Monday, January 31, 2011

See Ed's seed ads.... in SL.

I've done it again: I have worn the letters -- important letters - off of my desktop keyboard. I've dragged my favorite giant keyboard out to pose on for you to illustrate.

The last time this happened, I bought stickers to cover the worn keys. But the stickers trapped lint and eventually peeled off, so I just bought a new keyboard. At the moment, the damage is limited to the letters A, E, S, D. But, if it gets worse, I am in trouble since I don't have the locations of these keys memorized. It's the sad truth: I'm a hunt-and-peck typist and this is my karma for not paying attention in typing class (yes - I am that old).

I have no idea how this happens to my keyboards. Am I really using the words sade, ads, sad, sae, sea, ad, add, see, as, seed, deed, Ed and ass that often when I write about SL? And before you even have to ask, L is perfectly intact. These keys are not worn off of my work keyboard or work laptop, therefore, it has to be something about SL!!!

What is it??

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