Monday, January 31, 2011

See Ed's seed ads.... in SL.

I've done it again: I have worn the letters -- important letters - off of my desktop keyboard. I've dragged my favorite giant keyboard out to pose on for you to illustrate.

The last time this happened, I bought stickers to cover the worn keys. But the stickers trapped lint and eventually peeled off, so I just bought a new keyboard. At the moment, the damage is limited to the letters A, E, S, D. But, if it gets worse, I am in trouble since I don't have the locations of these keys memorized. It's the sad truth: I'm a hunt-and-peck typist and this is my karma for not paying attention in typing class (yes - I am that old).

I have no idea how this happens to my keyboards. Am I really using the words sade, ads, sad, sae, sea, ad, add, see, as, seed, deed, Ed and ass that often when I write about SL? And before you even have to ask, L is perfectly intact. These keys are not worn off of my work keyboard or work laptop, therefore, it has to be something about SL!!!

What is it??

Sunday, January 30, 2011

I have no idea.

In my absence last week, one of our neighbors started to build a something. Something big and, if you squint, sort of in the shape of a squashed Star Trek Enterprise.  The neighbors always seem to surprise me. However, knowing them for as long as I have I would bet cold hard lindens that it is going to be some sort of private sex room. I just need to know what that diving board thingy is for.

It is weird to be back after being away from the computer for what seems like a really long time. It didn't take me as long to catch up on blogs and sales and shopping as I thought -- which makes me think that my in-world time could be spent much more efficiently. 

When I hang around in world when Jerremy isn't in, it's usually to try to catch some interesting chat. I may have to get more proactive about that. The groups I'm in are pretty quiet - even the Blogger Group. (I'd love to see that group get chattier - but I don't know what was promised to the group originally in terms of chat and every time I try to float the idea to the group, group chat borks. Such irony.)

In college, some of my friends and I had a name for our evenings out. I have thought about recycling the name to start a new chat group. But knowing how to go about and run it? I have no idea.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

And now we'll pause for a word from our sponsor...

My sponsor is Real Life because, without it, I couldn't have a SLife or a blog about it. Some RL has happened. Very real. Too real. This is just a quick note to let anyone cool and kind enough to read this blog that I will be AFK for a few days due to a RL family emergency. Of course, I won't be posting until I get back, but I will indeed be back. If you need to contact me, an email is the best way since gmail doesn't cap (tymmerie at gmail dot com) - but please do not expect any sort of response until late in the week.
Be good and be safe until I return. <3

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Shabby Shriek

So, new CEO, Rod Linden, has been in-world exploring and learning to build and finding out what our world is like. He even built a little house! I am so excited that he is taking the time to experience SL like one of us!

However, I have one caution for Rod when he starts to decorate his new abode: I hope you like pink, Rod!

You see, one of my biggest challenges in decorating the home Jerremy and I share is that - although there is an abundance of gorgeous, well-made home decor in SL - much of it is girl-y, lacy, pastel, and/or shabby chic. Even though I'm a girl, it's even too much for me sometimes. It would be mean to make Jerremy live in a home that looks like Holly Hobbie threw up in it. 

It can be a challenge sometimes to find what I call "macho shabby chic" or even gender neutral decor. But it can be done, Rod! It can be done!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

You Can Leave Your Roof On

Sometimes, I sit in my office and just think. Just like in RL, my office is very comfy and cozy.  (But unlike RL, there are no food crumbs in my SL keyboard. For some reason, when I eat prim food, I manage to act like a civilized person and eat in the kitchen.)

I am still trying to figure out shadows and Windlight settings for them. Also, I can't take the roof off of our house every time I want to do a shadow picture indoors, so I need to figure that out, too. This pic has a combo of viewer shadows (sort of) and prim shadows. I've been using either the default 3 PM, 9 AM light settings or Strawberry Singh's shadow setting (which turned out to be too bright for this room). 

Speaking of roofs and shadows, I am going to make the underside of the roof in my skybox studio transparent so the sun shines in when I take pics up there. I hope that works. 

Funny memory  - in my first apartment in SL, I had one way windows - brick wall on the outside, lovely windows on the inside - and I thought that my landlord was some sort of freakin' genius/magician for building it that way. I bragged to everyone I met about my fancy one-way windows. I kind of miss the days when SL was *that* magical and amazing for me.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Big Love

Today, to give myself a break from prefab beach mansion shopping, I decided to go exploring for new prim food shops. Search brought up a place called Big Cake - which turned out not to be a prim food shop at all. It's a Valentine's Day shop and I was charmed by the line of pink trees at the entrance.  (You can buy these pink trees there!)

I wasn't even thinking about Valentine's Day yet. In my mind, we still have months before the holiday - but I am wrong! I think Jerremy might appreciate a little romance from me this year. (He married one of the least romantic girls on the grid. But me? I totally hit the jackpot because he is amazingly romantic.) I only have a few weeks to do some planning. Yikes!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Teenage Dream

I remember being a teen. It was a good time even though computers had names like Commodore 64 and we were forced to entertain ourselves by watching Wham! videos and going outdoors.

Today, computers have names like iPhone and Droid and we entertain ourselves by watching the cast of Jersey Shore go outdoors.  It is soooooo different for the teens of today. 

Because of this, I wanted to put together the top ten tips to help teens navigate the virtual world we'll share soon. But, I could only come up with four.

Tym's Tips for Teens:
  1. Stay in school.
  2. Begging is unattractive when adults do it. It's not any cuter when "almost adults" do it.
  3. Just say no. (I'm not sure why - but adults said this to us a lot when we were young and we turned out just fine.)
  4. Learn to dance for real. Yes, you are a darn good dancer with that HUD, but when you go to prom, you'll be expected to dance under your own power. 
That's all I've got. What? I have no RL kids and our prim baby, Blocky, will never get older ...because, tragically, he is no mod. However, in the coming days, I'm sure other adult SLers will have other advice to add that is much better than my own.

Friday, January 14, 2011

You can call him a girl's name!

If you have a hankering to do some television sitcom role play, do I have the thing for you: a JD from Scrubs avatar (at Kitty Boom)! I couldn't find matching Dr. Cox, Turk or Carla avatars but I am sure you can improvise. Now, If you actually end up doing this RP would you please, please, please a thousand times please make a machinima of it and send me the YouTube link? Thank you.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Short List

Jerremy and I have lived in the same house (slightly modified) since we were first married. We got to talking and are going to see what else is out there and maybe get a new one. This is exciting! To us at least. 

I have a list of things I want in a new house:
  • a media room
  • lots of windows
  • at least one fireplace
  • a double door entry
  • a garage 
  • a patio off of the master bedroom 
  • high ceilings
  • a laundry room
  • a place for a home gym
  • an office
  • a pretty staircase
  • space for entertaining
  • a nice master bath
  • a guest bathroom 
  • an inviting kitchen 
 Jerremy's told me what he wants to find in a new house:
  • a master bedroom with lots of room for camera panning
  • me
I love that man!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It gives you wings!

OMG! At last someone shared the trick to overriding a no-fly zone in Viewer 2.4:

Here's what you do:

1. Go to > Advanced > Show Debug Settings: type in AdminMenu and set it to TRUE
2. Click Advanced > Show Develop Menu
3. Click Develop >  Show Admin Menu
4. Fly!

Now, please use this power responsibly. Stay out of private skyboxes, work studios, etc. Use it to move faster than walking and to shop high walls of merchandise. Don't be a jerk and ruin it for everyone else. Please.  

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hair. Where?

Bloggers often mention the odd phrases that someone used to find their blogs. I haven't looked at mine in ages, but I was curious after someone mentioned theirs on Plurk (Add me!). Chestnut Rau shared hers here.

For what seems like the entire lifetime of my blog, other than searching for my name, people get here by searching for "second life pubic hair" or "pubic hair second life". I'm not sure how to feel about that.

When you search for "pubic hair" on my blog, you won't find any - unless you read it while you are naked and your screen is very static-y.  (OMG. I am so sorry that I went there, but I couldn't resist.)

Ahem. Actually, if you search for that term you will find this post from the early days of this blog: Weed Whacker. I hope that helps the follicle-challenged people of SL to understand that in a virtual world, having one in the hand is better than having two in the bush, so to speak.

ETA: I remembered another place where someone had recently talked about search terms for blogs:

Friday, January 7, 2011

My Favorite Dress

I heard yesterday that the store aDiva is closing. (They are having a closing sale now through the end of January.) I was only able to get in-world for a few minutes yesterday so I didn't have a chance to post anything about it (and very late so I even missed Jerremy. Boo.). It has always been one of my favorites for finding little gems.

I also bought my wedding dress from aDiva back in the day. I decided to throw it on and take a picture in the ensemble as my way of saying thanks and good-bye to the creator, AnneJoy Paine. I love this dress. You can't see in this pose, but the straps sit on the shoulders and give it an off the shoulder look that I adore. (I tried to take a picture to show this - but I crashed 1000 times just taking this one. I think it's time to go graphics card shopping.)

I had started to get worried when the store notices stopped suddenly. Then, word got out that AnneJoy was not feeling well. I hope that AnneJoy recovers and I wish her all the best. Thanks for making such a fun shop and such creative items. And most of all, thank you for making the dress that takes me back to my fondest SL memory.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

This is a Hump Day Post

I wanted to do something to give a nod to today being Hump Day. 

First, I thought I'd find a zoo and a camel and tie in the camel's hump with Hump Day. Not terribly creative of me, but I like prim animals and Second Life zoos. 

Search came up with a place I'd never been before called Media Zoo. I was only able to locate one animal there and it was not a camel (but it did sit still for a picture) -  which makes sense since it is a place dedicated to research into the use of virtual worlds in education and not an actual zoo.  

Next, I decided to look for a camel on the Marketplace. I thought taking a picture while riding one would be appropriate. But it struck me how presumptuous The Marketplace is. It is as though the Marketplace is saying to me, "Look - you really don't want a camel; they spit. Have a nice lamb. If you fluff up the wool on its back it will look hump-ish." Or perhaps sellers are loading the descriptions of their animals with other animal names on the off chance you will say, "Oh hey! This polar bear is much better for the desert scene I have in mind! This is genius!" I'm not sure which. 

Anyhoo, Happy Hump Day.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Reruns & Irene Cara

I like a good rerun. And I am not just talking about this kind of Rerun:

I added this thing-a-ma-bob to the bottom of my blog posts that shows you other posts that you might like to read. I am not sure how they are selected, but I hope it digs deep. I have over 3 years of posts to select from and I think a few will entertain you. So, as an experiment I am going to load this post with key word that might bring up some older posts and we'll see what happens! Thong! Baby! Cat! Tattoo! Birth control! Cake! Volcano! Starting Point! Sword! Couch! Windlight! Meme!! Hamster! Exercise!! Lucky chair! Hospital! Bloggers! Star Trek! Daddy!

There! Let's see what happens. 

Just in case, I am sticking this video in for your viewing pleasure: 

NOTE: After including this video in this post, I now have the highest Irene Cara-to-blog post ratio of any other SL blog!! 

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bling Dawn

I mentioned that I was going to make a concerted effort to have more people in my blog pictures. Feeling too self-conscious to IM my friends list and ask them to come stand around for no reason, doing nothing while I took a picture, I decided to start out small. Instead of real rezzed people, today I'm taking pictures with almost people - balls of mist. 

I TPd over to the Boardroom Infohub - which is listed in the Destination Guide as a place to go for 3D chat. If 3D chat means one guy repeating "Hey!" over and over while no one responds to him*, then I found it! (*Except for me - I had to ask him why he kept saying "Hey!" He responded by telling me "Hey!")

It was actually pretty crowded there despite the near silence and the resulting lag meant nearly everyone was gray or misty. For some reason, I found it very funny that one person's bling was rezzing faster than she was. Bling is like a cockroach - nothing can stop it.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Remember that time when...?

Time moves so fast in our virtual world that looking back on the year is almost like looking back on a decade. So today, I decided to drag a big prop onto our island, take a picture and reminisce.

Remember that time when...
  • I was doing that 365 picture-a-day blog project (which I still am in the sense of counting my posts from when I started and today is 360 so I am almost to my goal even though I took the scenic route which lasted a bit longer than 1 year)?
  • we were excited by GnomeAir and his hilarious machinima? (and by "we" I mean me, Alicia Chenaux and Nika Dreamscape)
  • we had last names in SL?
  • 1.23?
  • Avatars United (or Avatars Untied for the dyslexics or BDSMers among us)?
  • Philip was CEO?
  • Philip wasn't CEO?
  • shadows were prims?
  • the old school Planet SL blog feeds were up?
  • LL thought voice morphing was a brilliant revenue enhancing feature that people were desperate for?
  • XStreetSL?
  • Elika started making hair again? (YES!! WHEEE!!)
  • I was up in arms about how horrible display names would be (but then I changed mine to my married name and then I was happy again)?
  • there was a teen grid?
  • LL changed the TOS...again?
  • when seemingly everyone went bonkers and went premium in order to get a Linden Home? 
  • when seemingly everyone went bonkers and made accounts to reserve variations of their avatars' names and brand names?
I'm certain that I'm forgetting a zillion other significant events. But I'm going to blame that on staring into a large glowing screen to watch my alter ego buy shoes for what feels like at least an entire decade.


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