Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mysti Eyed

I've been feeling naked lately.

I've been trying to get used to not wearing my MystiTool HUD. I've taken it off for all the events this week (Garden City Relief, etc.) because of the scripts. Having it off in general does improve my performance in SL. It's the scriptiest thing I wear and I only use one function; the area scanner that tells you what avs are around you.

In Viewer 2.5, the people tab will tell you who is around you. Although it is clunky to get to (as everything is in Viewer 2.X) and I don't want the tab open and blocking my screen all of the time, it does serve the same function.

Occasionally, I'll use the dance function of my Mysti, but in a pinch I could just use dances straight from inventory. Oh, I use the Lucky Chair detector sometimes. That's it.

I don't think anyone has heard from the creator, Mystical Cookie, in ages and ages. I wonder if she will ever be back to update the Mysti? I wonder if anyone will ever build a 'new & improved' version of it?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

If I Were Queen

I saw Crap Mariner do a meme on his blog (inspired by Mitch Wagner) that asks you to share the first five things you would do as CEO of the Lab.

Oh!! Oh!!! Pick me! Pick me! I know what I would do!!

1. Call my own customer service line and ask for help with a made up problem. Better yet? I'd listen in on a day or two's worth of calls and find out how the folks who were on the front lines with my customers were doing and what issues came up. Oh - I'd file a ticket, too, and see how long it took for a satisfactory answer.

2. Try to search for something. Then, I'd know that one of my highest priorities should be fixing search. Fixing search benefits the economy, the creators, and the current residents. This is basic functionality and it needs to work.

3. Figure out who butters our bread and how to keep them happy. It's not just big land holders. Big land holders are nothing without the regular residents who rent from them. Find out who buys Lindens and figure out 'lifetime customer value.' SL will only survive if they can keep customers who spend spending and creators creating. Does Linden Lab even know what a profitable customer "looks like" right now?

4. Close the SL Twitter and Facebook accounts and remove caps on the number of messages customers can receive. Linden Lab needs to focus on making communication work in-world. No more emailing customers. No more asking people to Tweet or use Facebook. IM should work. Group chat should work. Notices should work. Voice should work. Flawlessly. That's basic functionality.

5. Start some aggressive image management. I'd hire a world class PR firm to start feeding positive stories to the press. The marketing department would be tasked with some serious brand reinvention.

If I did these things, I'd make the experience better for current customers. If the current customers are having fun, others will want to see what all the fuss is about.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Behold Rum

I wonder if anyone has realized yet that the letters in Linden Lab CEO Rod Humble's name can be rearranged to spell 'bum holder'? Just me? OK. Carry on.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I *had* to ask.

[17:19] Tymmerie Thorne: Excuse me - your panties say "put your dick..." but don't say where. I don't get it.
[17:20] L*** H**: in my ass of course :-P
[17:20] Tymmerie Thorne: of course.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mmmmmmmm, bacon.

I'd been contemplating doing a post about the hugantic variety of breedable animals on the grid these days by writing about some made up fantasy breedable. But everything I think up of has actually been made, sold, bred and traded. Fairies? Done. Snakes? Done. Unicorns? Done. Dragons? Probably. So, I will just sit here with some breedable pigs - which, just so you know, are quite happy and energetic but incredibly thirsty - and ponder that.
What I'd like to see is "breedable" prim food - like you get a pie shell and some eggs and mate them and get a quiche. (That's how I think of cooking in RL.) And maybe that quiche would have mushrooms and that would make it very rare and valuable. And breedable food would be better because no one would care if food was happy or energetic. We would just eat it. Sort of like what we should do with these pigs.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Saying Good-Bye to 2007

I've been going through my inventory in a valiant effort to stay under 25,000 items without curtailing my shopping habits. This means picking through my inventory folders in search of things from 2007-2008 to delete. The time from 2007 - late 2008 was my "single girl era" in SL, so it's kind of funny to see the kind of stuff I wore while trying to woo Jerremy.

I remember some of the items just by name before looking at them -- in my mind they're still cute and current. But then I look at the vendor pictures or try them on and ZOMG! We really looked like that before sculpted cuffs??? Some stuff is so hard to let go of. I haven't deleted my Redgrave Used-Look Jeans yet because they make my butt look sooooo good! But they have non-sculpted cuffs! But they still look sort of OK! But they have a blingy belt! I am so torn. Back into the folder they go.

Jewelry textures are a zillion times nicer these days - so I've been rummaging through that folder too and deleting a ton of things. And quite honestly, I rarely wear nipple rings anymore so I'm not sure why I had an entire folder of them. 

I'm a little over 23K at the moment... but after all that deleting, I'm dangerously low on slut-wear. 

Sunday, February 13, 2011


The other day, people were talking on Plurk (Add me!) about newbies coming into their houses uninvited - often to use their beds or other items. Ewwwwww! I've blogged about this before. Alicia Chenaux suggested that someone should go where the new players go and yell at them to not go into people's houses. 

I thought this was a brilliant idea and offered to take an early evening shift of newbie-yelling. I found this especially critical timing in light of the upcoming St. Valentine's Day holiday - that's noob mating season. So, I got a really nice, scripted megaphone with an AO and everything. I was all ready to straighten out some wayward newbies.

I decided to shout the G-rated sim appropriate, "Hey, Noobies! Don't go into other people's houses! OK?" But sadly, the places I chose for this activity (welcome centers, Discovery Island and Help Island) were all script disabled. The power of my fancy megaphone was gone. Crapola. This meant that I had to walk over to people and just say my little phrase.

But as they say, go big or go home. Here is a little sample of how it went: 

[07:27] Tymmerie Thorne Darwin: Hey, Noobies! Don't go into other people's houses! OK?
[07:27] Abigail Sassoon: IM:You Are Now Muted!
[07:27] Ladeev Sansome: IM:You Are Now Muted!

Noobs these days. Sheesh!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's that time again.

It's time to renew my Premium account for the year. I do it for the ability to use chat for support rather than having to file a ticket and then wait several months for it to be closed without a resolution. (Chat support is able to close an inquiry without resolution in 20 minutes!) Being Premium also makes me feel "official". I'm not sure why feeling official is so important to me, but it is. 

I wish CEO Rod Humble had mentioned plans for Premium accounts in a recent interview he gave, but he alas, he didn't. Thing is, Premium accounts are unchanged since the last time I renewed (and also posted a blog post picture taken at a SL gas station). That's discouraging. And it is a little amusing to me that Linden homes are still being touted as a new benefit on How long do they get to keep calling them a new benefit? I guess everything is relative.They are new compared to say... blingy shoes and system hair. 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I SLove you like I love cake.

Mmmmmm. Cake. Holiday cake! I set this out so that Jerremy could have a slice. I decided that I'd better test it though, just to make sure that he'll definitely like it. 

I love Jerremy much more than I love cake. He's not fattening and he's extremely good for me.

I love SL like I love cake -- and while it is yummy, it is best not to get too much of it. How far can I carry this analogy? 

Let's see... Both are yummy treats. Both cake and SL can make you gain weight if you are not careful. You can share both with your RL friends -- but are more fun if you keep them for just yourself. You eat cake with a fork and when SL is laggy you might want to stab someone with a fork. There is little technical support for either cakes or SL. And that's as far as I can go with the comparison without getting dirty.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Stairway to Hell

This week, I thought I had discovered that, my husband, Jerremy Darwin doesn't like prim stairs. But, it out that he only doesn't like stairs for stairs sake or crazy amounts of stairs. Whew. That makes house shopping lots easier.

One thing I actually did discover about house shopping is that I much prefer places that have house demos out for you to see without having to rez them yourself first. I can't tell you how many times I either had to sneak in and explore a house someone else was looking at because there were no empty rezzing spots or how many times I rezzed a house only to have some noob rez a different house on top of me while I was trying to walk around inside the one I had rezzed. I tried to be patient with the noobs - but I finally snapped and changed the house on someone who had changed it on me. Not nice of me, but as I quickly TPd away, I felt vindicated. 

I'm going to hell, aren't I? Sigh.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Nyquil makes me feel tingly.

I'm sick. RL sick. Just from the shoulders up - with sneezing, a stuffy head and a runny nose. I'm sure I'll feel better in a few days. This creeping crud has been going around and everyone is recovering. To help, I've been eating my Magic Chicken Soup. (Take one dead chicken. Add sea salt, onion, garlic and poultry seasoning. Boil the living daylights out of it all. Remove all of the chicken bones. Make Bisquick dumplings. Enjoy!)

Since I am sick though, I feel tired and too lazy to change out of this outfit. And I don't care. I am going to wear this all over the grid. (I do have shoes on - I don't want to get a sticker in my foot.) So, if you see me out and about, enjoy the view. :-P


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