Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I Suppose I am aDiva

I was taking a break from all my cheering, voodoo, etc. for the Cardinals when I noticed some strange chat in one of my groups - aDiva. As I've blogged before, aDiva holds a special place in my heart since I bought my wedding dress there. I love the store.

So anyway, people kept plurking letters and SLURLS in the group chat and I was confused. I guess I missed the notice (thanks, LL), but there was a Halloween Pumpkin Hunt going on! AnneJoy Paine, aDiva's Supreme Diva, has done these in years past and they are so fun -- mostly because of the fun chatter in the group as we help each other find pumpkins that match the first letter of our names. When the group explained what was going on, I TPd over to help with the 'Pumpkin Identification and Tracking'. Each time I posted a letter and location, I felt like a Very Responsible and Active Group Member I've already manged to win a couple of prizes, but I'm going back again this week just because it's so fun to hang out with everyone.

Side note - back in ancient times, before display names, it was quite easy to know if there was anyone else nearby with your same letter with whom you needed to take turns grabbing pumpkins. But now? CHAOS! Complete chaos! On the scale of dogs and cats sleeping together. Obviously, none of the Lindens responsible for display names has ever been to the aDiva pumpkin hunt.

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