Friday, November 11, 2011

A Dirty Mesh

I'm impatiently waiting for Vintage Fair to open to the riff raff. Do you think anyone is going to interpret 'vintage' as 'colonial'? because I can really use some Pilgrim-style things. My typist has the day off of work today, so all I have to do is kill time. I'll just stay here and flip through blogs and make up lists of things I need for Thanksgiving.

In RL I need a cute new apron, centerpieces, a good book of Mad Libbs, Advent calendars as favors for kids, Christmas ornaments to tie around the napkins, foodstuffs, etc. In SL, I just need slut-wear. My handsome husband Jerremy has already given me a figurative pat on the head for putting out a stuffed turkey on our porch. Since we can't spare any more prims for decoration (unless we want to give up our grown up furniture) that is as festive as things are going to get around the house. Costumes are a different story! I had an awesome slutty pilgrim outfit last year. This year, I want a new, technologically advanced slutty pilgrim outfit! With, like, mesh buckles that will be all meshy and nasty! And a bonnet that is rigged! Rigged hard! Oh, yea!

To be honest, I'm still not clear on what the benefits of mesh are. But, I have high hopes that mesh = highly detailed, pilgrim sexiness.

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