Sunday, January 30, 2011

I have no idea.

In my absence last week, one of our neighbors started to build a something. Something big and, if you squint, sort of in the shape of a squashed Star Trek Enterprise.  The neighbors always seem to surprise me. However, knowing them for as long as I have I would bet cold hard lindens that it is going to be some sort of private sex room. I just need to know what that diving board thingy is for.

It is weird to be back after being away from the computer for what seems like a really long time. It didn't take me as long to catch up on blogs and sales and shopping as I thought -- which makes me think that my in-world time could be spent much more efficiently. 

When I hang around in world when Jerremy isn't in, it's usually to try to catch some interesting chat. I may have to get more proactive about that. The groups I'm in are pretty quiet - even the Blogger Group. (I'd love to see that group get chattier - but I don't know what was promised to the group originally in terms of chat and every time I try to float the idea to the group, group chat borks. Such irony.)

In college, some of my friends and I had a name for our evenings out. I have thought about recycling the name to start a new chat group. But knowing how to go about and run it? I have no idea.

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  1. And there are groups that don't stop chattering. The Phoenix Viewer Support can be quite entertaining, not to mention unbelievably helpful. Some nights all the socializing I need is from the Phoenix Pholks :)



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