Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Give me the group scoop!

The SL Blogger group needs some revitalizing, IMO. I really don't want it to fade away -- we have a killer logo, for Pete's sake! We can't waste that!

The group was started ages ago - before I first rezzed. It was one of, if not the first, group I ever joined. It was a group formed for social interaction and to promote the "vocation" of blogging about SL. Blogging in SL has changed a lot since then. There were relatively few bloggers and there was really only one blog feed. Today, there are gazillions of bloggers and lots of feeds! 

So, in the interest of keeping the group fresh and interesting and above all valuable to be a part of, it needs to evolve some. 

What would make a group for bloggers valuable to you? What do you need as a blogger? What can you contribute?

So, if you blog about SL -- no matter what kind of SL blog you have or even if you are a member of the group - please tell me the things you'd like the group to be. It wasn't founded as a "chatty" group - but I have heard from a member or two that chatting would be welcome. There has been extremely low attendance at some of the recent blogger parties -- what would help increase this?

What would make a group for bloggers valuable to you? What do you need as a blogger? What can you contribute?

Communication through in-world channels is challenging at best. Should we find some alternative means to talk to each other and share information? What alternative means?

There are some things the group could do: have a space at the next SL Birthday party sims, build a group headquarters as a hangout/meeting space, hold a convention, host a session at the next SL Convention. etc. I am sure there are other ideas, too. But they all take time and most of all participation. Are you up for that?

Comment here, email me or send me a note card in-world! Thanks!


  1. I don't know about the rest of it, the social and the blahblah and the parties, but the first thing that comes to mind is that useful widgets like Gwynneth L's online status indicator for WordPress could be sent out as Notices.


  2. Good gawd, you are fast! Great idea! I love things like that!!

  3. i like the idea of having a SL Bloggers headquarters for events and other such stuff.

  4. Yep and a coffee bar to hag out in would be cool...



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