plurk. (Add me!) On that resolution, I succeeded wildly. That success has made me think that might expand my efforts into other areas.

    If I do them, I won't call them resolutions though since that is too much pressure. I'll just call them "stuff I am going to do more of." Here are some of the possibilities:
    • I will leave comments on at least 6 blogs per week. (With one day for rest, of course.) I read so many blogs and I have so much fun doing it that I really should show my appreciation by commenting. 
    • I will be more social with my friends list in-world. Bear in mind - I always assume everyone on my friends list is very busy having deep discussions about how to fix the world economy or boinking, so this item might be very challenging to me. Also, I have friends notifications turned off. If I happen to IM you at the moment that you log in, and you think I am being obnoxious, please know that I have no freaking idea of when you logged in. I'm a patient woman. IM me back whenever. Also, please - if you actually *are* discussing Keynesian economics or pixel mating, tell me you are busy. It won't hurt my feelings. I don't want to mess up your chances for a Nobel prize and/or getting SLaid.
    • I will have more people in my blog pictures. I may put out a call for extras for pics so pay attention to my blog - or I'll just IM you. I'm going to shoot for 1/3-1/2 of my pictures having people in them. And yes, Jerremy counts.
    • Carve out time to do more for the SL Blogger group. This goal would be helped by having group chat actually work and the viewer interface stop hiding group notices quite so well, but whatever - I'll leave that to Humble's team. I'll start now: If you blog about SL and would like to join a group of people who enjoy the same hobby for fun, support and more, contact me or any other member of the SL Blogger group with your name and your blog URL for an invitation to the group.
    Four seems like plenty for me to consider for the time being. 

    OH! I forgot one I already promised to do on Plurk: if a person begs for Lindens or says something like, "Somebody buy me that [insert name of fatpack here]! *giggle*" or "I need a sugar daddy! *giggle*", I resolve to respond, "Get a job!" and shake my fists at them.  

    Sunday, December 26, 2010

    Free New Year's Eve Par-tay Pack from Kitchen Korner!

    OMG, you guys!! Run - don't walk -  over to Kitchen Korner and join the group (it's free). Then, click the grocery bag on the pedestal next to the group joiner sign (you can see them behind me). You will receive a free New Year's Eve party pack! It comes with balloons, a fruit and cheese platter, champagne, a shrimp platter, cake, a cocktail tray, a mojito platter, oysters on a half shell, tequila shooters and a chocolate fountain!

    While you are there, pretty please click the MM board for the fancy New Year's Eve cake.

    I will slowly get all of you just as prim food obsessed as I am!! Bwahahahaha!!!

    Friday, December 24, 2010


    Hey! Look what Santa brought me! I think Santa could have been nicer and at least poked some air holes in the box though - Jerremy is still dizzy...even after I gave him mouth to mouth. It's a good thing I have a tradition of opening one gift on Christmas Eve, yes? Jerremy sure thinks so!

    Anyhoo - I want to wish you a very Happy Holiday and let you know how much I appreciate all of your eyeballs and comments!!! I hope Santa brings you some good things!

    Tuesday, December 21, 2010

    A Gift from Torley

    Remember me complaining bitterly about not being able to select "sun and moon only" in Viewer 2? (The box is inexplicably missing from the graphics tab in preferences.) Not having this option means candles, lights, full bright/glow objects, etc. light up your avatar. Since not every light source can be turned off or modded, you don't have control over the light that is cast in pictures. I posted the question in the SL Blogs and I got an answer from Torley! (And some other helpful people! *cough*exceptnotsimonq.*cough*)

    I'm passing the tip on in order to spread the awesomeness! This is how Torley explains how to select sun and moon only as light sources: 
    1. Select Advanced menu > Debug Settings.
    2. In the DEBUG SETTINGS window, enter "RenderShaderLightingMaxLevel" and enter a value of "1".
    3. You probably won't see any changes yet. That's okay, restart your Viewer OR in PREFERENCES window's Graphics tab, click the Advanced button, then click Atmospheric shaders twice (clicking some other settings also works).

    For me, restarting my viewer didn't work because that just sets all of my debug settings back to their defaults, including rendershaderlightingmaxlevel. So, I did the "clicking atmospheric shaders twice" thing and that works beautifully. Now I can take pictures again without looking like I am standing on the surface of the sun! 

    Now, since I have been a very good girl, I'm certain that my next gift will be finding out how to override no fly zones. I'll be waiting here on my front steps for it to be delivered.

    Monday, December 20, 2010

    Wrap it up!

    After accidentally retexturing one of the walls in our house with a holiday greeting card from a friend (Thank heaven it's so cute, Abernathy!), I decided to do something that required less brain power. I can wrap pretty packages! This is something I really, really, really need to do in RL but I keep putting it off.

    I received this adorable wrap station as a gift from Gin Galtier, the owner of elefantu, when I was exploring Holiday Hill. Look how productive and organized I am in SL!! (I added the scissors and adjusted the arm position for them.) I'm channeling Martha SLewart!!

    Why am I procrastinating on my gift wrapping in RL? Because I have no antlers in RL. How can I work with no antlers? 

    Saturday, December 18, 2010

    It's Blogger Party Day!!

    Today is the SL Blogger Meet-Up Party for December!! As you can see, I'm going to be dressed in my festive holiday attire - a sort of snowperson crossed with a reindeer. I am here at party central  doing things like putting the music stream on the land, putting out some holiday decorations, etc. Is there a better place for a bloggers' holiday party than Fashion Bloggers' Wonderland??

    The party is today (Saturday, Dec. 18) from noon-2 PM SLT here! And we have the talented Iris Seale playing music for us!

    You don't have to dress as a reindeer crossed with anything to attend! Come as you are! Help us celebrate the blogging community and have a great time!!

    Wednesday, December 15, 2010


    I'm collecting landmarks for fun things for Jerremy and I to do this holiday season. I am here at the Winter Maze, a part of Winterfest. This is a maze based on the hedge maze from the movie The Shining. I want to wait for Jerremy so we can go through it together, but I went in a tiny bit of the way just to see what it looked like inside. In that 2 minutes, I became hopelessly lost. However, I didn't get caught by any of the booby traps that are supposed to be inside of the maze. Nope, I won't meet my end because of a booby trap. I will freeze to death because I am lost in snow while wearing nothing but festive lingerie.  

    Tuesday, December 14, 2010

    Elf Dressed Up, and Nowhere to Go

    I was *this* close to getting to be an elf in a vendor ad today, but I wasn't quick enough. Oh well, it gave me a chance to try on one of my new Christmas outfits. I have lots of them - slutty Santa, naughty elf, hot snowgirl, etc. I've bought so many, in fact, that I really need to start wearing them all or I won't have time to get to all of them before Christmas is over.

    Sunday, December 12, 2010

    Power Trip

    Today, I tried exploring some Destination Guide places - but it's broken at the moment and won't let you select certain categories. So, instead I used search. I typed in the name of my hometown - Denver - to see what came up in 'search all'. I got a bazillion people with the last name Denver (Awww! Remember back when we had last names in SL?) and a few shops selling sports items and cheer leading uniforms. I got Jerremy a couple of jerseys and looked for any advances in prim pom pon technology since the I last purchased some. (Color change is all you've got?) 

    Just when will our Chamber of Commerce realize that it should set up a sim in here and sell ski passes? Or something.

    Anyhoo, I finally gave up and resorted to scrolling though the entire Destination Guide until I stumbled upon the Oval Office. Sweet.

    Wednesday, December 8, 2010

    Shadows with the Moon in View

    Me: Hi, Santa - I came to visit your worksh...ZOMG!

    Santa: Oh, ummm pardon me. I dropped this candy cane.

    Me: Santa! Belts! Great new invention. Look into one.

    Santa: Heh. Sarcastic little girls don't get what they want for Christmas.

    Me: Wow. All I want for Christmas is to forget I am seeing this. And I have been very good so I think I should get that at the very least.

    Santa: Sigh, you are going to blog this aren't you?

    Me: Maybe. For Christmas I want a really easy to use, stable viewer with all the bells and whistles and for non-SLers to stop thinking SL is Sodom and Gomorrah for basement dwellers.

    Santa: Son of a reindeer. Well, at least use a flattering picture of me.

    Tuesday, December 7, 2010

    Uncanny Valley Squared

    Isn't this sculpty elf creepy? He's too well done and looks too much like an avatar - which makes it the Uncanny Valleyfor me.

    Jerremy and I went to explore the Christmas Gone Wrong sim. I hadn't had a chance to look around when I was there the other day and I thought Jerremy would appreciate the creativity of the sim. (When you go be sure to chech out what's on the off sim islands, too!)

    Jerremy made my evening by dressing as Santa for our visit. He took a couple of photos, too. Here's one of me checking out Santa's "package": 

      And here is my handsome Santa, chillin' with the real one:

    Sunday, December 5, 2010

    I've really developed.

    You know what? I realized that since the last time I made this announcement, I've really developed... a blogger.

    Anyhoo, here is the announcement: the December SL Blogger group Meet-Up Party is coming up soon! Write this on your calendar!

    What: SL Blogger Group December Meet-Up Party
    When: noon-2 PM SLT on Saturday, December 18th
    Entertainment: Iris Seale will be spinning tunes for us!
    Attire: Whatever you like! (I will be in something festive and holiday-ish!)

    Oh! Also - did you know that if you blog about SL and would like to join the SL Blogger group, any current member can send you an invitation? Now you do. This would be a good use for the  40 group slots LL  promised us by the end of this year!

    Friday, December 3, 2010

    Crime SLene

    Operator: 911, what's your emergency?

    Me: Ummmm...there's been... I'm at the Christmas Gone Wrong sim and...omg...there is a snowman here... flaking to death! There was a snow blower and...OMG! There is so much ice everywhere!! Please send help!

    Operator: How bad is the melting?

    Me: Well, it's pretty cold so...

    Operator: OK. Help is coming, but meantime you are going to have to get in there and pack snow around the wounds. 

    Me: I'm not sure I would call these wounds...more of a pile. A drift maybe? OMG! I can't find his twigs! Or carrot nose!

    Operator: Sigh. Ma'am? Have you ever made a snowball?

    Me: Yes. Wait! Are you suggesting that...

    Operator: That you rebuild him? Yes. 

    Me: But I'm not wearing gloves!

    Operator: Let me guess - you are in a sundress and heels in a winter sim.

    Me: ...and...ummm..antlers...

    Operator: You SLifers will never learn! Lingerie in a forest, stilettos on sandy beaches, pants so low they look like leg warmers! Learn to dress appropriately and then call back! *click*

    Thursday, December 2, 2010

    The Best Part of Waking Up

    ZOMG! I have never, ever had anything named after me before. The other day, Plurk friend and owner of Savoir Faire Shapes , Hybie Mynx, showed off her newest creation - Tymmerie! A shape that shares my name! That is Tymmerie - Hybie made her a hawt blonde in the vendor ad. 

    I am curious to see if it looks anything like my shape, so I bought a copy and I'll be trying it on to compare later tonight. Maybe I'll get Jerremy to help me - I'll turn out the lights and see if he can tell a difference - just like those old Folger's coffee commercials. "We are here at the Thorne-Darwin residence, where we've secretly replaced the Tymmerie they usually serve with Tymmerie Crystals. Let's see if Jerremy can tell the difference!"  

    Wednesday, December 1, 2010

    Off Roading

    Strange things have been happening on Route 7 lately. If you know anything about mainland, you know that there are various routes built on the continents by the LL Department of Public Works. Most of the time the routes are roads. But near our house, part of Route 7 is a waterway and crosses the corner of our sim. It breaks a piece of it off into a nice little island for us. I have always liked it because people go by on boats and things, which I think is pretty neat. 

    Yesterday, Jerremy saw a taxi cab go by on the water. The other day I saw an ice cream truck and then a garbage truck. I was a little relived that Jerremy saw the cab because until then I thought I was imagining things.  When I get a chance I'm going to investigate and see if I can figure out where these driver-less vehicles are coming from. Maybe they are the new breedable "pet"? I know the breedable horses from the next sim sometimes fly overhead. 

    Mainland is more fun than you thought, eh?


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