Sunday, April 17, 2011

It'll be a happy house.

The Second Life Blogger Group now has an in-world headquarters / clubhouse. I sent the landmark to the in-world group -- so check group notices for it. Members can hang out, chat, grab a martini, check the shiny new events calendar, etc.
I'm still decorating. I might put in some games -- but I am not sure if people would like that. Whack-a-mole? Yes? No? Connect 4? Yes? No? Arggghhh. Maybe games have too many scripts?
If you have items you think would be good for our calendar, let me know. Right now all I have is the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge information. I'm trying to come up with a date for a new Meet-Up Party.
I tried to IM the group to let them know the HQ was open... but group chat didn't work. (Rodvik? Are you reading this?) Again. I don't know why I even try to send group IMs anymore. It is just sad.
When setting things out for our group's happy new home, it made me think of one of my favorite Brian Regan routines on party games and my favorite quote from it: "You said it would be a happy house!"
I hope our new HQ is a happy house for us! With less bloodshed. 


  1. Is there any way to join the group? With how searching for people is set up now, I can't open the profile of the person mentioned in the blog info to send an IM or Notecard.

  2. Yes - I can add you to the group. Just send me your full SL name and blog URL. If you are not able to IM (thanks a lot, Linden Lab) just email me at



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